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Hello, hello, friends, welcome to know that, you will give Setiawan this time. The Samsung Galaxy V2 is the successor to its predecessor, which had previously brought improvements in terms of features and specifications. I have been using this Samsung Galaxy Fit for about three weeks and this is my review of Samsung Galaxy V2. Use an application called Galaxy wearable for those who don't use a Samsung cellphone, don't worry, Smartfren. This can also be connected to a Samsung device by installing the Galaxy W Rebel application. First I will examine the design of the Samsung Galaxy V2. Comfortable to wear thick, only 11.1 mi5 Hi, which weighs 21 cream. You can see here which functions as a home or return button.

If I want to check the clock or the data recorded by the Samsung Galaxy V2, The material used on the strip is rubber, and it for use like that for fiber holes, This is also a lot for my small hands, I can still surrender It's safe then there is an automatic setting for this Samsung Galaxy V2. So when friends use this Samsung Galaxy V2, three raise their hands like that. This bracelet will automatically turn on, but I choose to turn off this feature because I do not want to look m plug in it, so it can be controlled properly. The battery is very impressive, yes delete, Samsung, It can actually last up to 15 days, Good job Samsung So we charge in sales package about twice a month, we will get a unit of the Samsung Galaxy V2.

This is surely stretch and also a charger that looks similar in the sale package. Of course, it will take not long for the test, considering the battery capacity for plates or collections with this Samsung Galaxy V2 cellphone, using Bluetooth version 5.1 to connect it is really easy friends, can download an application called Galaxy W, Rebel and select this Samsung Galaxy V2 in the application. Then the Samsung Galaxy V2 will be connected to our friends' cellphones. Of course it is waterproof with 50, ATM, certification or 50 atmospherics that can be used for diving up to a depth of 50 meters, So when we exercise and the Samsung Galaxy V2 gets sweaty, or it rains, Now for friends who, like fighting sports, this Samsung Galaxy V2 can detect the activities we do.

This smartphone will automatically recognize our movements and automatically record our data. What data is recorded by Samsung Galaxy V2? So when we walk, yes, this step counter will run by itself. If you install the Samsung Wearable, then you will be advised to install Samsung also, so the Samsung Galaxy V2 is the data collection and the data will be processed in the application simply. The average will be displayed and also about our heart rate. Then now the next recorded data is sleep time. There are also measures of our stress level. So here we can track it manually by clicking the button to measure in this section and also this Samsung Galaxy V2 will measure periodically the level of stress in us whether this Smartfren can make calls.

The answer is no, but it can display this incoming phone notification and we can also pick up or reject calls that come into our cellphones. For example, this can be set for silver orders like WhatsApp. One more interesting feature namely there is a reminder to wash hands, so in Europe. For the sake of this, it doesn't only remind us to wash our hands, but also we receive a countdown like this then for the clock. This can be set to apply an action that is labeled. There are more than 70watt faces or interfaces from Samsung Galaxy V2. Apart from that, we can also adjust the screen brightness of the Samsung Galaxy V2 directly through the device. So we can change songs or adjust the volume on this Samsung Galaxy V2. The Samsung Galaxy V2 is priced at 699000 and is of course friends.

- friends can get a cheaper price on your favorite marketplace. With a note that friends have to choose a character, who really has a good reputation to get an official guarantee from Samsung Indonesia for this color? There are 2 black like the one I am wearing right now, and there is also a white colour. My answer is very worth it at a price of 600 thousand, we can get a elegant bracelet from Samsung like that not for style, but the features provided are very helpful for me to monitor things that affect health. When you use this Samsung Galaxy V2 and then work for hours in front of the laptop, then this Samsung Galaxy V2 automatically gives a notification if you haven't moved for hours.

If you spend too long in front of the laptop Overall, this Samsung Galaxy V2 is very useful and very useful for everyday life.. Well that is it, my wife about Samsung Galaxy V2. .

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