Samsung Galaxy A71 5G review and 90-day free trial - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys soccer tickets, in today's video we are going to unbox and review the Samsung Galaxy a71 5g. The a71 is now the flagship midrange samsung smartphone, as you know. As we are talking about this phone throughout the video, these prices are now nearly 800 to 1 000 cheaper than top-end flagships today and also, even though I unbox the 5g model of the a71. Let me remove this real, quick, okay, so there's the phone right there. Let's remove this uh phone over here, I'm gonna put it on the side and I'll let you know that it comes in the black prism cube color, which I'm going to show it's a very interesting color with nice. Color shifts so let's see what else we have, so that is just a box and under there we have a 25 watt, fast charger.

Ok, then we have some guides here, some terms and conditions, and then we all have a cable to charge the actual phone. So you do not get any kind of earbuds wired or wireless. With this package you get the charger, cable and the phone with the guides. Hence, let's push all this stuff aside and divert our attention from this smartphone, so here comes the phone from the rear and as you can see, it has a pretty little design. When you touch it, it actually feels like glass, and there is a two-tone texture to it. Let's do a tour on the rest of the device, so at the bottom so here's a phone as close as possible to a flagship. It still has a headphone jack, usb type c.

Of course this is a 25 Watt, fast charger and of course we get the speaker and we have the microphone uh on the side. On this side, we have nothing on the top got the sim tray and the other microphone right there and of course, the side is when we have the buttons, so we have the volume rocker and the side key that acts as a bixby button and also a power key if you so desire, of course, on the rear. Now i'll show you some samples in just a little bit, let's move on and talk about the screen and the specs and see what makes this phone uh amazing. It only took me a couple of seconds to set this up now: Real quick, I gonna talk about this camera. We have a 32-megapixel front camera that works like a charm.

The only thing is that it does only 1080p at 30 frames per second, but it is a high-quality 32 megapixel camera. It's a 10 Atp display and it's a super bright display, so it has some great brightness and, as you can see, we also have some really nice wallpapers that come with this phone as a stock. Okay, these wallpapers are actually a little bit more boring than those we get on flashy smartphones as a stock smartphone as you can see so a pretty screen. Great to watch videos and enjoy yourself and, of course, because we have a headphone jack, now you can have a full flash media party. Another very important thing with the smartphone is the fact that it's got a huge battery.

It has a 4500 milliamp hour battery capacity uh, which gives you a full day of battery life with no problem with heavy use, and you're gonna even get some left over battery life for the next day, and on top of that this phone charges from zero to a hundred from a dead battery in one hour and five minutes with the included 25 watt, uh charger so great battery life if that's something you're looking for. So, if I go into my phone to my software information it's one UI 2.1, Android 10 and it has also a bunch of flagship software features uh in the phone and as I scroll back and forth on the phone, the performance is pretty good. Okay, I feel no lag or stutter uh there goes great. If you want to expand the storage, the performance of the processor is very satisfactory.

It has no problem playing the latest games in high graphic settings, maybe not the maximum graphics settings, but pretty high and stutter free all right. Interestingly, that takes some stunning photos as you can see from these samples. We also go to the ultra wide camera, which is the second camera and once again you can take beautiful ultra wide pictures. I can get close to anything by an inch and take close-up photographs of small things with a good amount of detail. When you record video, you actually get super steady video stabilization, which is actually fantastic, you'll be able to record video as if you were holding a gimbal in your hands, as you can see from the sample and also if I go back to my camera.

If I go to my settings and if I go into the rear video size, you can go up to 4k recording but you are kept at 30 frames per second. These are also all the resolution options with the rear camera with 1080p 1080p with 60 frames per second and okay for 4k. Overall, I would say that it is a pretty good camera for the price, all right, so it's time for some final words. I first and foremost want to say that the phone feels extremely light in your hand because it has a plastic construction and it has a nice bright screen that is also all right in the environment.

So let's look at the price one time you can get this phone, a71 without the 5g, for as low as 400, I'm dropping some links below, and if you want the 5g version, which I don't think is needed, that is 600. So, almost a thousand dollars to 800 cheaper than an actual flagship. You are getting a lot of awesome screen screen phones. Amazing multimedia experience, a very capable camera. Even though it is not a flagship camera, it is very capable to satisfy most of the consumers and all that. 400 for no 5g 600 for 5g. If you would try to buy a flagship smartphone today, they are over a thousand dollars higher models, so you are saving so much money and getting so much phone.

So I give this phone high approval for most people, and that is the final note now, if you have any questions, comments or concerns drop it down below and let me know and for now guys have a great day all right. So if you found this video helpful, make sure to subscribe to saki tech by clicking that button and also click the bell icon on the side to make sure you are notified every time. When I upload a new video, and if you use twitter, instagram or facebook, you can also follow me at sakitek online to receive the latest updates..

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