Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO Unboxing & Review!

I've had them for a little while now, so I thought I'd give you guys my full review, let you know all the cool things about them, and what's not great, but first we'll start with a little unboxing, so quick. They come in a small, clean looking box with the back discussing some of the key features, but once you pop it open you are greeted by the buds in their tiny carrying case, it's super small but about the same size as the galaxy buds live case. You'll get a USB c connection to a cable as well as different sizes, ear tips and they are pretty interesting. We'll talk about that later inside the carrying case though, you'll of course get the Galaxy Buds Pro. These are the galaxy buds pro, so these are Samsung's new premium.

We've seen the galaxy buds live, which I'm kind of sad to see go the galaxy buds live that had that bean design that kept in your ear really well but I guess samsung didn't like people calling them bean, so they changed the form factor and, as you guys can see, they have a more normal look to them. So now these are in ear buds, they have the ear tips and they do a fairly decent job at staying in place. Now I actually ran into a few problems with the fit when I first put them on uh. But I implore that you guys use the little extra earbuds that they send in the box to make sure they use it. I have to make only one of the sizes fit quite fine. Now I'm pretty good, but it's interesting when I actually swapped out the earbuds.

The ear tips actually cover this portion, but it is interesting because we never saw this, like a flat design before the airpods pro uh but listen, I'm not mad at it. Personally I've always been a fan of the galaxy buds line. They really look nice and clean, really low key. I like these a lot, but I miss those beans. Man, I am not gonna lie those beans were they interesting. They did not have anything that needed to go in your ear and still did a really good job staying in place. It can be in water for about 30 minutes for about a meter now do I think these will stay in place during a workout yeah, if you do all this it will be okay, yeah, it will work out, jade, don't be hating. Now one of my favorite things about these earbuds is the fact that they're so compact.

Now we talked about how minimal they look, but when you throw these things inside their cases, you guys can see they are really small and they take up no space. The carrying case now does offer extra battery life, as we know, that with truly wireless earbuds active noise cancellation you are gonna get about five hours of listening time with only the buds themselves and an extra 18 hours from the case.

That's on the upper end, usually earbuds sort of go down around that five, four and a half hour mark like the airpods airpods pro, but this is almost like powerbeats kind of battery life, so really impressive considering the size and form factor of these, if you don't care for active noise canceling this guy loves his powerbeats, and since we already talked about the fact that these have active noise cancelling, let's talk about that even more so, as well as Well, I think that the active noise cancelling in music does a pretty good job. We saw that the active noise cancelling of the Galaxy buds was almost non-existent.

Hence, if you are looking for an active noise canceling experience, where you can only hear nothing without music, that is not what you are getting here! But it is interesting that you can control the level of active noise cancellation honestly. So I keep mine on high at all times now, when it comes to ambient sound mode, that's a big difference! When you start going into high and extra high things start to get a little bit weird uh right now, I have it extra high and I hear myself like I am talking into a microphone and I have speakers like I'm in a stadium or something- and I can hear myself or if I am like in a karaoke room and I'm speaking into the microphone.

So, unless you really need to hear people around you and you don't want to take off your earbuds. The most natural comes in medium setting, but I will say, however, this ambient sound mode definitely has improved compared to like galaxy buds live now. When I listen to music and have active noise cancellation, when I throw on this voice, detection feature, it'll hear me speaking, or let's say I start talking to carl it'll drop, my music volume will down it'll take it off active noise cancelling it'll take it into ambient mode and it'll. So if I start talking to carl five, I gotta set on five seconds. So five seconds later I'm going to be able to get right back into my audio like I was previously listening to.

And it is also pretty smart in the way it handles it. It also doesn't completely cut out your music in the case that you are really listening to something I think that they handled the voice. Detect uh feature pretty well now, of course, because these are galaxy, but they have the standard touch. Controls that you come to expect touch to play and pause double tapping, to go forward a track and to go back with Triple tap. Answer calls all that sort of stuff, but I did find that I had a bit of an issue with these touch controls because every time I go to adjust it, if I need to that it registers that as a touch to play your music or do something and it gets really annoying really fast. It exists also a setting in the app where you can block touches, but you know it defeats.

I wish the touch feature was like higher up or something specifically so that if I went like this it wouldn't like to activate anything and you can also long touch so that it can activate certain things. You know how to open certain apps like spotify, that kind of thing. I just kind of wish that those accidental touches weren't as prominent as I've experienced and similar to what we saw with the airpods pro they've got their own version of spatial audio. It is called 360 audio with Dolby vision and head tracking. Similarly, as you move your head around, you should hear your audio kind of shift.

I haven't gotten a chance to test it out yet because as of shooting this video the required software isn't out, but I've used the feature before and if it is anything like spatial audio it'll be pretty cool. And there's another cool feature that we've seen Apple do and that's called auto switch which allows you to switch between different galaxy devices if you have them. So, if you have a Galaxy Tab 7 and the s20 you can switch between them with the same earbuds without having to replace each time. It should be pretty cool to go from watching content on one device to answering calls on a galaxy phone, so I'm very happy to see that come to the buds. You make sure you have the right ear tips to get the best sound quality from them.

These ears are as important for comfort as they are sound, so like with any in-ear buds. This experience may be a bit different, but I think these do a good job for the average person who just wants a nice pair of ears. My only real concern when it comes to listening to audio with these is that I always find myself living at that 100. I do wish these got a little bit louder now these are samsung premium earbuds and they charge 200 for them, and I kind of missed the days of the Galaxy bud price drop like the low hundreds that made them pretty easy to recommend because they are now at a really nice price point and they do have a bit more features, so they cost a little more, but I do miss that price point.

I'm not sure if I would grab these 200 bucks, but when you buy like an S21 or something other than chances, there are going to be tons of promotions. I personally like the form factor if you have to throw in a bit more. I think it offers excellent battery life active noise. Cancellation is okay, uh transparency mode is a lot better than in the past. It is definitely usable and offers all the standard features that come to expect from true wireless earbuds. This day, the sound quality is pretty decent.

I definitely don't think anyone will have an issue with this unless you're an audiophile and you are looking for like a really specific kind of sound and 200 bucks that's a little hard to swallow, but I do like these overall because they were cheaper than all the other options out there while still being a pretty good value uh, but that about wraps up for this video. Until the next video guys peace, it's not that bad. It is better than the beans I'll admit..

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