Samsung Galaxy A52 5G vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Camera Comparation | $500 Camera Battle! - Galaxy User Guide

Now I think this will be an interesting comparison, as the a525g was released this year. It's more considered a mid-range smartphone with its 750g processor and 500-dollar price tag but it's got some great performance and a really nice set of cameras. The s20 fe was released at the end of last year with the then flagship 865 processor and they both are now about the same price 500. So if you are trying to choose between these two and it comes down to camera performance, hopefully this video will help you out, like I always do.

I'm gonna show you a bunch of photos and videos in both good and low light conditions until we decide which of these two might be better for you, so go ahead and take a look at all the photos and videos and let me know which one you thought more well done and which would be your choice between these two 500 phones? So I'm a testing the video on the rear cameras of the Galaxy A52, 5g and s20 fe. This is the ultra wide angle lens on each at 4k 30 frames per second. I want to give you a feel for what these ultra-high angle cameras look like with color reproduction. The field of view on each one should be the same here and I can go ahead and move into the main lens on each one.

The a52 is not stabilized here in 4k but s20 fe here is so you can feel for what looks like here on these main cameras in this setting and we'll go ahead and test out the zoom range on each. So let's test autofocus here on the tree, so seems to focus fairly fast there and one last time away here, quick again and one last time, so pretty good, auto focus on each pretty nice natural bokeh. Subject: There is blurry separation and background. The 8525g is going to look a lot more unstable than the S20 fi, because it is not stabilized at 4k and would be nice if they could add that. This is the ultra wide angle lens on each just want to give a quick feel for what they look like at 1080p.

I'll go ahead and move into the main lens on each and we'll do a stabilization test here. It's now stabilized at full HD 1080p, just like the S20 fe, so things should be a lot more stable on the a52 than they were at 4k. Let me know what you think about the video on both of these phones : [Music] Hey everyone, here's some footage from the front camera between the Galaxy A52 5g and the S20 fe. They don't stabilize at 4k, which I'll show you a little later, but I'm out in a very controlled lighting situation. Here you can see much more even lighting in the shade so that it should be very easy to operate these cameras. This is going to be pretty much some optimal footage here, so it should be pretty good right now and I will really move into the afternoon.

So there you can see how the cameras change into the different lighting conditions here, so I'll go back and pan around this way and the sun is a little bit back. The tree leaves and everything are fairly exposed, though still this looks pretty good and we'll keep panning around and everything should be improving here as we go this way, with the sun shining more in front of me, everything behind me looking good, including this little bit blue sky. Because of that, but you can tell me what you think of the stabilization of the overall footage here in full HD on both these phones, everyone, so I'm back with the same test with the front camera, and this is at 4k 30 frames per second, I can already see.

It is not as cropped for this stabilization so you can place a lot more in the frame when shooting in 4k. It's just not gonna be stabilized footage so this is probably good for more stationary type of footage or just standing around, but as soon as you start walking you're gonna see more shake which I'll show you a little bit later, but again very controlled lighting very even shading. So now the image should look pretty good but as I step out into the sunlight you'll see how that changes again. You can see a lot more behind me and you can see the sky and what looks like that a little bit blown out, but pretty good definition in those leaves behind me and as a pan. This is 4k footage from the front camera and it can look pretty good.

So here is a low light video test between the Galaxy a52, 5g and s20 fe. Starting with an ultra wide angle lens here in 4k, 30 frames per second and again the 825g does not have stabilization at 4k, which is why you're going to see a wider field of view, because there is no crop for stabilization here right now like on the s20 fe and I'll just pan a little bit to get you a feel for what these ultra So that's what the zoom looks like on each we'll go back a time to the main lens and we'll pan around this way and we'll start walking and we will test our stability here like every test I do. I'm gonna walk from that relatively well lit area and we're going to walk around the corner.

How well each of these phones handle this light transition, and already I'm starting to get around the corner. Oh stop here - I gonna pan into the night sky and there are some clouds there. These cameras in low light here are trying to focus as you can sort of see that the auto-focus is kind of going in and out, but we'll veer towards the left here where there is a little bit more light, so kind of see what it looks like here in 4k on both these phones. So now we are recording in full HD 1080p 30 frames per second. I primarily want to show you from the walking part to give you a feeling for the stabilization Here's some low light video from the front - lenses on the a52 5g and s20 fe.

This is at 4k 30 frames per second and neither of these phones have stabilizer when shooting from the front camera in 4k. There is no sensor crop for stabilization, so you can fit more into a frame. This is going to be good for more stationary type, video, and not so much for walking around and movement. You can see the lights and how the cameras are handling that, but I'm gonna start walking. So I can see that there is no stabilization, so probably this is going to look pretty fragile, but we'll also test the lighting conditions as well.

So we're going to go from this wallet area, it's a little bit darker, so at least you can see how the cameras handle that different lighting conditions here and I'm gonna also walk by a fountain and so that should give the mics a test and how they handle that background noise versus my voice. As you can see here it's a little bit darker, but let's pan around so that you can see how these cameras handle the really bright street lights behind me, kind of flirting them out a little bit more than some other phones. Let's go back and turn this way and wrap this portion of the video in this darker light. So here’s a quick test here in 4k on both these phones in a bit of low light heaven.

So we're back this time at 1080p full HD recording, so you can already notice that there's a much tighter frame here. There's gonna be more crop on this one, so that you can fit less in the picture but that's because that is how we get this stability. It brightens up the image a little bit more than 4k, so this should be a little bit brighter as well, much more stabilized, and we'll just quickly pan again, so that you can sort of see how they handle the bright lights, still floating them out, but I just wanted to show you a quick test in 1080p, mainly to show you the stabilization and what the cropping looks like in this resolution.

So I hope that you really enjoyed all these photos and videos, but let me know which one you thought doing better : do you think the a525g is keeping up with the s20 fe or is the value of last year's flagship, quote-unquote, uh, just handling it overall a lot better..

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