Yes, this time I will review the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 in Indonesia. How this is the next generation of the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit. Let us simply unbox it. I will also compare the Galaxy Fit 2 and the Galaxy Fit. Why, because in terms of price it is almost the same as the first The impression that I see here is really cool. The screen is quite large and is also a simple but elegant design. Let us try to see if there is a Mini manual and there is a cable for painting. We will immediately see the difference between the Galaxy Tab 2 and the Galaxy Fit after this. The screen number of the Samsung Galaxy V2 is bigger,.

It has a screen size of 1.1, while the Galaxy Tab is still 0.74 kilos and the battery capacity of my Galaxy Fit is also larger. The screen is also LED, while the Galaxy Fit is still Vi AMOLED, for those who like it goes. Press Start, and Continue. It can measure how far we have cycled and can also measure distance., besides that. It can measure heart rate and, last but not the least, You can see how many calories you burn, not only cycling those who like to run. We should select the menu which is running and then we will start right. You can be a friend to exercise when [music] Hi, rules here..

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