Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a “real review”.

Yo: What's up everyone, it's your boy floss with another video, and today we'll take a look at the Samsung Galaxy buds pro now. You can pick these up online I'll throw the link on the description, the price on these 200 bucks. At the end of the video, I will answer two important questions. If you have plus, should you upgrade to pro and noise cancellation number two, which level are these? It's 2021 and it's hard to say which are the best noise cancelling earbuds because you have so many that have top tier noise cancellation so instead of saying which are the best or worst, I gonna rank these using a system of tiers. That's the sennheiser airpod pros that are top notch noise cancellation.

Tear now trash chair means that you turn on active noise cancellation and now you don't hear any difference. This is a different kind of noise cancellation but if you turn these on and are sitting on the bus, you will really hear a difference, so we're going to call that garbage. Now, I'm not talking about the beans per se, because these aren't ac I just use this as an example all right, so real quick, let's go through the features So that means you can just undermerge these to three feet – 30 minutes – so you can't go deep sea diving, but you could go snorkeling now you have a wireless charger on the case. The battery life is five hours on a single charge with active noise.

Cancellation is now on and a total of 18 hours are used to charge ; with noise cancellation turned off, you'll get 8 hours on a single charge and a total of 28 hours using the charging case. Now you can use them over an hour so you can play and pause, skip and reverse tracks. Answering and telephone calls and activate your voice assistant. Now you got a fully functional app to control all the eq settings and all the other features and the biggest upgrade. Now you have anc active noise cancellation and you got ambient sound mode right, so all this for 200 bucks, let's see what that is. First things first shout out to white shoes back in the building. [Music] calm down all right here we go Samsung Galaxy buds, Pro 200 bucks, okay, nice black box, the same specs.

Okay, let's see what you get inside this is gonna be your usual books and [__ ]. This is gonna be your charging cable, okay, usb a to usb type c, all right shoes, wherever you missing now let's see what else you get, let's see what is okay, different size, ear tips, let's see how many you get! Okay looks like two different sizes: Okay, so you got small and large; I'm assuming that the medium is already installed. Save those- and this is going to be pretty much a charging case now. Take that now, like I said during the unboxing video, this is pretty much the only color to get all right if you want to get the big boy. You need this phantom black in your life. Okay, I just heard the shoes come back up : here are the earbuds: let's take these out pretty much jet black with the glossy look.

Do me a favor and check these for quality and then leave these at a calm end. I know a minimalist jet black design. Let's see air chips come straight off 'n slap them back on. Just like that, you got your Wind Debriseur microphones on the outside of the shoes. Let me see if I can get these into focus and that is pretty much what they look like: Let's drop them back in the case, see how they look, let's see, left and right here, how they will look in the case, and here's how they are going to look when you're using your wireless charger with your combination.

What about the red galaxy note and the red galaxy buds, plus which looks better when you're chilling down at starbucks, and you got your combo on the table- I don't know I'm going to go with wesley sniper black now, I'm gonna pause the video, I'm gonna download the app and we will pair up the phones and we'll start our testing talking right y'all! So we first check the wireless charger on the case, so look for the blue light on the wireless charger and the red light on the galaxy buds. Okay, blue light on the charger, red light on the wireless charging buds works with no problem right. Then let's take a closer look at the charging case. For size comparison, you got the usb type-c charging on the back pretty clean.

Here is the galaxy buzz live charging case about the same size, and here is the galaxy buzz pro. Small and compact, they can easily fit into your back pocket. Now let us check the magnets in the charging case, everything is OK, so we start at the minimum shake edge. Now let's take a look at the Wearable '' app in galaxy. This is how to pair your earbuds up. When you first get them open the case download the app, it takes about five minutes for the initial setup so you got a picture of your earbuds and the charging case and now you get your active noise cancelling controls, so you get active noise cancellation off and ambient sound mode.

I'm going to show more of that in a minute now detect this is a new feature say at work and you listen to music and somebody comes up to you and starts talking to you. You don't have to press pause on your music. You don't have to take out the earbuds from your ears. It just has to start talking and it will automatically lower the music and activate the ambient sound mode. Let me show you how it works all right, so it's set at 10 seconds so say. I'm sitting at my desk, I listen to my music but someone walks up to me and starts talking. I'm just going to start talking back, oh okay! As soon as my voice comes out it will activate ambient sound mode and drop the music. If you want to block an attack of 15 seconds or not, you have earbuds that don't have any physical buttons right on them.

Earbuds like this have touch controls that are super sensitive. You can activate block - touches in the gym, and you always sweat and your earbuds move a lot and you have to readjust them in your ears if you accidentally touch them while you're adjusting them. It will pause your music or skip and reverse tracks and activate block touches If you don't want drama, touch and hold now. So this is when you touch and hold the noise controls can be switched, voice, command, voice, volume up and down, activate spotify equalizer got presets, you got normal bass, Boost soft, dynamic, clear and treble boost. If you receive an email or text message, it will read it loudly. Wake up, seamless earbud connection, always leave that with 360 audio hearing enhancements.

If you are gaming on your phone and using your earbuds, this will compensate for the lag you find. If you lose your buds actively find my buds and they'll play a sound that was General for reset earbuds software updates tips and user manual about earbuds. Let me now show you one thing : real, fast I'm going to put these in my ears. When you turn on noise cancellation and you are wearing the headphones it becomes quiet all the way right. I don't know if anyone can hear this but I'm sitting in my basement, so my boiler is on right now, so there is a nice hum. Y'all hear this subtle hum in the background. Like that's my boil all right, so with active noise cancellation turned on, I literally can't hear the boiler with it off now.

Ok, now I got the ambient sound mode turned low. In the background and there's a lot going on in the house, you ain't going to need this level of ambient sound mode, but yeah. Basically it sounds like I don't have earbuds in my ears. This will be perfect for like, if you're outside and standing on the corner, having a conversation and fire trucks and ambulances passing by and all that, you gonna hear this excellent. So now let me throw these in my ears : OK, okay, now when the fit is nice and tight very comfortable, let me do the head shake test. Now let's show you what they gonna look like so nicely, shout out to the corona fro, still an effect.

Here's how they look to your ears, minimalistic design! Here we go birdman hands, dropping together, a tap for the pause I promise y'all I'm not singing on; let's get it on okay, okay, it's crystal clear, nice and loud spending. My days, thinking bout, you girl, lets go shoes! It seems to me to be wrapped up in your life, okay? What kind of player boys sound great, all right, they sound great music, wise, they sound great, but y'all, I know that we got to take it to the bass test. Okay, cute hustle, blue laces too. That's sorry, y'all al green hits me a different kind of way. All hype aside, these sound wonderful all right, music, musically, crystal clear, nice and loud a bass. Now, I m going to test you ah I'm sorry! I'm going to test active noise cancellation and be a sound mode.

We're going to test everything else, but if you buy these strictly for music you gonna like them all right. If you have the Galaxybutts plus they sound just as good now, I'm gonna do a quick side by side comparison but, like I said for music, I could definitely rock these out. Let’s take them out, put them in a case, close them fully disconnected, take them out the case, one mississippi two mississippi: okay, wow, two mississippis they connected this fast also! This is important, and it's a make it or break it test for a lot of y'all at home. Can you play music from one earbud while the other is charging up in the case? Let's hit Play on the music okay, I'm taking out the right. Okay Put the right side back in and wait for it to reconnect.

You should take out the left elbow and drop it in the cage in this manner. The right side is still playing right now so this is a triple major go. You can play music from either earbud while the other one is charging in the case - all right. How I got mine to set a tap for playing pause on the right earbud. OK, no problems with the double tap skip to the next song: okay: triple tap to reverse : okay and long press to activate the voice assistant. Okay, for the left, googling the earbud long press that will activate the ambient sound mode. I can now hear my voice crystal clear again, long press to turn on active noise cancellation. Okay, now is the maya calling Galaxy Buzz Pro. I put the music down like hello to nah bro! You thought that was mine, recalling that he was like hold on.

All right, don't lose your dollars all right check that out what you are doing [Laughter] oh god, all right! So it sounds nice and loud and clear you use airpods or got your phone. I am gonna hang up and call you right back from my airpods, and then keep it a buck. On the side note, amaya said these sound better than my earpods pro. Let me connect my earpods pro hold up. I like to do live this type of stuff so y'all get to experience the full effect.

Ok let me call from the airpods pro all right, for that I could switch to airpods pro okay, let's get max vlog yo, what comes up right now? I'm actually shooting a video all right, bye, mark, okay, wow now I talked to maya more than anyone else on the planet and I use earbuds all of the time and every time I speak to, I use earpods pro because she said that that's how I sound the best, she said. If we had to talk at night, she would prefer me use the galaxy buds pro. Now if y'all want to know why I was so nervous I am amaya waiting to see if she got accepted in this program in miami. When I called from an unknown number that she had never seen before, she thought it was the lady, so she had rap music that blew that light up.

She was like hold on in the background, she shut down that [__] quickly. I walked all the way to 50 feet, no drop connection at all. Then I began watching some youtube videos, netflix amazon prime, did a little gaming, no lag, when the earbuds were all set. So now let's talk about ambient sound mode and active noise cancellation as far as ambient sound mode goes. You are surely gonna love this one. If you like having conversations without taking your earbuds out, the ambient sound mode sounds less robotic, and if you put it on extra high mode, you can literally hear coins dropping out of your pocket with ear buds in all right. So the ambient sound mode now works perfectly as far as active noise cancellation I'm pretty sure they're not god tier tier is bose.

The Sony sennheiser earpod pros these Dvlas the techniques I that is god tier active noise cancellation. These cancel out a lot of low-end noises like that of the boiler but you still have a lot of cars and stuff in the background, even with your music set on blast and base mode, these don't cancel out as much noise as the airpod pros, the sony, the bose, the sennheisers and all of my god tier earbuds. So you really can't compare the two, but if you had the galaxy live and you were like Yo, these shits don't really cancel out all the noise. Should you upgrade and get the galaxy butts pro? Yes, now you are getting better ambient sound mode, better call quality and you're getting active noise cancellation.

The battery life is insane the quick charge can use either earbud at a time there is no delay when watching videos, excellent call quality, excellent noise cancellation, excellent ambient, sound mode for 200 dollars. These are go and usually, if you want a god tier noise cancellation, you will spend over 200 dollars. In the comments I hit Galaxy butts pro. Tell me what you think about these shout outs : everyone rockin with me on facebook, foursquare, twitter and google plus shoutout to all Google Gangsters. I see y'all holding that facebook page to shout out to everyone.

Hit me up on box up and a special shout out to everyone rocking with me on instagram y'all know that's where I am at full time 100 full throttle and a special shoutout to everybody rocking on sundays with the new stream. Y'all know the stream gangsters already on the deck, get ready for your drinks. There are no beef boys allowed [Aplause]. Oh yeah a special shout out to everybody eek following me on snapchat flossy, underscore carter, that is where I am and a special shout out to the notification squad. I see all in the comment section early salute music, one more thing I almost forgot when I said with me all: y'all Haters! All your trolls could a picture be wrong.

I'm out, desesses, energize, [Music] everything Well, Here's a little behind the scenes of shoes examining cable for quality. This is how I know whether the cable is good quality or not [music], let us see if the cable is causing any damage. No damage cable looks good quality..

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