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Is the Samsung galaxy a71 5g worth buying in 2021? We're gonna find out in this video hey everybody. This is andre covering kevin on the Kevin breeze channel, and in this video we are gonna be taking a look at the Samsung galaxy 5g. You can find the Samsung Galaxy A71 5g factory, unlocked for all major carriers to get more information on pricing or more about the phone in general, be sure to check the link in the description below that will take you directly to the phone on the website of Samsung where they provide a lot of great trade. This phone was released in June of 2020, so is relatively new, but what value are we getting from it today? Well, we're about to find out that this phone has a 6.7-inch Super Amoled Plus with a resolution of 1080p and a ppi of 393.

This phone has really thin bezels, even thinner bezels than the Samsung galaxy a51 5g, which I personally considered thin. It definitely not only makes the screen bigger for functional purposes, but also has a really nice modern look to it. Right now we have a hole punch for the front camera. This phone now has 128 gigabytes of internal storage with microsd expansion. To put it into perspective, the iPhone is 64 gigabytes of storage and it's a lot more expensive than this phone. To give you an idea of what this storage looks like, I have every thing that I use a daily on a daily basis, downloaded onto the phone and it only consumes 22 percent of the storage.

Now this will be great if you're running larger apps or taking a lot of photos and videos or even just use the phone for basic activities, no matter what your situation is. These days have fingerprint scanners on the back most of the entry and mid-range phones that have fingerprint scanners usually have external scanners on the back instead of on the display even higher end phones like the Google Pixel have them on the back and then there are some phones like the iphones that have not even them at all, but this phone has one right on the display. It really adds to the modern, more digital look of this phone and I think it's really nice, let's go ahead and give the scanner a try one more time - this phone is really fast and responsive.

Most of the samsung phones do have really good fingerprint scanners, with the exception of a few of the older galaxies where they were still working things out. I definitely think that samsung does have really reliable fingerprint scanners, but this one personally is among the best is that it doesn't have a lot of opportunity for dirt and debris to get on the fingerprint scanner and get in the way of scanning. If you have an indentation for the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, like say the google pixel does, then there's a big possibility that something gets stuck in that little hole.

And then when you scan your finger on it, it might pick that up and not actually read it whereas this phone has it on the display and it's a lot easier to keep clean and as such, it can recognize your finger much easier. In addition to that, if you would like to use face unlock this phone also has the option for this. The ultra wide feature is also nice, although most new phones nowadays have ultra wide cameras, this one has a lot higher megapixel ultra wide camera than most smartphones I have seen. This is the regular photo mode of course, and if you want to go into ultra wide right here and there you go, the macro mode is right here and then you can get those close-up images. If you do a lot of photography then this is definitely going to be useful for you.

The portrait mode is found through live focus and one thing I really like about this portrait mode is: you can control the blur of the background? The portrait mode is really high quality, it looks professional, so I personally would not mind using this frequently if you do a lot of content creation, this device is really a good option. It's definitely going to give you crisp portrait pictures and overall I would say that it's really usable the video mode of the phone we are shooting in 4k. Right now also keep in mind the audio quality, so that was the video mode of the phone. This phone is capable to capture 4k videos in both the front and rear cameras which is really nice as I mentioned when I tested the normal photo mode of the front camera a lot of the time.

Not only is the image good for the photo mode, but it is also able to shoot video as high-quality in the front camera as it is in the rear. Definitely if you're using this phone for either content, consumption or content creation or both the features it has on the camera and the playback are going to really come in handy now, internally we have six gigabytes of ram with the Exynos 980 processor. Now, one thing to keep in mind: this is the unlocked variant of the phone, and if you get it through a carrier, it will have a different processor, and that means that there will be a slight difference in performance.

This specific phone in my hand is the unlocked variant in six gigabytes of ram with the Exynos 980 processor does apply to the unlocked variant and not the variance you would get through a carrier. Now that being said, I ran a benchmark test on this phone with geekbench 5, which came back with a single core score of 604 and a multi-core score of 18.75. These are really good numbers, especially when you are in that mid-range doing a lot of content consumption, some content creation with photo and video editing here and there. The only time I would say you would have to look at a more powerful phone then this, if you go into the realm of heavy content creation like lots of video, editing or lots of gaming.

You might also want to look into a higher end phone like the samsung galaxy, s20 fe or even an older flagship phone, like the Note 9, but this processor is definitely strong and for most situations it is really going to get the job done. This phone does have a 4500 milliamp hour battery which supports 25 watt fast charging which is really powerful and if you compare it to an older flagship phone. Those older flagship phones not only have smaller batteries, but they're not going to be as fresh as a more recent phone like this, and 4 500 milliamp hours again.

That's really close to those motorola phones that are known for their huge batteries, so you certainly get a lot of battery life and a lot of power from this and with the processor, especially when you're doing more intense activities. Another thing I know a lot of people looking at a phone like this also consider older flagship models. But if having the latest features and the latest version of Android is the most important thing to you, or at least among the most important, then you're going to probably want to look more at something like this than an older phone. There is this tiny hole for the noise cancelling microphone at the bottom.

Here we have a three and a half millimeter headphone jack, USB C charging port, a microphone and the speaker nothing on the left side, but it looks really clean and really smooth on the right. We have a camera setup right here and the back of a really nice glossy finish. It's definitely not the worst I have seen, but they do show up so be aware that all around the phone is made of a really nice high-end material that has some good weight to it and it definitely doesn't feel cheap. It definitely does not feel like a budget phone per se. Look into the future even as something like the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S8, or even older. Definitely this phone has great value in 2021, whether or not it's the best option, for you really depends on what your specific needs are.

You might really not benefit a whole lot from this phone and if you want the option to do more high-end stuff I would highly recommend either an older flagship phone or maybe something like the Samsung galaxy a51 5g that is not quite as high-end, but since you're not really going to be really using all of the features, it doesn't matter a whole lot This phone will definitely be able to do the job now if you are doing something really high-end like gaming it requires a lot of processing power but might not use the features of the phone itself per se. Those older flagships, especially the newer older ones like the Note 9 - for example - are quite capable of processing a lot more.

As long as the phone is not super old, like the s6 or something, if you do something that doesn't need the latest version of Android or the latest camera features and all that stuff but just needs raw processing power, then one of these old flagship phones might work better than this. But if receiving the latest version of android is still important and you are doing stuff like gaming, that requires a ton of processing power. At that point, you might even want to look into something like the samsung Galaxy, S20 Fe, which is still not quite in the range of those Super High End flagship phones. But, it's still going to be super high performance without having to spend a whole lot more than moderate to high levels of high-level activities.

If you're doing a lot of content consumption, a lot of photo and video editing and maybe some light gaming, then this phone is definitely one of the better options. Overall, but overall, I think that this phone will still be very worth purchasing and provides a great value in 2021, but I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you did make sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe, and I will see you guys in the next one..

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