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It's inspired by you and me, and from all of us it puts the technology we need at the fingertips of every person so that we can come together and make our mark on the worlds. When it is the global cultural sync it harnesses the power of we and comes together with friends from around the world to organize our own issues and everything in between. That’s why samsung is broadening its commitment to unlock the collective power of young leaders around the world to support the global goals. Together with the UN Development Program, we welcomed new members to generation 17 from Nadia's inspiring community leadership in Lebanon to Daniel's quest for justice and inclusion in Brazil.

We are excited to work with these inspirational change makers and continue to drive change for global goals on more than 100 million galaxy smartphones including the a series that is the power of we. It helps us to support young leaders in our actions to improve our world technology, it allows us to transform society today and solve the challenges of tomorrow. It's no wonder that gaussian a was the most popular Android family of the 2020 and we're committed to the same mission this year of bringing innovation to everyone. In January we kicked off the year with the fantastic galaxy a32 and today we are excited to introduce our latest lineup.

A series gives you a blank canvas for your creativity so you can share posts and pictures from a powerful piece of tech that fits in the palm of your hand, no buds, no excuses, just awesome, mobile experience and we can't wait to see the amazing things you will do with it: we have equipped the a52 and a72 with a truly iconic camera that will get your creative juices flowing. So you can create unforgettable posts, make fun videos with friends and make stories that your followers will love. It is the key to a world of connections and our versatile quad lens help you take pictures and videos you'll love all in clutch quality.

The hi-def 64, megapixel, rear camera on galaxy, a52 and a72 keeps your photos and videos vivid and clear, help you craft the best posts and stories, it's packed with amazing technology that makes all of your photos sharper and steadier. On top of all that we also bring back the optical image, stabilization and ois, so even your most basic photos will look clear and bright. Here's how it works when we take photos or videos. It's just natural for our hands to shake with ois a bit. The gyro sensor recognises the motion and sends a signal to the microprocessor. The shots you take will look clear, steady and ready to post no more busted photos and videos.

Isn't it frustrating when you shoot an amazing video, and then rerun and realize the footage is fragile? With gassy a's night mode you will never look your shots basic [music] night mode combines multiple photos to brighten up your pick, so you can get bright, clear shots even in the dark [applause] with ois and the image processing power from our flagship devices. Our mosaic and contributing technology will help your content to look stunning. Super steady mode gives you cleaner, takes and sharper lines. Let's say you are vlogging with a friend on a typical camera in the filming period, while the move will be super shaky, but with super steady mode, you'll get an amazing smooth video.

These features are great for capturing memories, with your family or an impromptu photo shoot with friends. Have you ever missed a perfect moment while trying to decide whether to take a photo or video with a single? Take - you can take multiple photos in an instant one, long shutter press and you'll get between two and nine different photos and videos at the same time. That way, you will have plenty of content to send out to your squad or to wow your followers. We are talking heart eye reactions to your stories subscribers to your channel, maybe even a dm from your crush. Sometimes you need more clarity to fulfill your creative vision, so we are bringing three times optical zoom to the galaxy a72, which is a first for the series.

Digital Zoom turns Galaxy A72 into an immersive experience. Thanks to the 32 megapixel front camera, you can all stand out and look great as a team. You can even show your friends how you are feeling with Fun mode created through our first camera partnership with snapchat. It's new and exclusive to galaxy, a52 and a72 and lets you enjoy fun lenses through the native camera app. You can make your friends laugh and share these with the whole squad so everyone can check out your most unique looks with new ois 64 megapixel resolution and pro mode for photos and videos. A series is all about bringing awesome tech to everyone, and it gives you even more ways to stay connected.

Galaxy, a52 and a72 are perfect for sharing funny memes, collaborating on projects and staying connected with your friends, family and followers with technology built to bring people together. So you won't just spend more time with your besties, but you will be able to achieve more, whether you're writing songs or planning a virtual concert for your community. That's the power of the galaxy ecosystem and one UI from smoother motion effects to customizable widgets. This interface enhances everyday features so you can get more done and get a gateway to new unimagined experiences - and of course galaxy a52 and a72 come with latest one ui 3.1.

It’s but first you have to transfer data from an old device that is already done wow and access all your favorite memories easily, with one drive with one ui 3.1 you’ll stay connected to the moments that matter and to all the people you love. You can fire off a quick message straight from the suggested options : hit with gifs and picks, get inspired through a 360 degree sound experience. Whichever way you turn you are always in the center of the action, and if you need some together time, just connect two pairs of earbuds to your phone, a song without sharing earbuds. Even after sharing a pic you will still be the one who controls it. Keep track of who catches it and make it disappear in three, two one Poof iconic right to make sure everyone is on for your big day.

With Google Duo, you can now invite your new Emojis, besties and chat with up to 32 friends at once from daily catch-ups to a bedroom concert. Google Duo is the perfect place to assemble your gang. Even when you can't be together, nothing should keep you apart, delightful experiences designed by you, whether you are video chatting with friends and family on Google Duo or sharing your best moments easily with quickshare Galaxy a lets. By connecting with your Butts watch and or tablet, you can share seamless experiences and always move together with your clock in sync, it is even easier to accomplish your goals.

For me, my new year resolution was to stay fit, but honestly I haven't worked out as much as I wanted to and neither have my friends what could help us get back on track with the galaxy ecosystem. With my galaxy watch and the samsung health app, I can join together with up to nine friends for a samsung health group challenge, that way we can all stay fit track our progress and have fun. The a series also lets you keep track of your things fine you' Since its launch last Oct., our fine network has grown five times. Linked seamlessly with 200 brands and over 2 000 smart home devices. With that kind of compatibility, you can create your own experiences and join new communities along the way Galaxy, a52 and a72 make samsung innovation accessible to all.

Why does my phone have a great camera, but not enough storage to keep the photos until one day, so Galaxy ace it to everyone? Awesome is for everyone and everyone said, prove it so Galaxy a gave everybody a phone with no compromises, one with a lot of features instead of just some and everyone was so happy that they began to sing just like this [Music] access to awesome technology is what makes the world sing. You need to stay connected with your friends and share your content with the world from immersive camera to intuitive Ui and so much more. We all deserve technology that takes our creativity to new heights and keeps us connected to the people we care about. The A series keeps you up with you, no matter what and it matches with an amazing design to your style.

Galaxy, a52 and a72 come with a soft edge design that sets them apart, and we built in minimal camera housing to highlight the beauty of the body. Last but not least we gave these devices a subtle finish so they blend in with the rest of your accessories with the minimal punch, hole the infiniti or display lets you get lost in whatever you're watching it's a new design dna for the galaxy, a series of glam enough for any occasion and a fundamental part of this beautiful design is its incredible display. The Galaxy a52 and a72 have the brightest smoothest and most vivid display ever in the a series we built this new series, with a high refresh rate, so you can scroll through all your feeds easily and keep up with your followers comment.

Our great screen helps you stay connected and stand out when it counts. On my mind, baby, it's you taking me places that I never knew, and now what is the first thing you do when you wake up, I love checking my friends' feeds and getting inspiration for my makeup and outfit for the day with galaxies high refresh rate you'll get super smooth scrolling perfect for keeping up with your squat and this screen. It protects your eyes by reducing blue light, so cute and elegant and that awesome violet. This stellar display lets you enjoy all of your content no matter the weather. Regardless, if you and your friends are doing live while you're outside on a sunny day, you will not have trouble seeing reaction roll in our 800 - net.

Brightness is the highest ever on the galaxy a series, so your display will be easy to read in the sun. Galaxy a52 and a72 make it easier for you to use your tech minimizing harmful blue light. A series gives you the power to express yourself, connect with your friends and do the things you love longer. That’s why the a series is a super durable battery with galaxy, a52 and a72. With the new galaxy, a series that you don't need to worry anymore about finding an outlet once your galaxy is fully charged, you will be able to use it for two days so you can watch your shows connected with your friends and head out for a weekend. Adventure all without having to recharge, live check, battery is still going strong [Music] and you know what's even better in the galaxy.

Don't worry, the galaxy a will automatically switch from power saving mode during the regular sleeping hours - so it will become a life when you wake up in the morning. The fusing power and the processing gives your Galaxy, a52 and a72 battery life beyond 48 hours so it can keep up on all your adventures and you can charge it real fast on 25 watts using super fast charging your galaxy. You can save thousands of high resolution photos and videos which means that you can store more and delete less. This much power needs to match amazing sound quality to galaxy a52 and a72.

A series this surround sound gives all your videos and playlists rich bass, high volume and spatial sound effects and experience with Dolby Atmos a rich soundscape filled with unparalleled depth, detail and realism that will bring you closer to the stories and music you love and with Dolby Atmos for gaming mode. Also your favorites games sound tighter so that you can immerse yourself in any adventure. You get the incredible network support of an additional 5g band which means you can enjoy enhanced performance for every stream and download. That includes your games when you and your friends want to hop on the server of the galaxy.

A series has all the fundamentals to help you win a highly responsive display, a long-lasting battery, enhanced sound solution, game, booster and 5g support on the A52. It's a lot and with Priority mode you can even block texts and calls while gaming, so that you can stay in the zone. The next part is right around the corner, but no team is complete without a strong defense. Your information will remain safe thanks to our defense grade security platform. As one of the few companies to design and develop their own products, software and services samsung delivers true end-to-end protection by providing security across every single layer of the device.

We help to protect personal information in real time and preventively respond to increasingly advanced mobile threats. I'm telling you a52 and a72 are strong, safe and, on the outside they are as durable as that [Music]. A series is equipped with ip67 so even when your phone gets wet or dusty, it stays safe, fast, [Music], look at these guys rain or shine, no worries, because when your phone is ip67, your limits disappear. I'm super hyped with an ip67 rating, galaxy a52 and a72 are protected from dust and water. With samsung innovation you and your friends can go wherever the day takes you without needing to recharge or worry about damage. A series makes amazing technology available and it empowers you to craft a new era of creativity and conscience with people around the world.

We take you from tired to wired to inspired a52 and a72 prove how awesome it is for everyone they'll be available. Today, we offer three generations of Android OS updates as well as regular security updates for a minimum of four years, which means that you can use them longer with optimized performance. Galaxy a52 and a72 come with a powerful multi-lens camera with smooth scrolling for all your feeds and water and dust resistance for every adventure, they're safe and secure with a two day battery to last through it all. Camera fall plastic battery life and the screen and its washing..

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