SAMSUNG GALAXY A73 5G VS S21 FE 5G REVIEW - Galaxy User Guide

Hi Samsung Galaxy A7, 35 G and Samsung Galaxy S2, a VJ with slightly different prices. How about [Music] Hello guys, back on the gadget review, YouTube channel and it's really special, before this Eid I will make one content first, after that I'll take a Samsung content as usual, and here I have a Samsung Galaxy A7 Three VJ and a Samsung Galaxy S2 1ff IG many people say that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Fedi price is overpriced, In my opinion, it's legal indeed that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is equipped with a 108 megapixel main camera and Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw. It is only equipped with a 12 megapixel main sensor. or Samsung Galaxy S1 FFG. So this Samsung Galaxy, S2 1fw, is equipped with Bro.

The main camera is 12 megapixels and while Samsung Galaxy A7 3vd is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels only, we'll see if the results are the same or maybe a slight difference. These are pictures and videos from Samsung Galaxy S2 safety and Samsung Galaxy A3 five j hope. You can see that the details of the Samsung Galaxy S2 1fc for Tom are more natural and fit better, while on the Samsung Galaxy E7 3vp, it is a little over poses. But here is the rest of this Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge diary. Wollen Sie Samsung Galaxy A7 FB or Samsung Galaxy S1 FF ig [Music] Hey, beautiful smile, [ Music], and this is a photo when I took it at night,. So these two smartphones use the main camera resolution, So here it looks like the same msung Galaxy S1 fhd buys the right color.

So the conclusion is that the megapixel camera is not found by how big it is, but by the processor or chipset that is in it Hi Okay, This is an example of full HD 30fps recording from the Samsung Galaxy S2, one fpv and the Samsung Galaxy A7, three Five G 5g hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. You can bring biscuits to the front camera for the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, but can’t do that now with the front camera. Here's the difference, ok, I will go back and if this is an example of full HD, 60fps recording from the Samsung Galaxy S2 TWRP, five and Samsung Galaxy A7, three five G 5g Hi, tips like this continue for both smartphones. Here's an example of recording dual video - yes, Google - video from Samsung Galaxy S2 in an internet cafe, yup.

This is one of the benefits of ST One Piece, where he can be rich like this, Princess, Samsung, GALAXY, Tab3 fight. It doesn't support videos like this and this time it's been a long time, Joko recording work, e60 FIF from Samsung Galaxy, S9 ff5v and more Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Five Gini We haven't done. Video recording up to 60fps fork, hi hi, hi, hi, ok, So here in the cave for the Samsung Galaxy S8 FF. If this is an example for front camera, yes from Samsung Galaxy, Ace 3 flight G and Samsung Galaxy S3 PVC warn. If we talk about performance issues, this is distinctly different.

This Samsung Galaxy S2 1fc uses an Exynos 2100 processor with 50 meters of fabrication, while on the Samsung Galaxy A7 3vd, it uses Snapdragon 78 geovedi with 6 manometer fabrication according to Antutu - score which is more or less like this if I may,. It is very similar, yes, that if, for example, you can make ice to play games what will the results be? Like, the first game I'll try is Pubg mobile on a Samsung Galaxy S7, one FTV with extreme smooth settings, hi [music] offroad while I play Papji mobile, Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw this for the web frame, can be really 60fps. So it's really smooth for games like pubg mobile Hi, and the second thing I'm going to try on the Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw is Mobile Legends for this setting, it's refreshed the highest and it's ultra-normal for graphics.

And while playing the mobile legend game on the Samsung Galaxy S2 1st page, the frame rate is certainly average at 60fps. So this is okay for Papji mobile games and Legend mobile games, [music], and now I'm. Moving to a Samsung Galaxy A7 3vd to try the Papji Mobile Game with the same settings as Adi, smooth, Extreme [Music] off-road, while I'm playing the Papji Mobile Game on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, however from the first minute it was smooth. The frame rate actually has dropped a lot. This seems to be the influence of the temperature that has gone up due to scratch setting. Turning on [Music] and the last game, I am going to try on Samsung Galaxy A7 3vd, this is Mobile Legends, here for the graphics settings to arrive at this attempt.

At the beginning I drank it, there were a few groups with hair, but after that it was really smooth. Yes, this one MPV has different formats. One of the F is flexible so the performance is also very different from the Samsung Galaxy A3. The Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw is 6.4 inches in this Samsung Galaxy A7 3vb 6.7 teens for the resolution is also different, guys Samsung, GALAXY Tab3 is equipped with Super AMOLED plus, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw is equipped with and metamorphic, but here the results are more or less the same yes, This is a bit of a cave thanks for the appreciation for the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A7. These two smartphones also have a very pretty stereo surround, guys.

The same gives the best experiment, yes Samsung Galaxy A3 with the main camera that reaches 18 megapixels for the results of this video experiment, much better ih liters, while on the Samsung Galaxy S2 1fw even though it has a 12 megapixel camera, The results are also not inferior to the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. Do you want to a73fw or upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S2 one piece? In the presence of this fruit, wart, friends, you can have a reference, yes. So for a review from Megadeth's review, don't forget to like comment and subscribe, because I always develop and always keep the Gold of the brand's first smartphone tablet on videos, and also for my next Samsung - review bye, Assalamualaikum wabarakatuh [Music]..

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