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Hello, hello, everybody Welcome back to trendingtek channel Yes. It's been a long time since we made a review, Yes Yes, the problem was that I moved really complicated. This is a new study complete with recordings. The difference is greater than 70/70 and the club's price looks also OK. I’ve figured that even though I didn’t get the unfortunate tree yesterday, it s still expensive but OK Lets do reviews, not to make a profit. Adding a Galaxy Bag Dad, it really end up with millions of specs like that. It's really interesting giving birth to disturbing robots that can eat shapes, okay,.

Let's talk about it from the village first, Okay, the usual design of the back body Like Messi's digital reflex, that's what I said, it's more typical of the A70, yeah! In Tamin the striped pattern looks just like simple, so it's not too tacky or excessive, so admits it's elegant, the rest scrapes it off, the glasstick is really plastic, It looks like it's ugly, so it's not plastic like that, right? That's premium yes, but I'm really light-weight. There are many times when we still have problems with plastic or polycarbonate,. If we didn't care about the material from the first, if, for example, a good brand can offer a unique design, the camera can also be new. The characteristics of the anthocyanins, yes, starting from MTS Marine, will be the camera design like this, ethnicity.

Earlier this year, yes, 2020, the box was wider because these 4 cameras are a fake letter. My Vaseline than Canada, which is usually long, bring it down. Oh yeah, make it like that. If they want s1s like that, yes, perhaps add a telephoto lens, maybe another one will appear: here, kirill, okay, okay, the rear body is in the class in the south, The stripes are fine but I don't mind. Usually, hippies are comfortable to hold, The lack of size is also right for one hand. The screen is 6.7 inches and when the Suzuki Mega fits isn't too big, hey, that's slim,! It is so thin, but what is a bit shocking is that it is Mega 51. Wow, I think it's very complex, I think it's more or less because it fits really well, 6.7, but it does not feel big, the front thin bezel, to be precise,.

It's usually thin at the bottom,. You can carry it thin because it is already using a Super AMOLED Plus panel, so it's Super AMOLED Plus. It's thinner so it's better, better, better, more efficient, it's higher, it's the same, it's more efficient than battery, it's more efficient for color, and the screen is good. Interview: Oh, yes, the characteristics of super-aMOLED, because sometimes 3 million Samsung phones look different when compared, yes, yes, like regret.

If this is good, pay it yes, then we can change the characteristics between natural, natural and vivacious, including so, or what is the temperature correct? These two are cool so I think it's an identity for a Samsung cellphone, right? People know that it's from the front of a Samsung cellphone, because the penholder model has a lot of outermost, until now. Only the one in the middle can watch the first one only yesterday. I mean Samsung was at first pretty good but it is bad. He feels that the response does not take long to come,. Sometimes he always reads, but in middle and high school, it is okay. It breaks in the Eternal Places, It is smooth so there is an impression that it is faster than that. Someone asked in the Unboxing Video of yesterday. It's tested, no need for a dark screen.

As long as the one who has memorized the key has the place where he can read the lock message, it can be normal. The important thing is to read accurate. The important thing is the accuracy of the Sim Sim Triple slot, okay, one of the most interesting features from A71. He thinks it is the hardware, hi, because he uses Snapdragon 7 30g which is released in Indonesia 7 30g. That's because it is a lot of those who are confused on the internet, yes. Yes, there are 7 32, but indeed the 7 30g circulating in Indonesia is the same as the 80 Marine, yes it's crazy, but the next 80 is even cheaper than the Xiaomi MI Note, first used Dede 7.30, bro, it's more expensive. Yesterday I wanted to buy it because Samsung is not really a 30gb package, especially if you get a million PO4.

It already uses 128 ufs Turbo Information, e730. Compared to the regular 7 30, it's better gaming performance or because clock speed on the dp is higher than usual. So yesterday I detected gaming, hey, I'm playing again, right?, If you play Battle Royale with the same settings, you can get Papua vs lol, it's okay, okay, 60 fashion and high. To Australia, can't go into extremes. If the graphics settings are Hi, what the heck XD I forgot it can reach Hai Dong Premier, It can't reach Ultra Hai. What I'm confused about when I play the other one is playing blame. I feel I don't think it is too much different from TTG 70. But for the TV, there's a video later, just watch it for yourself Gaming performance now for software is too interesting .

This is using white in the point of already middle Android,. How smooth is it that I am friends with awwe to talk? What I like about the wait UFO is that there is a change. If we open multiple tabs, multitask is smoother. Oh yes, it is an ant compared to the animation before. It's smoother, so the more it used to be because the hardware also supports hackers, maybe or maybe because from other Androids. The story is very similar to the story of Vira Android, For example, there is a compass so you can immediately live, That is the best. It's fun, there's also a ruler up to 10 cm on the side. So for example, on the table, measure what objects, you can use TWRP cellphone only catfish, the ruler is fun. The animation is also cool.

What makes this woman interesting especially the one with the zipper is that notification. The notification animations are cool, so cool that you see a lot of them, don't want to watch, even though this means there is no notification. Yes, but Samsung replaced it with that. It's cool, okay, Other features are MFC and Samsung V Juve,. If you want the battery 4505, you carry the bag, transport tausiyah Oh yes, also gives interpretations Oh yes, wong or reflection, but it is not adaptive because it is super-fast. I used it yesterday because it's new, activate it, keep it backed up. There are lots of games and applications of all sorts, so SWT cu I got three hours.

I played Papji games again with my friends, How many games with normal use are there remaining 36%? Then it is standard, yes, it's Dolby, Atmos,... You can see it, Mas, but it will turn on if we use a headset. If you use it with more atmosphere, the sound is more stable, yes. But if it comes directly from the speaker, the subordinate speaker immediately doesn't kick, it is loud, but a little less clear, especially if the monkey is very loud. It's a camera mainly using a 64 megapixel waitress. After that there are macro macros and sensors eh I, I really like the results from color, the sharpness open. What's nice is that Teteh's post can be here HDR Kitamoto, it does not look like it's always been there.

I like Samsung like that so portrait photos can have channels so the table doesn't overexpose. Where am I going to try it? It's a bit of a shock as it's cool, Samsung's mittens series has been a bit soft from the start. From the beginning it is pretty good networked. What's weird is being able to increase the details, Have rich previews, it's blurry,? The price is okay, after analyzing the photos from this Galaxy A7, I have some additional opinions for selfies in the photos. It does not turn out to be soft as in the comments received by us, but this is the condition of deleting the prize is also good. Portrait pictures can also be blamed.. and the most in the roulette condition is soft.. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos when I was indoors yo... Yo Hi.

He's a bit lacking but if there's still a decent light source he can still make pretty good photos. I think leader Hi for the intimate photographs. I also like that the resolution of the 5 Megapixels helps, it looks sharper than HP. Most people still use 2 megapixels Hi Hah, continue for the video. The 4K solution at Full HD resolution has a stabilizer and there is also a supershe feature but as usual it is superseding, namely the g mostly uses the web camera. It's also a bit less sharp than the usual recording results,. The video results are pretty good, there are also slomosen at 240fps which is pretty good quality. The important thing is that the movement is smooth,.

There is also a super slow motion option in the SD resolution: What is the conclusion, the price of six million gets the Samsung brand. Because it is 256 GB and Samsung in Indonesia, it rarely inputs gpud the Stegen chipset. It can exynos a friend, right, Gray, why come on,. If it's one of them, Wow, if you have a million Bacim, this option is really very tempting. This is a super AMOLED screen plus you have to only fingerprint the 44 cameras, help. This amount does not ignore it ; It's good, the colors are good, cool, narrow, there is super slow motion, ah, three, there are a lot of motorbikes. The network is OK, super fast charging, super fast charging, 25watts. But what do you think is missing on this cellphone, there are speakers.

Well, the sound speakers are just a lack of law. If it's good, it's easy, I hope the fingerprint performance is even faster and the optimization hasn't been optimized, well, yeah I hope to do more in the future. He forgot that the large battery had an m series. You want a budget of 1 million, there is Eti Eti SY mo NFC but affordable prices. Yesterday, the A30s Setyo NFC version wanted one with a slightly higher spike, They were serious with the note series, all your needs AH. Given time I'm not saying, uh, the Criminal Code is still out. Everyone’s opinion is different for those of you who have watched this video until the end of the comment,. Don't forget to mention your Instagram - account and make sure to follow your Instagram - account and subscribe to this YouTube - channel.

For those of you, Setia Jaya, viewers We won't continue to promote wherever we are. I've given a title, - it has never been mentioned anywhere else, - just in this video, . Yes, the cake still has TWS fiatas and last Friday powerbank. You always send lots of accessories, We can give them back, people like that, OK, let's get here first. Thank you and watch this video until it runs out - and we say goodbye, see you in the next video, bye, Python..

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