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My name wade with tech daily, so it has been nearly a year since the release of the Samsung Galaxy A71. While the a71 certainly piqued people's interest when first announced, this phone would eventually become not only one of the most popular devices throughout the rest of 2020, but also became the benchmark for mid-range smartphone devices throughout the year. In my opinion this phone gives people everything they could ask for and more for a price that's fairly reasonable by comparison and one year later I still think this is one of the best mid-range Android samsung devices. In summer 2020, you can buy right now, samsung also pushed a sort of mid-cycle update on the a71, the a71 5g, which is only marginally better than the original.

You can't even tell them apart and I'll give you some of my thoughts here on this, but let's just get right into what I think about the a71 at the one-year mark now and whether or not you should consider it here in 2021 and beyond. First things first let's quickly go over the couple different a71 variants that exist now. There's the original a71, which released in january 2020, and this phone has the snapdragon 730 processor. Then in June and july, samsung launched the a71 5g and a71 5g ultra widebands which were slightly updated with the exynos 980 and snapdragon 765g chipsets and 5g support, but the rest of the phone is physically and feature wise the same as the original.

When it was first launched the original price of the a71 was around 400, depending on where in the world one lived a great launch price honestly at that time, and it gradually got cheaper and cheaper too, dropping around 375 bucks by the summer. Instead, the original a71 can be bought unlocked on places like amazon for 350 bucks, while the a71 5g is still fairly expensive for some reason, with its slight speed bump and 5g support, and while it's great to get a 5g phone for that price even. Like I mentioned earlier, aside from 5g support and a little bump in the processor, the a71 as it was known has remained the same since it was originally launched.

No matter which model you choose, you get the same massive 6.7 inch device with an amoled display, mostly plastic housing and relatively modern design that holds up well into 2021, I think right off the bat one of the most striking things about this phone has always been its size. This large at this price point is great, and it's likely one of the biggest reasons why so many people like it's front hole punch cutout. I think he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The slim bezels are about as small as you can go and all this is what will look like Android smartphones for some time to come.

The A71 has a plastic rear cover and in early 2020, I and others were probably quick to classify this material choice as the cheaper option that maybe was even a little too cheap for the highest end. A series device now with the likes of the s20 fe and even the flagship note 20 with a plastic back doesn't make any sense anymore, but I will say that the glossy finish, the subtle pattern and the slight rainbow effect convey a sense of quality, even on a less premium material. Additionally, if you go with the a715g like I have here you get a polished metal frame which gives the phone a little more weight in the hand.

Next to the usbc charging port is a headphone jack and, on top, you also get an SD card slot, which I think is something that does increase the potential value of this phone. Other phones may say that there is no wireless charging here, no waterproof rating, no dual stereo speakers- you may not care about that stuff, but I think that for some people those lacking extras are still worth considering. The 6.7-inch display on this phone is great on its own but does dive in a little deeper into the specs and the overall view. The screen with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 has packed in 393 pixels per inch and I've been in records. A big, bold, bright and relatively crisp display for 300 to 400 is a great value and really leads to 2021.

However, I think it is still the case but with a lot of similarly priced devices being both talked about as having and rumored as having high refresh rate panels that could make the a71 feel a little dated this year, and that sort of begs the question: will the a72 get a high refresh rate screen? Personally, I don't think that will happen, but with half a dozen other options for a bit more money out there at 90 or even 120 Hertz. It could be one of the first factors that sway people away from this phone in the coming months and potentially the a72 as well. A lot of people may not find high refresh rates a huge deal, but honestly this a71 offers a viewing experience.

That's perfect for it’s still a great value, as 95 of us still are today, and after a year, he is now going to be. Then I don't have a single bad thing to say so let's get into the specs, because I think this is what people might be curious about. I already mentioned that the original a71 launched with snapdragon 730 chip that was a decent upper mid-range spec in early 2020. The older a71 5gs had the Exynos 980 and snapdragon 765g chipsets, mainly for 5g support but also as a light refresh and boost ram wise. It has been months since Android 10 and one Ui 2.5 came together and I find the a71 to be a fast and smooth device overall.

Now I actually have the chance to try the standard a71 with the snapdragon 730 and this a715g with the 765 chip, and while this phone is a tiny bit faster and more powerful, the difference is certainly not worth another 100 to 150 dollars. I personally usually play just Asphalt 9 or Call of Duty Mobile, and I never have any problems and look ahead I think that this phone easily has two to three years of life in it. Samsung likely will send out a couple of more Android updates which will be nice to see but most importantly, looking at the rumored a72 5g, I don't really see that new phone lapping this a71 in recent years, as when analyzing these internals smartphones we've seen minimal real changes in capabilities.

That simply means that the phone from last year is in this case an even better value still, and this a71 with its specs and capabilities would continue to be a great value for quite some time if a battery replacement was included. I would like to see, however, that it was gotta be on this phone with in-display fingerprint reader while I've seen some improvements after a couple. For example, this setup on the a71 is a bit slow and tends to be more finicky and inaccurate than some older flagships, s-series phones. I have gotten used to it ; it's not as bad as the a51, which is good, but it is just something.

Fortunately, Face unlock is fast here so I'm definitely in the phone as soon as I look at it, but if you have the fingerprint reader in the first place, I think that should definitely be upgraded now. One of the biggest upgrades that did come to the a71 and 2020 was the camera setup, and out of all this samsung probably put most of their effort towards the quad lens setup, has some very useful things like the 64 megapixel main lens and 12 megapixel ultra wide lens, which produced some fantastic shots at least by 2020 standards for a mid-range device.

After I have like thousands of pictures now, I don't think I've ever chosen to use it and the depth sensor probably isn't necessary anymore, but all in all this camera package has been great and I still think it will be into 2021, but camera technology has been the biggest focus recently for all smartphone manufacturers. So it's likely going to be the aspect of the a71 that will feel the most obsolete, the most athens'; and you'll have to sort of weigh whether or not that is important to you. In a way it was already behind, but I think that we're going to see a ton of continued innovation in the camera tech this year, especially in the midrange space. The a71 5g is still a little overpriced, but all things considered it is not terrible, especially for a 5G phone.

The big question now is whether or not to pick this phone in 2021 or snag the a72 5g when it does come out, which will likely be within the next couple of weeks. If you want to hear my honest opinion, with the rumors and leaks we've seen so far, I haven't really been compelled to adopt the a72 5g..

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