Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Indonesia review.

This is because I'm often asked by friends Bang TWS who is the best 8, now I'll just make a video so that if my friends ask again, I'll give you the link to this video, so I'll be honest with you guys about TWS. The first is airport pro, because this is my secondary I am. Using an iPhone and my TWS primer is a Samsung Galaxy Baspro. Why, because my Premier is a Samsung Galaxy S2, tens of Ultras. Having a discussion about this time is TWRP, Galaxy buzz. Why it's Premier [Music] Hey everyone, this Gowasa is making another video I chatting just casually, guys.

That's why I'm also filming at home, this Samsung Galaxy basspro I use since I bought my Ultra extension, which is the Soccer? When Po2d was first aged it's been about 4 to 5 months old, the box, to be honest, I forgot to put it where it might have been thrown away. The main thing is that I am full of contents. There is paper on the warranty card manual with Irving The spare shell or cash. Actually, it is a little too thick, I feel that if we put it in jeans like this the AFC disabled port makes it easy. You can also use a wireless suit but be honest. The Samsung Galaxy Baspro is more detailed, not for friends whose baseheads are more bassy than Battles.

If you want to compare, but this detail I like to hear it every time, I watch Netflix on YouTube or just listen to music 9, for example, washing a motorbike or a car or washing shoes and other things that make me lazy to eat snack food, die because of this death, The fitting is in my ear and don't copy this, guys. I ride a motorbike instead of a car because I usually fall asleep in a car rather than a motorbike. Eugorma anticipated my sleepiness on a motorbike. When I wear and take off this helmet, It doesn't fit OTW, the ice continues. The second is the ambient ant feature, it is safe. So even if you used the and Iam or the in-ear monitoring like this, the sound from the outside is still very loud, When someone honks his horn or the motorbike is speeding.

This doesn't make our ears go numb,. A There's the opposite aspect of ambient sound that I mentioned earlier, namely NC or active noise canceling gas, TWS, the end will be pretty good, approximately two million. The essence quality is definitely different from a girl for hundreds of thousands of her dead soundproofing. It is really cool, plus the mic capture. It's really good even though it's loud around us. I'll give you an example simply, I'm talking in front of a fan. This is an example of the sound that will be heard by our interlocutors. If, for example, we die The new Samsung Galaxy is tidy. A maximum of one third of the acetone will hear the sound output. When it's used it's still very clear that it doesn't sound like it.

It's cool, it's like that, because Ma'am there's a club that will be pure from here, Mi. It's like we're out in the countryside calling people and the wind blows. It's loud again, it's going to rain, or it's a storm again at home, It's a blizzard for example, continue to use the application, this Samsung Galaxy Basspro uses an application called Galaxy W, Rebel, Friends, You can download it on your respective cellphones, so that you can activate the features. It's even more complete, like NC, and it really wants masked or just standard and there is also a setting in text. We activate the NC feature and talk about TWC,,. It automatically switches on the ambient sound because we think we're chatting with other people.

can be heard from the other party even though we are still wearing the headset and the ambient sound level can also be adjusted if you want the sound to be a bit tight or the sound from the outside to be quite clear. It stays like this in the silver part, put the settings, but can also be adjusted again, but standard as usual, it's like holding to on-off the ambient sound keeps going up one for posting Tab Twice for Next Song or Tab 3 times for Preview Song to receive a call like that and so on, and there are also settings for the Equalizer, The next is this 360 feature The degrees in the Advance menu. In my opinion, with cool friends, you can listen to the content that we see on the cellphone wherever they are and follow our cell phones.

It means something like this, for example I am Advan on the cellphone and I are always watching it, tilting to the left here or to the right here, You can move the dominant sound on the left or right. It just follows the Bluetooth signal from the cellphone, but if we put it again like that, the stereo is back, right and left. Yes, it is clear that there are definitely other games if we play games, but only if we go together Samsung products are a bit better but yes. Separately, it is still better for listening to music and watching movies.

At least these are the things that make me feel comfortable with TWS here, Samsung Galaxy Baskoro, and I am neither adventurous, because my daughter is already tired of being an audiophile since college and you can stop because it's really expensive. At least this is the Go video for Samsung Galaxy betpro and Oh yeah, I forgot to play about the battery, I. To be honest I can't talk about it. I didn't really care how long it took to charge it. The Samsung Galaxy battery is free of charge. Thank you for your friends who watched it from start to finish and as usual don't need to like it..

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