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Hello, all Fairizza employees, re-introducing the project, and after the last month there were so many I anboxing Samsung products. This one cell phone is the middle class of Samsung, and when you look at it it is more inclined to the middle class, because it has an initial retail price of 6.1 million rupiah. Although it has gone down, I checked on the online marketplace, there are already 5758 and some have even sold five and a half that's. Maybe Samsung gave a bonus Galaxy wager so that those who buy it will not be disappointed. After the point is finished, the price drops. There are at least three aspects to raise, namely the screen, the battery and the camera. The reaction of the A71 lay, I want to buy it, watch this video until it is finished.

OK first, the A71 screen qualifies as a mobile phone for multimedia in the middle class. The size is large so for content consumption such as watching videos. It makes playing games more comfortable because there is more room for fingers. The visual quality is obviously too satisfying and typical of Samsung with a bright super-aMOLED panel. So as a wife, the experience doesn't disappoint, at least for those who had a cellphone with notes before. Nowadays, although a little adaptation to the panel when watching full screen video is not a big thing, it needs just to get used to it. It is still not possible in the audio section, because the speaker is only loud but the sound is not round, but because that's the average cellphone for the price, then yeah, OK.

last aspect is the battery and it means that Jinggo also is concerned about performance from the Galaxy A7. One from the list below looks promising, at least with its Snapdragon chipset 8 Giga, RAM storage, 128 batteries 4500 m, expensive, complete with super fast charging. With specifications like this cellphone, I have been able to give a very good performance and from me there are actually no complaints about being used to play games of various kings even though it is not with the highest settings. It turns y71 because with a large enough capacity and the use of my mat, which is quite active on social media and he plays screen games 12 hours a day, he can get up to 6 hours of screenplay in one charger.

It is concluded that the performance of Galaxy A7 is already OK, a little for that. The software has already an Android theme and Onew I2 customization. I really like Samsung's new interface combined with this new Android, because, aside from a simple appearance, the Android navigation register is also another thing. There are four cameras on the back with an arrangement like the letter L that is equipped with Elin size. There are various modes on this cellphone in addition to accommodating existing lenses such as photo-on-photo macro mode. In general it's good, not accurate colors, with Deni Krenz enough as long as HDR is turned on, photo sharpness and capture.

This is quite useful for those who might want more detail for crop and the like, but if they normally run out of photos they will immediately post them or at least give a wa filter. A little color, I think I still use 12 megapixels because the difference is not significant. I took the Samsung galxy a71i Hi Now try to use the rear camera of the Galaxy A7 one to record video without activating it like walking on a windy day, it's more or less like this, whether the audio is with or not. This is now active in the same condition, but a little bit i still walk for the ball. It is, no different., Hi Dancow for the front camera, as usual. If you want to use vlogging like this, it is good if you put it on a gimbal, your hand is really stable.

You can see the noise in many things, so this is more stable, but the image is darker than when it was like Hi inorbit Club. Therefore, for the front camera it doesn't have a steady resource, even though it is up and the results are more or less like this. - User experience, the ence of the cell phone is good. - If there are in my opinion the most obvious flaws, then they are in the design. FW Tan looks quite premium and there is a pattern on the B - cover as well, but I think it's a bit lacking for cellphones, with a retail price of 6 million and initially using plastic material, even though it's actually understandable, that's one of the steps that Samsung has taken to lower it a bit to give in other parts.

So if you're a potential customer who doesn't have a home, for example, your cellphone uses plastic, because later you think you want to use a casing or yes. There are considerations other that I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be disappointed by the Samsung Galaxy A7,. But if you really need cool designs, then you really need glass and you don't like plastic. Think that's all I can talk about a River in short, Gal, A7, Please check the link in the description, column, below, say goodbye and as usual happy day Fairuz A. : .

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