Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS with ANC Impressions.

Hi guys, this is Ranjit and let's take a closer look at this galaxy batch pro and what do I feel about it? This is not a full in-depth review, guys have been using them for the past four days. In fact, I'd say they are similar in terms of sound signature to galaxy Uh buds live or the beans that I like quite a bit, but there are quite a few improvements, so let's take a closer look at the same now. I like it, it's pretty compact, and here we have the two bars and uh. But the thing to note is that the driver on this one is on the oval side slightly and that is the same case even with the ear tips and one thing guys to note. But when I change the tips it is good because these are also in-ear types.

So again, how good the seal is is very important because the seal actually blocks about 75 percent of the sound and when you turn on active noise cancellation it increases that to about 90 to 95 percent. So that's actually a nice thing because of active noise cancellation, that's kind of important and it has multiple microphones and things and very small and compact and you put it like this to charge- and uh a thing to note is that if you keep it like this inside it will even charge but will not close the case so that way you will know that you are wrong.

Also, that is what it is and if you go to the case at the back, we have the usb-type-c and in terms of battery guys it is too early to judge the entire battery samsung claims about five hours with active noise cancellation. I've got and I was always using the AC in high mode and again, and this will charge uh. You get the buds itself, you get this usb type-c, cable and some extra ear tips. Play again with the extra ear tips in the box as I told you now. The big thing is I'll talk about sound quality, because that's a big thing, but we should first look at some of the other features that we have with this one and again it works with the Uh.

Obviously, I am connected, and it is very quickly, as you can see, and shows you the percent and everything. Let's talk about active noise cancellation- and I would say here we see a huge improvement with these uh buds. In fact I would say it is a huge improvement over the galaxy but this remains. We have to wear them and now yeah it is detected, because it also has this uh sensor when you remove it from here. This is important because if you're not used to active noise cancellation, some people feel they have the pressure. So you can control it rather high and low, and we also have this ambient sound uh. Hence, what it does is exactly opposite to the noise cancellation, uh.

In fact, I find the low mode to be good enough in indoor conditions and the mediums. You do not have to do this to talk to people, but it is done very well uh. I am High and vote because that sounds a little bit artificial but the ambient sound is a big improvement compared to earlier galaxy, but I would say that really work uh on this one. We also have this option of Voice Detection and this is similar to something I have seen in the Sony Xm4. If I enable this- and I just start talking as you can see- it jumps directly to ambient sound, thereby without tapping or doing anything you can converse with people. And after some time, it automatically goes back to active noise cancellation.

If you have a habit of singing only your songs when you are listening to use then obviously it will not work but I feel this is a fairly good addition and works and you also have a little bit of customizations here and this one. I'll just switch this off for now, and I switch this off and another thing that I like with uh most samsung buds is that you have also equalizer mode and specifically for this galaxy, but I have to say guys that I did not actually tweak the sound signature. The default sound signature is so good even in normal mode. But I like the fact that you can actually change and clear what change is it the sound signature and I feel that this is important because not everyone really likes a.

What do you say that a similar sound signature can be tweaked, but I feel that Samsung should have also given the equalizers here. In fact it works very well on this, but if you go to the advanced you have this 360 degrees audio, and I really like this one, this 360 degrees audio, and again I've noticed that if you enable it always it does consume a lot of battery so you can enable it and the best part of this one is that if you enable it, it works with any sound source uh, it's not restricted to say a single app or something like that, even regular audio you get that immersive 360 degree Apple has also that spatial audio, but it works with very limited resources.

Apps, like apple uh, own music service, and I believe disney has that it doesn't work with regular stuff. Now, let's talk about another thing: I will talk later about the sound but another thing that I noticed with this -- but I kept it mainly in the normal mode, and I didn't actually move between all these modes because the default mode was that good and one strange thing is that I did watch quite a bit of netflix movies on this one and man. The impact was amazing - no 360 degrees - audio - just regular stuff - and then the sound was also very good. It felt like I was sitting in a home theater or something like that. It was so punchy the sound explosions and everything that way I really enjoyed what you say to watching movies on this one uh.

Now let's talk again about uh, the sound on this one and specifically for music I'm talking about uh, but before then let's also talk about a more important thing: these days we are taking a lot of calls etc, do video conferencing etc, and for that samsung claims that they have improved microphone design. They have three microphones a lot of marketing stuff and again guys. So here are some of the samples and you guys, let me know what you think about the microphone of these so that you can see this outdoor, and this I'm recording with the internal microphone on the smartphone. In fact, the internal microphones of the s21 ultra are pretty good, but uh.

Now I'm using the Galaxy uh butts pro and the sound is being transmitted via this one and samsung claims that this one actually has three different microphones and that the microphone quality is supposed to be a lot better. How good are the microphones on this one in canceling the vector samsung this now guys uh doing the same thing and I'm using the birds pro now it's the same thing. The fan is above us and you guys let me know do you now feel that it's cutting a lot of this down. I hope that this test gives you an idea about the same. Let me know so we can talk about the sound quality on this one and, as I've mentioned to you it is very close to my buds life which was actually a good thing, because I did like the sound signature on the bad slide.

So if we talk about the bass, the bass is definitely boosted uh, it is not very neutral, I would say, but again I feel many of you actually like that and I didn't really have to extend the base or anything like that. So that way it was nice that the base had this effect and I felt in fact in that way. That's why in the movies you got that really good effect and the base is very well done and the thing with this one is that this actually has two drivers in it. The mid tones are also very well produced on this, but a thing that I noticed is that the triplet, which is the high tones, actually have a lot more sparkle on this one, which was slightly missing on earlier samsung parts. The high tones were also produced in that way very well so that they have sparkle on them.

I would also say that in terms of sound signature you will be pleased with this one and I didn't have to actually play with the equalizer. Yes, you can definitely play with the equalizer and tweak the sound signature a little bit, but uh by default i would say the sound signature I received with this was very good, and also I took a lot of calls with this one and everyone said the calls were very clear, so I feel they have worked on this one. I'd say that a big step up from the earlier samson bud, but guys the are not cheap.

If you have that kind of budget and you want a great microphone and active noise cancellation uh, then you can definitely have a look at active noise cancellation. Let's be realistic, it does cut around 95 percent of the sound so guys uh. This is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys..

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