Samsung Galaxy A51 review! - Galaxy User Guide

If you are currently watching this in this video, we are taking a closer look at what Samsung offers in the highly anticipated but low, 51-inch model and find out if it's right for you. Let's get started with price. When shopping for this phone, the Amazon affiliate link in the description will be for the a51, which has 4 GB of RAM and is the model used for this review. Another interesting discovery I came across is that even though this is a GSM phone which means that it should not be compatible for those using Verizon and Sprint, I've been using my Verizon sim with this device without any problems at all, but back to the device itself, we have a very lightweight plastic, backed device with colors that bounce around around.

We have our power and volume buttons, while the left side is buttonless but houses The SIM card tray near the top of the phone that holds two SIM cards and a micro SD card slot for extra storage are very nice and a Type - C port headphone jack and the 51 s main speaker are found on the bottom. The 6.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display now provides an excellent viewing experience with its vivid colors and deep blacks in addition to having plenty of brightness to be seen outside and in direct sunlight. But honestly it is significantly smaller than the one found on the Galaxy Note trinitrile II, which interfere with anything you are doing. It has proven to be more helpful than harmful, with incredibly fast facial recognition to get you in your device very quickly.

You can also add the in-display fingerprint reader right to the always on display, which gets you into your phone and then just as fast in terms of quickness and overall performance I have never had a moment of great inconvenience or discontent with the phone in day to day use for the past week when opening and running any of my usual applications, despite this phone not having the latest and greatest flagship processor. But when side-by-side with my no 10 plus, things will take an extra millisecond to boot up and sometimes In daily use, which consists of quickly getting into the phone watching YouTube playing some games, checking email, and browsing the web texting and calling and listening to music.

Sadly, the a51 does not have a dual speaker setup, which you may have been hoping for, but honestly the one-inch speaker was perfectly good for watching YouTube on its own, and it gets plenty loud which is great. But it didn't take long for me to see that small pieces of debris in the smaller speaker got caught up in. Heavy use is no longer a challenge for the a51, with its 4 thousand milliamp electric battery that will always get you through your day. There is plenty of room for heavy use and still has lots of juice left for basic tasks and fast charging is here on the a51 which will bring you back up in the 70% or so range after an hour of charging and up to full and about an hour and a half another impressive area of this phone.

I found that I could easily get really close to subjects without any problems at all and the cameras will automatically adjust quite fast as needed. We also have some video stabilization features here, in addition to filming 4k on the rear and front camera now that front camera has a 32 megapixel lens, which took good selfies in my testing and it also features a wider angle option to fit someone else with you in the frame. We also have features on other Samsung and flagships on the market like the Auto Recognition of what you are taking a photo of in addition to recommendations of ways to make your photos come out better. We have the night mode shooting here on the a51, which I've covered extensively in past videos and works great.

You can take photos in almost complete darkness and they will come out looking like the photo was never taken at night or in the dark. Improvements like the fingerprint sensor added to the always-on display, smoother animations, when navigating through your device, personally my favourite, being able to quickly switch over to previously use apps, as shown here and improvements to many apps that you use every day for a more seamless user experience. You get a clear case, which you've seen on this phone during this video and earbuds are also included, which can't be said for many flagship offerings out there.

There is no doubt about it, but I always see so many people using earbuds that come with their phone, no matter how expensive or cheap it was, so I know that it is appreciated by consumers regardless of quality. But if you are looking for something of higher quality, the savings you get when you buy this phone over a flagship give you an opportunity to invest in something like the Galaxy buds which of course go great with a device like this and Samsung wearables app overall. All said, I can definitely recommend the galaxy a 51 to anyone out there as it does all the things you need a phone to do and the solid build, excellent display, great software, good cameras and a large battery to charge it.

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