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It's Samsung's good-looking new all-in-one laptop with the pen right in and today we are gonna get a hello look. My name is Brad I review technology for creative professionals, illustrators designers people are taking their way outside, and this nice weather to do a little decorating. This year, I had the chance to play around with the Galaxy book line of laptops and Chromebooks at CES, and these are some really eye-catching notebooks. You can see that the pen sits here right along the side and the specs are really good. Considering it's a two-in-one ultrabook on paper that looks like a pretty good choice for illustrators who want a laptop they can draw on, I can confirm that yes it's a really nice device.

A quick note here, you will see me drawing using a different S-Pen throughout this video. What I'll talk about more in the Drawing section of this video but I'm using the s-pen from the Galaxy Tab s6 light? It's just a wider pen is more comfortable to hold... like I said more later about that. But if you want to know more about the S-pen replacements, I will link some to this in the description. I would like to thank today's sponsor Shadow Legends. It's a popular turn-based RPG with a heavy emphasis on character, progression and dungeon crawling. There is a huge roster of unlockable characters and 16 different factions such as orcs and doors Undead, High, Elves and many more.

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I would expect to jump like this normally in size to be $150 or more $50. What a great value the books flex are running both sizes: Intel's 10th generation core i7 processors. But overall it didn't really bother me much, but it was a noticeable downside to an otherwise very premium looking laptop. Also if it's not enough bright, you can really bump up that and it works pretty well, although it's a glossy screen so that you get a lot of reflection when you are outdoors. But still you know it is usable. One of the benefits of this Q LED display is it is supposed to be more battery efficient, samsung says that you will have about 19 hours of battery life. I have a beef with the way the industry measures battery life and laptops.

This isn't directly Samsung's fault but, like most laptops I test, I do not get anywhere near the advertised hours. In this case I spent about 3 hours drawing on this while filming, and it drained about half the battery. I did not have all the settings or the brightness cranked up all the way, but I would say that I use the way I use them on average. We have a 512 gigabyte SSD drive and I am micro SD card slot. If you want to add more storage yourself you may have also noticed that a Samsung is selling an Alpha version of this with lower specifications. One thing to keep in mind if you are looking to use this for illustration, that the beta version does not have the s pen with it, and that doesn't mean that you can just go and grab an S Pen and use it.

It is hard to believe that this beautiful piece of hardware comes from the same company that in a few years had handing over to the design team photos of Apple hardware and said do this I love the royal blue. Look here: I love the shiny chrome edges, all of that seams, the way it all looks together. There are a couple of, little quality things that don't hold up a ton, say a surface or a Macbook quite well. Obviously, having the pen tucked into the device is really cool, but they also made sure that the USBC ports along the side were Thunderbolt and they also managed to add wireless charging to the trackpad.

I thought it was kind of nice to have it's not something I'd charged, my phone there, and having the phone right there where my hands were laying wasn't the best but for charging my headphones while I was on and about it, pretty well. Also on that 15 inch, they managed to squeeze in some numbers along the side of the laptop. It worked well. I was worried that my hands would be slightly off center when I was typing, and after a little while I really got used to it, they moved that trackpad off-center a little bit so that your right palm wouldn't be sitting directly. One of the design elements for which I didn't care - and you probably know where we are with this - was that head. A chin on a laptop is normal, but this is extreme, and it was compounded when you flip it into tablet mode.

However, all in all, I have to give Samsung props for making a different looking laptop. But it's important to point out here that you do not need the battery in order to draw with it that battery is for the Bluetooth features that Samsung has been putting into their pen devices recently on the phone, where most of the default apps are Samsung app. The Bluetooth features are fairly useful in this case, and I had to do some google searches to find out where can I use them exactly. You can take selfies with the 720p webcam, okay, who cares about the Bluetooth features that we need to get to this pen, the s-pen that it uses. You get pressure sensitivity, you get all the accuracy you expect from a Wacom.

The downside is that the palm rejection is such a problem I feel like I talk about it all the time when I am using Wacom pen pens, but it is a thing, even a palm rejection. Worse, most of the time, that means you are accidentally landing your palm on the screen. It doesn't happen too much when a layer is turned off, change layer, leaving marks accidentally zoomed on - it happens enough to notice it. It makes sense because of course you have to tuck it on the side of the device, but I do not like to use a pen this small for really long periods of time. It's just not comfortable to hold for hours and hours when you are drawing. The good news is that any S-pen that Samsung mates and a bunch of other Wacom EMR pens are perfect here, which one's work with gets a little confusing.

If you pick anything that says, s-pen, you gonna be in great shape. It isn't my favorite drawing field but it's a heck a lot better than just hard plastic on smooth glass and after a day or two it's gonna feel pretty normal to you. The only one that really worked for me was the laptop sitting flat on a desk.

Laptop hinges are meant to open and close but are not gonna hold the weight of your hand if you set it up in tent mode, still not calling it tent mode, and then, of course, the downside is when the keyboard is flipped over, if you are using a program that requires keyboard shortcuts to get a good drawing flow flowing like Photoshop or Illustrator, you are gonna miss that the size is interesting for a laptop 15 inches is a great screen size, but I had not It's cool when you put it on your desk but it really feels big.

If you hold it like a drawing tablet, the way I would say that is my twelve inch iPad, it's really a nice size for Windows apps in particular because you want all this extra screen space for your tools and your tabs and your layers and all that stuff, even though the 15 inch is only fifty dollars more. If you plan on using this in your hands maybe sitting on the couch instead of sitting at a desk I, then I could see a lot of people springing for this 13 inch, because it is just easier to hold for long stretches like most tablets. Turning this around also gonna change your screen rotation. So if you want that chin on the bottom, instead of at the top, then you could do it completely or if you want to go crazy and go into portrait mode, you can also draw that way.

I think the biggest pro is that drawing experience that you get from that Wacom pen. You're getting a really nice screen. I get that you are not right but look at what you're getting you get a touchscreen, a pen, an i7 processor, you get a lot of storage. This didn't really affect me too much, but I noticed that some people talked about how the fingerprint reader takes up a good portion of the shift key. So it wasn't that big of a deal for me but that is something you should be aware of and something that might take a little bit of getting used to, especially if you intend to do a lot of writing on this thing.

Another problem is RAM and actually twelve gigs of ram is pretty good for the 15-inch, only eight gigs for the bass, but there aren't a lot of configuration options here. Looking at surface book 3 when you begin to speck that thing up, you really see the price start to balloon and increase enormously. I would have loved to have seen Samsung have some higher configurations for people who want to go with a better and similar kind of laptop heed. I've really been impressed with the Samsung lately with their phones with their tablets with their laptops. This is not only a great-looking 2 in 1 but also a very well performing two in one, and if you look at the price, it is a good value so that the Samsung Galaxy Book flex.

Thank you for watching and I'll talk to you in a couple of days, [Music ]..

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