Samsung Galaxy Fit2 | Buy in 2022 (One Week Review) - Galaxy User Guide

I'm Yang. Also 2022, actually we are already one month into 2022 the year of the tiger and have you set some resolutions for this year and for me I've already set a few of them and one of them is to be fit and also to lose some weight. Yes, I have a new smart band and this is the Samsung galaxy fit 2 which had been out for about a year. So you get the point why I got Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 instead of other competitors out there, because I think the smartband competitors are very, very fierce and very strong, and there are some other reviews that I checked out, but I wanted it to remain in the whole samsung network. So the first thing that I really like about Fit2 is that it is super comfortable so I tried out Samsung's more expensive, smart watch.

However, first I don't need so many functions, so I didn't want to pay so much for a smart watch, but I also found that wearing the smartwatch for a very long time, like 48 hours and so on, that was really tiring. But with the smart pen too, I felt absolutely fine with it. So I've been wearing it since january 22 and today is january 27th the time of recording so I have been wearing it non-stop for 5 days and I have not actually charged for 5 days. It goes to the bathroom with me for a shower and so on because it is waterproof and it has a function where you can record how many times you washed your hands and it gives you a 25 second timer so you can wash your hands now thoroughly.

So for me I have my wrist on the fourth position here, so it is actually quite snug, but the sensors still touch my wrist no problems, but the real reason why I really fit myself is so that it can track my exercise, activities and so on as well as step counts. That was a little bit of disappointment because right now my watch, which I have had you know, while I sleep while I am awake, says I walked for 2400 steps, while my samsung app on my mobile phone says.

However, I'm a bit surprised because the watch should actually count more steps than my mobile phone, but I find it really convenient to get the monitoring started while I exercise so you can actually set what exercise to go into this smart band and then for me. I do have a few exercises that I normally do walking cycling with exercise bike, so I can start and it will start monitoring the duration calorie heart rate. So that is very useful and once you finish your exercise, press Finish and then it shows you the entire summary of your exercise as well as that gets directly fed to the amp.

You can pull it out to your samsung app and you can see a full detail of how well or how badly I slept, which I thought was pretty amazing considering I paid about 40 dollars for this wristband so I only spent one week with it. I'll only be wearing it for ever until the next iteration has the next upgrade maybe three and so on. Keep you guys up to date, I'm hoping I come up with a video called youtube. Oh, I lost a lot of kilograms, so I will really do real exercise with my galaxy fit 2 after the lunar new year.

So when I get ready to exercise, I just take the fit too and put my mobile phone and some other goodies in my pgy tech, one go solo Slingback! This is slingback which I have done a review of previously so be sure to check out because I do it in a beautiful beach and will return with some of the interesting videos. Please don't forget to subscribe, like the video and see you..

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