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The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is what it has to do with the daily activity record, which is the main objective of this type of bracelet. In this sense, we can check the daily steps and establish minimums. As a standard six thousand steps are established each day, but the ideal is 10,000 daily steps.

We can change it without problems from its application, also in the same widget, they show the calories burned, distance traveled, hours of sleep and, of course, heart rate, From my point of view the results seem more reliable, which is what I like most and the reason for which I would choose this galaxy fit 2 and you are thanks to the different sensors that it has, which are obviously the heart rate sensor or accelerometer and gyroscope. It lacks the altimeter and gps to be ideal in this, but that is only available in more expensive, bracelets and watches. Obviously, this is the best of my samsung bracelet point of view but not the only thing.

If you want to know if it is worth it or to wager on the Amoeba in 5, don't miss the best and worst of this ccaa laxi fit 2. How are you doing I hope very well Welcome to a new video here in urban techno knows me already: I'm Juan Antonio Morales and you can follow me on all my social networks like juan antonio hill. It is in fact one of the worst things about this galaxy fit 2. From my point of view, I will always leave you the best links to support you, this new Galaxy Fit 2 and of course the friend in 5, in the description box. If you want to keep looking for new activities, bracelets or watches that we also love, don't forget to subscribe.

We are going to bring you the best ones to help you choose the one you are looking for, and of course do not forget to also give it the bell to be notified with a new video The. If it is another of the things for which it stands out, compared to xiao, ming's, I had quite a few doubts that samson has not reached this point since he promised up to 21 days, but it is quite close and that I had a lot of cane. 5. This makes me intuit that it could be better and it hasn't been that way for much longer either, but I have been able to stretch it by practically using it the same way and also taking into account that both have practical, Only the same screen, so having a few more days of use, is appreciated during these weeks.

It is super comfortable for the gym, of course, to measure my races and walks sleep records and also for notifications. By the way, we can use vibration that consumes also a lot of battery and after these days it has reached two weeks. the same size and little by little year after year is the size growing, or at least the corners of the bracelet itself thaws. It is appreciated because the widgets and elements of the interface are also very good, so that at the level of detail it can be put on very little.

What has worried me most about an activity bracelet or a watch is precisely the outdoor experience, The screen is essential that it offers a sufficiently high brightness level so that we do not have problems when viewing content on it, especially when we go out to run or walk Life in 5 offers a pleasant experience in this sense and stanca laxi feet. What we do in this galaxy fit 2 is a good night mode that will dim the brightness of the screen in addition to deactivating notifications. We can enable this mode but also activate the do not disturb mode to raise and lower the brightness, activate and deactivate the vibration.

The option to search for the phone I, love it and the water blocking thing is bad that to configure all these options, you have to do it from the mobile app itself and not from the bracelet itself, something that we can do the a me van 5. Here we have to do all that from the wearable App to even change the spheres. It has to do from the application and it offers a lot as fewer customization options than the xiao ming bracelet in this sense. In the same way, the time that the screen can be in this case up to five minutes is perhaps from that of tallinn or that I like least about the galaxy fit 2.

What is now to tell the other kitchens that have in the least convinced me of this galaxy fit 2, but first. Let me tell you that if you like this comparative bar analysis of the samsung bracelet, you already know that you can thank me with a large like, which I will thank you very much. And above all share.

It is with a friend or cousin, aunt, brother-in-law who is looking for a new activity bracelet, because I am sure that today's video will come in very handy, very good to decide beyond the price, which is what I liked the least about the Samson bracelet, and also about those details, with the screen, Yes, and it is that unlike the Ameba in 5, which allows you to register up to 11 sports activities with the Samsung bracelet, we do not have to settle for just 5 walks, cycling, swimming and other exercises. Then I tell you that you can only establish a maximum of 10 exercises in the bracelet itself, which is not bad either.

So don't worry about those 5 that come because you can see that you can put practically all possible exercises or sports even dance ice or dive, b) in line with this, Although it has a water block in this sense which can help also, as I said before, it does not have GPS or an altimeter, so with both one and the other If we want the recorded data to be as reliable as possible we will have to use the bracelet with the mobile phone goes for a run or walk alone with the bracelet is not much use,, I'm telling you. That's why it is not just a bracelet for professional athletes, but for people like me who use it for the gym or for specific races or walks. It seems better tended for and, as it shows, it does everything in the form of cards that we can also order.

As we want, it appears very cool and complete, by the way, from the application itself, we can adjust the rest of the parameters such as the objectives of steps exercise the automatic detection of exercises. The truth is it does it very well when I go out for a walk and I have not remembered to register it and other settings, but I already tell you all you have to do from here. Regarding the widgets of the bracelet, you can also choose the order in which they are displayed as well as add or remove what you do not use. We go the same as the advance in what is true is that, as they are shown, I like them more in the galaxy fit 2 The interface in general seems cooler and it follows the line of one.

Why is samsung and taiz's layer in the galaxy watch? Of course, I can't forget that also allows us to view the notifications that we receive on our mobile phones and even choose which applications to use. We can also respond to those messages with quick responses and also establish from the Galaxy Wearable Application itself. The second thing that has made me less convinced is something that has to do with the I design, the bracelet itself, as such I find it very cool and very similar to other activity bracelets on the market. They have made the new in 5 very similar because it is made of a capsule shape device. in this case in a more square format and of course because of the bracelet itself which is also available in different colors, personally I like this format better.

Although it is true that it has more frames than the screen of the meva 5 bigger, it is also a bit chunkier and weighs a little more. The most important small thing that I see in this design is the bracelet itself and particularly the hook, and that is that the galaxy fit 2 has a more traditional hook than the me van 5. Until even then, you end up getting used to it, and before I tell you which one I would choose, I would remind you of its prices, galaxy fit 2. You will find it around 50, while the syrup for 5 is its biggest rival, as I said at the beginning for around 30 35 euros, that is, fifteen twenty euro difference, which is quite low.

In my view, I will leave the best link for either of the two or for you to take a look at it, not in the description box after trying one and the other I think I would opt for the ami van 5. Both do practically the same thing and serve the same purpose and in this case, taking into account those fifteen thousand euros of difference. I would prefer xiao mi bracelet I, really like this carax and Is fit 2. Also, on the same screen, we have a very similar design and with almost identical functions. I really like the interface offered by this galaxy, fit 2, but I really like the one in me van 5 that we have. That also offers a lot of configuration options that we do not have. On the other hand, in the Galaxy Fit 2 we have to do everything through the mobile application.

The main reason why I would opt for the galaxy - I don't know why it offers a little more reliability in recording daily activity and also because it offers audi - is more about the autonomy but on the other hand the Amoeba in 5 offers enormous autonomy so for all this I undoubtedly opted for the subject d. The price for that is why I get 5 for the xiaomi bracelet. This comparative bar analysis of the galaxy fit 2 against vivan 5 has a friend and you know that you can..

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