Samsung Galaxy A52 7 Game Non-Stop Test - Galaxy User Guide

Hello, Gold, Ferian and in this video I want to test gaming again a sub HP, which has been released for quite a while, and maybe the price has dropped even a little, namely, the Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 laxia 52 Ii if I see him as a game sponsor, namely Mobile Legends and for The Specifications. The Galaxy A5 duain uses a Super AMOLED screen and a 4500mAh battery, which is quite a bit below the standard battery for a gaming cell phone, which is around 5000 or the battery, is generally around 5000m expensive now, and for the Galaxy A5 duain, As for the next day he uses Snapdragon 732 G.

Maybe this was a Mitrais chipset a few years ago, yes it looks, and what it has been like later? Let us check from the cellphone a little first and according to Haku, this Samsung Galaxy A5 has two on the back. The back has a battery and if you press it a little bit it goes. So the quality of the bed cover is not good, I. Think it is okay, but here we won't comment on the design or build quality, The important thing is that we try to see immediately how the gaming performance is and the battery reduction is. Let's go straight to the gaming table, Hi, let's test my voice, Hi guys. So we entered the first game which is real drums.

J.Lo looks safe, doesn't it? Because there are several cellphones ; if we enlarge this side of the cake, the cake will also be squeezed? Those inputs that can be accepted by this cellphone OK, five inputs, it's still safe, so we want to play real drums. Try it [Music], yes, yes, yes, enter for 10 inputs. Touch the example for the Real Drum game on this cell phone. How is the performance, we play immediately well or not to pray on this cellphone, hi Oh, of course, to the official, out loud because it also uses Super AMOLEDs. The screen is very clear here: [Applause] Hi, uh, mishya, aha Let's save a friend, friends again [Applause] Hi and we're almost finished and one of us has entered the next game, The next game is rather fun, yes it's Mobile Legends,.

We do everything and we use Ultra graphics, OK. We will also die if we are also chased by our minions,. We can pick up the Minion here so that he doesn't come along. I'm dead, Hey OK let's cut our Hey Hotdog Hotel and here we have won, and this is bad players. Yes, it looks like it is blade play, hey, okay, [ cheers ]. Ok, then we'll go to the game: Asphalt 9, Legends Okay here for the game: settings, not so much, composing and displaying here, Hi, camera, viu and OK, that's all I can play the book right away : hi hi, [Applause ] The slander is pretty smooth Rasya eh, because afterwards graphics are also good but also for playing games. The destruction now in this game Of course, there is no Lex yet because it is still just beginning.

Hi, Hoke, Hi Huda just finished: yaa the l, ounge Hi Lets. [Applause], hello, hello, hello, madness, guitar Hey, it is back: Oh yeah,! Asmat Legend's is like that. Basically there is no problem with smooth Efs and the cellphone is also not hot. Let's check the temperature now so that you can see, let's go to the class first, so there is no noise, Hey guys, let's track us down. The degree has only increased by 1 degree since we played Mobile Legends, check, OK Oh in the OK section but there are 39, maybe in the camera module, about 39 here, but for other surfaces that we usually hold. About 37 and 38 I paint Yes, please now we have entered the game, pubg mobile, here I am playing Classic Hi Ok, let us go to school, yes, we have landed..

There are people okay let's hide first and check first for the graphics settings. It's stuck HD Hi, but we just choose smooth Ultra Oh it's still silk Oh, okay, looks like we got pretty good. Finally, for Snapdragon g32g, he has already got the extreme ants but it's still everything is understood: here, okay, the code for the orange. Let's check the horoscope, but it is always on, Oh people for the area, it's safe, hi. But I can not use Hero. So just turn it off for Cairo, for taste. What is important for the quality of the picture is that we have a person running from where hey, I made it, it's finished, nothing!! Then it was our Memorandum looting again here, we have Wales. So let’s take it now, uh, there's a scope, we will go to cinema too.

Let's first check the temperature produced in play Pubg mobile; ah, ah, all Hi still Anget. In this area it's still Devil 937 to 39 degrees, near the camera module, 38 to 39 degrees Celsius, it's still safe for the next time, we'll try face 2021. Yes, here Fortunately graphics are OK. The FPS is still stable here, yet no frame drop, [Applause], hi, hi, yo, yo, keh, almost new. Hi 60fps Stay here, I can't play PES. So we just test the game test: ok, hi, hi, [Applause], hey, hey, Hey Oops Lost Here: Okay, [Applause] pai, Hi Let's run just 20.

It turns out ta offside, OK, Ok, Asiaman, hi, hi, hi, hi, hello hello, can 't ya, get the ball from hai hi Oh, yeah Ah Ah, come back watery dong, [Applause] I love you control! Okay, so I'm having a bit of a hard time with this if it is small, okay? The temperature is still safe here and the FPS is still as stable as before. Ouch [Music] [Applause] Hi Dan yes,. It's still quite comfortable to play PES on this mobile phone. Before changing, let's try to switch Kitco. Check the temperature produced after playing. Pes Sonya is around 37 36 39 and the hottest is 39. Vielleicht that's the picture for playing PES and we move on to the next game. We have been waiting for again, namely your genshin impact, which is obviously heavy for the size of an HPA.

Hey, to buy 32g, Ah, I am the one to play. Let us go straight for a rather tough enemy. First, attack Waruk, Waruk. It's not enough to play impact games : hi, ho, hello Okay. Maybe even that 30-40 vs vs, KYT Hello, I've decreased it in your solution, but Oh. It turns out to be a widow earlier, hi, hi, hi Oops, it's quite crowded, here, hah, hi, hi, hi, w afil, that's a picture for you, 60 FPS. If the situation is busy then we played 10 minutes of hi. For the temperature first, the enemy is around 42 on the bottom, 38 and immediately check for the screen. It's at 41 degrees, Oh, Yes, I think playing games on Monday, sir, is not enough for N73 2G country because the performance is not that good. It's not smooth when playing on the Hi Snapdragon 732.

In my opinion, for sleep Dragon 732 G, it is still safe to play light to medium Apple games, But if we tried it for gallons of gasoline impact players, it was very weak. Then for low quality I chose only 60fps. That's it. Ah no it's never clean. It can still be played, but the experience is not interesting because you want to play impact games, in my opinion, for the price of four and a half million to five million, you can take it at X3, gtw or just go to main F3. It will be very nice to play Cinemplek games with this cellphone for other things. Then you can judge for yourself and thank you for the year see you in the next video..

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