Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review! - Galaxy User Guide

To everybody Tim Schofield here is the time for my full review of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, especially the 13.3 inch model, and I have actually been really impressed with this laptop. There are some drawbacks to it and we will touch those, but it is kind of nice to have an s-pen incorporated into the specific laptop for some useful features and a lot more. Let's dive into the full review, a really sleek laptop I, really like the blue coloring. On the left side of the USBC slot have a headphone jack. You have a microSD card slot for expandable storage as well as moving a little along had to get used to this kind of. There are two USB C slots that are Thunderbolt connectors, and then a power button and an S pen for added functionality.

My unit has the 10th gen Intel i7 processor with 16 gigabytes of ram, but if you are in the US you can only get an 8 gigabyte RAM model, it also has a 512 gig SSD, with that micro SD card slot I do wish for expandable storage. There were a few more configuration options that Samsung has kind of limited. The amount of configurations you could create the galaxy book flex has a 13.3 inch screen. If you need something a little bit bigger, keep in mind that this is a 1080p display. There is no display option for 4k, which is nice because it helps with battery life. Color reproduction looks great viewing angles are good and also it gets very bright.

They have a specific outdoor mode option, so at max brightness it reaches 400 nits and then you can increase it all the way up to 600 minutes. If you turn on this brightness mode bezels look as well good at the left right above a bit of a big chin down towards the bottom. When, however, you hold it in tablet mode, it gives you a kind of place to rest. It's very responsive - it's large enough for a 13.3 inch display - but it also charges other devices wirelessly via Qi technology. It really isn't very useful I think wireless ears would be the biggest use case of it and I did not really find myself ever needing to do that, but maybe when traveling or something like that, it would be useful for a little while.

Currently, if you're familiar with Samsung's Note series of phones it also includes this exact same s-pen with a function button, it is very comfortable and it's also very light. When you take it out of the laptop, you are greeted by a list of choices that are shown here. If you want to circle something click a arrow to highlight it a star You could just go ahead and send that, just hit, and then share it in an email or whatnot. And if you are like me and like to take notes during a meeting or class while writing them. This is a great tool for this and, if you are more artistic and like to draw or color it still gives a nice option. Parents might be working from home and children are using the internet to learn and stay connected with friends and family.

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However it has a fingerprint scanner integrated into that keyboard, which has been great, very precise, very responsive. I will wake my laptop from sleep when I put my finger on it and immediately unlock it automatically. The laptop is my biggest complaint about the hinge and not the fact that it is 360 degrees, I really like that. So when you are using it and you are using it as a touchscreen it's very wobbly, but also whenever I pick it up or give it some sort of motion. The screen pretty much begins to tilt down every single time. The type on has a decent amount of travel there, chiclet keys are backlit as well.

It doesn't me, but also the arrow keys are kind of small I, find myself missing them at times just because they are really small performance has been really good, been able to do a lot of multitasking. If you play a game but you gonna have to crank down these graphics settings really, like Four Night. If you want to get some smooth frames, the battery life for me has been really good when compared to other devices with similar specs. I have around 12 hours of very light usage. It's nice that Samsung has placed the speakers on the left and right hand sides of the laptop, so it is not facing down. In my opinion, I wish they could somehow boost it and make the speakers a little bit noisier.

When I add there's Wi-Fi 6 built into the Galaxy ebooks flex which is great, really does future-proof it in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity going forward, and that's really everything I wanted to talk about drop, a comment. A big fan of this laptop battery life was great. It opens, just tighten those screws a little bit, and that would make it a much better experience. Hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to click that thumbs up button, and be sure to subscribe as well a lot of content coming soon..

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