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Hello hello, how you all meet again with Reza's photo and we give you? Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2002 twenty cents, the most phone Hi, I'm the most confused of the Note series that have ever existed. Not that it was just last year, Samsung Igus 2010 has the same '' way in 2010, but I heard that the response or the market response is very different. In Indonesia, this cellphone is selling for a price of 14 and half million rupees and brings amazing specifications. The full specifications are like, but is this mobile actually so bad or is the Galaxy Note 20?? At least it's worth purchasing is the first use that is most often discussed by netizens in Indonesia Not only in Indonesia, but in the world is the material chosen by Samsung, polycarbonate, aka, plastic, HP 14032019,.

Actually it's not that bad after Hi and owning this cellphone. The finish is frosted glass, so it looks OK but yes. This is clear: Lost Wow compared to the Ultra version, the colors do not look the same when stacked up, even though they are both mysticrown, the actual month, with the tendency for people to use casings, especially those with colors or motifs, in fact, It will actually forget that this cell phone is made from plastic. That also has plastic advantages.. Actually is made from glass which is resistant to impact. Glass won't break, except for the front. Twenty is a screen with no curved glass, but it turns out to be completely flat. You have become the standard for expensive Android phones, today.

So, something like this is a cheap luxury axe but is actually more comfortable to use and easy to use. In my opinion, the one for Devil's default is not really much of a problem, as it doesn't even seem like it could be higher, but the solution method is to get a 120hz refresh rate. The issue of refresh rate finally makes note. Twenty is, for example, made 90% so that it looks different from Ultras, 20 HZ and at the same time distinguishes it from Samsung phones in the middle line, such as the A71. Even though the screen is visible, GTA looks the same and the resolution is the same. Both flash on the Super AMOLED ceiling, but the most used one is The.

There is xdr support for web multimedia, which is better in formats that still support the screen other than the animation, which does not look as smooth as the expert's own high refresh rate,. Also, the advantage of note series is that it feels lacking. This catfish part, even though it looks higher up. The results are not that annoying and are just as good to use. Functions at Samsung remain also complete, such as the anointing version, ranging from the straightening, slank writing and Wor Audio book, all of which can be used as well as remote and operation functions, So it is for screen and expert matters, which's finally makes you feel less after using it and it's just a matter of refresh rate.

Now we go to performance, see specs The specifications brought in are clear, One point of complaint that will be complained of, mainly by people who don't buy it, is that Indonesia as usual gets the xd9 90 which will always be compared to Snapdragon. Then there is a Snapdragon, 805 + Exynos not. It really isn't that bad though ; for everyday use I use it for multitasking, videos editing or playing games. It's fine, at least if it's a bit low for my standards, PvP Tsubasa is actually sufficient, but it is really not negotiable.

If it's a GPO skill, Exynos is still under simple, It looks normal on pubg mobile, without gfx tools extreme settings can only be accessed on powerful graphics, while it can only be Fred's birthday, then make the battery capacity carried by the Galaxy Note 20. The real reason is that the category tends to be sad. The presence of playing games, watching and all that stuff. The numbers are not impressive.. to realize that 2020 is not bad but not impressive........ Yes, a power user must be close to the plug or bring a powerbank which I highly recommend for convenience, because if you are Charles in the morning, yes it is full.

For example, all activities continue until the evening, but if, for example, you go straight home and find a plug that you have to find, it doesn't matter. The Galaxy Note 20 has only one type of storage with 256 GB of capacity without micro SD, so it's a little different at home, as in the United States where the core method is only 128 GB, for example. Maybe this is the contribution of the restoration practice and the consumers in the last extension, where the 128 protest was said to be small. Finally, the price is a little more expensive. Perhaps you can say yes to ending And.

Another part that Samsung doesn't escape is the bulge of the camera, The Dino 20 is not as extreme as the Dino 20 Oka looks thinner, but because the specifications also go down, there's no resolution of 181 pixels or a zoom of 50 times, because this one is a maximum of only 30 times, good thing is that the modem has the camera, it is not cut by Samsung, especially Provideo, took this video. It still has full options for the direction or audio device, as well as option 8 for characteristic photos that are actually still Samsung and for cellphones whose specifications have dropped, the results are actually the results.

No, the afternoon photo is not very good, with good detail and color, but when compared to the Ultra version, there is obviously a difference in results due to the sensor, the size factor and the lens opening. So the bokeh of the Dino 20 is not as smooth or as taming as the Ultra version, but on the bright side it becomes more focused. So it is not easy for Nurgita to take close-up photos. It’s sort of fierce, qwerty plus with the ultra extension. Also, results are OK for night photos, but the image processing doesn't look good, especially in the sky sky shadows. It turns out that this is the 1st one, Ultra white Night Hi Dede three times Hi. If we point to an object, there is still a clothespin like this. The result is Oh I see #sagita said that this is the front camera.

If the low light condition is rotten, Hey hoodie The layer is still nervous. It's not too sharp, with all the reduction in specifications Samsung has given the Galaxy Note 20. This phone isn't bad.. It's actually okay because today it is good to use. The camera also does not disappoint, but the price is about 14 Middle Milling for this mobile device. It's still too expensive for me, yes I, like this Samsung Duos - cellphone, it is still 14 and a half million, even though he maybe is unique to have wireless DX. This is the price for the cellphone? 'Tis. Like the current 14 and a half million I don't think it is suitable for the Galaxy Note 20, maybe yes.

There are a lot of theories on the Internet circulating, The Lu 20 with such a price is quite surprising for many people, a strategy of Samsung to direct it. Just forget that Nutini directly buys full RA, maybe because it's really difficult. Indeed, I recommend this phone at its current price.

Or will you jump knot, 2003 or maybe even a November car, everything is possible? So please think for yourself because I'm here to share my experience about the Galaxy Note 20, cache, so I think that's all for now, to discuss it - it is actually quite short for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Thank you so much for watching until the end and making those who want to know more about this device, just check the link in the description column below Putri Sabit - I will always see you and as usual, have a wonderful day!.

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