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Hey guys, welcome back to the channel in this video are we going to go over the samsung galaxy book flex 2 beta. Two-in-One, it's aimed at giving you enough performance to be as cheap as possible, so I'll be going over everything in this video, such as the design, the display to performance, and then show you some light and medium gaming on the side and see how it works. Well, you know my workload so that hopefully by the end of this video, if this is something you are looking at getting you can get a good idea of what this laptop is like.

And starting with the design the galaxy book flex, 2 alpha gives an upper end The royal silver finish I have here doesn't really stand out as premium compared to something like the macbook pros, but the finish does feel a little bit classier than most other laptops, which is great to see it's very smooth, touching it feels really nice handling this between your backpack or carrying it around the house or school. The Alpha weighs 2.6 pounds which in my opinion is a great weight and if you have followed me on this channel, you probably know that I am a big fan of super lightweight laptops.

Uh, the macbook air is 2.8 pounds and that is great because when you carry this in your backpack or around the house like I said it doesn't feel that much burden, somehow you can carry it with one hand, doesn't feel that heavy. Because this is an alpha version the ports on the Flex 2 have pretty much everything we need such as two USB a ports, one usbc, an hdmi, a micro sd card slot, a 3.5 millimeter Headphone Jack and, lastly, a standard charging port anyways the display is sporting, a beautiful 13.3 inch 1080p touchscreen. The fact that you receive a q led display at this price point right out of the box gives you higher brightness and a longer lifespan. Everything from viewing widescreen movies to browsing.

The viewing angles aren't that bad either, especially when we get into the two-in-one design and I'll show you what I mean overall ; the bezels are not too bad they're just pretty thin ; probably not the bottom bezel which is kind of thick uh. You know not my favorite thing on this laptop, but whatever, but moving on to the keyboard uh, it is very tactile and squishy. If anything the experience is comfortable with a little bit of classiness. Clearly, there are a lot of two-in-one laptops on the market but I selected the Samsung galaxy book here because of its price to performance ratio after a handful of bending this laptop around and moving it in a bunch of weird places, you know back and forth, I feel that it will hold up for a very very long time.

The metal build on these hinges will sustain a lot of pressure even in tent mode, which is one of my favorite modes. But when you fold this laptop in half and put the keyboard face down on the table, I would be a little bit more careful because I don't want to run the risk of scratching it. The Flex 2 Alpha comes with an Intel Core, Intel i5 11th - gen processor. The base model, which is what I have here, has plenty of power to keep my work day. Consistent everything from simple tasks like opening, Chrome or watching videos here is speedy. When I put some light gaming on here, I play some resident evil, 3 and some speed heat. It is capable of averaging between 35 and 45 frames per second on 720p resolution and medium to low setting.

Unlike a lagging machine, you don't have to worry about it. Just remember you aren't using the Intel Iris, XD graphics on this machine. There is no dedicated graphics card other than that I haven't felt any problems while doing work on it. Editing photos on adobe Lightroom feels great. I had my roommate test some programming on this laptop and he said it's fine unless you're doing some serious work on here like programming or editing full-scale timeline movies on here then upgrade to something like an Intel i7 or find a different laptop in this respect. So as you can see, I did some gaming on the side, so this kind of just a bit ran down the hours, but you know nothing too big uh.

An included fingerprint scanner is included in the bottom right corner of this laptop keyboard. Both of these work very fast, but I found that windows. Hello works even faster before I could even get you to know using the fingerprint sensor when I open up the laptop, so you have it. Uh, logging onto this laptop is phenomenally fast. The fan does get a little bit noisy even in idle mode. You can hear the back fans spin. When you then ramp it up to some gaming, it's gonna push some noise and it's gonna get a little bit annoying the fan kicking hard. Now have on the galaxy book flex 2 Alpha. If you're looking for a good two in one laptop machine, consider this design the two-in-one folding is going to last a very long time.

So if this is something that you are considering I'd say wait for a few, so leave a like below uh comment, something if you want to say some stuff..

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