The review in this video is that I am at a crossroad to talk about one of the former vixivs from Samsung in 2011 and now my right hand is holding a Samsung Galaxy Note theme yes, This is a former version of HP from Samsung in 2019, and I will discuss Is in this video. It's worth it to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note Endi in 2022, pretending to be sure : Is it worth it to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note Endi, friends, the same answer without further ado, just go ahead: check this out, [Music ], like we usually will, okay? From discussing the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note theme, to : The boarding house is told to rate the design. The Samsung Galaxy Note ten is wheels.

News I can say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a good design, but on the other hand it doesn't really like the color of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6a in the Auraglow variant. In my opinion, this cellphone is really eccentric but if we go back to the front, I'm honest very happy with the design of the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note NK, the Apple house still uses a curved screen. Design like we know, Samsung The Galaxy Note II is closed using a fade screen that makes the cellphone less elegant, and that is a bit odd in my opinion, because we remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note is still packaged in a very luxurious body. The material selection here is also still the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It uses a glass body and also uses an aluminum frame so that the total feels like a child's soul.

One thing that I really love about Samsung Galaxy Note is that it actually is in terms of body size which feels really compact. The thing is, with a compact body size this Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the right options, especially for those of you who prefer cellphones with a Compact body, hi then back to the screen sector. But this cell phone has a screen size of 6,, 3, inches and is tortured. This cellphone is also not kidding, because this cellphone uses a screen and Mike AMOLED with full SD flash resolution, Even though the resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is slightly lower than the Samsung Galaxy Note nine, it is still really high quality In. In my opinion, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note still looks OK. The wafer is set to vidvid and looks also sharp.

But in my opinion, the bottom part of the cellphone, which sounds really small, would be due to the small in-line, crispy hole, mainly at the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note. And this is what happens or the sound city is in my opinion not that good, Madam, although it is still quite good, but the software for mobile multimedia needs is still very good, mainly in terms of the screen that looks very good.. Now continuing to the kitchen sector, the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is powered by the Exynos 825 chip, which in terms of performance, Mergo, is still really good, namely the main thing to use in 2022. The software is also still up to date, namely Banyuwangi 4.0 with an Android 12 base which expressly feels very comfortable.

And of course we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note series s-pen, which is one of the most important parts of this Samsung Galaxy Note Well. This is really great, especially for steps on caves in the trading world where the SPT is very precise. Talking about the performance of the cellphone in gaming, I think it's still pretty good. In 2022, where some of the games I usually play, such as PUBG, Mobile and Ganjen Impact, can be quite smoothly run by the Samsung Galaxy Note. The only comment I have about this Samsung Galaxy Note is in the battery sector which is only 3700 milliamps because my software really feels like the battery sector. The Samsung, Galaxy, Note Amber is so wasteful.

I use this phone in one, I need to charge it twice for this Samsung Galaxy Note but fortunately It does not take too long, that is, it supports up to 25 watts,. This time the concert uses a buy This Samsung Galaxy Note on the balances. First, regarding the battery sector, because if you choose this cellphone for your daily needs, then the power bank can't be separated from the Samsung Galaxy Note Mini [Music]. The Galaxy Note II is equipped with a set up of 3 rear cameras in Manado, According to me, this photoprocessions Samsung Galaxy Note is still pretty good. Samsung Galaxy, Note II - Photos. It has sharp images and also Klaten Vivid Hi forget the SDR from this cellphone too, according to Klaten cave, it is pretty good.

So for the photos, this Samsung Galaxy Note is still really good, especially the boarding house is used for photos of Delight [Music] [Music], photos - roulette photo, even Samsung Galaxy Note. This is still very good, as this cellphone is still with the Network feature on all its lenses and my souvenir is a photo pot. The Samsung Galaxy Note is still very good, especially in terms of details. Exporter is also here for the net. This Samsung Galaxy Note is still proportional and also not extravagant, and a Samsung Galaxy cave souvenir, This note is still very competitive with cell phones in 2022, There is a biography of Samsung Galaxy, Note II to support for casings for every PS.

But honestly, in my opinion I personally prefer resolution for GTA Vi because the results are more stable than for the casing. In my opinion, every PS1, the main camera, can also record for GTA Vies at a resolution. The results are also very sharp and very stable. [Music] Then the front camera. The front has a resolution of 10 megapixels, which I consider the photographer who took the Samsung Galaxy Note II front camera has. The photo has a wide point of view and is very suitable for selfies, and the result is that my tail is also quite sharp. This is an example of the front camera of Samsung Galaxy Note, N8000, I. It can record the default service, yes thanks to the front camera.

and the conclusion is also intact, meaning that the Samsung Galaxy Note itself is priced at 5 to 6 million, and you should really want to buy this cellphone because you can just go to the Victorindo link that I have in the description column. Now from my roller, for the conclusion is that HP is still quite worth it for you to beat in this year, because in my opinion, in terms of performance and also in terms of camera, the cellphone is still very good, especially when compared to cellphones in 2022,. It is just that the motorcycle battery is the only weakness for Samsung Galaxy Note Hi, but apart from that all phones will be really good. The first time you need an S pen for your productivity is a world, you are so excited. Let's have a video on the 2022 Samsung Galaxy Note Endi review..

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