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You don't know why I do the suspense we're talking about him in this test. At samsung galaxy at 50 is what it's released not very long ago. It's the active watch Galaxy, it unpacks and a connected world of Samsung is really interesting. So the first prerequisite for making this video is that [Music] 3 4 9 349, is the feature of the smartphone, it's the price of the smartphone at which you can find it right away. So I think that it will drop in a while, but it's very important to be able to reposition it compared to the market compared to its real price against the competition. We will always be situated in relation to its price because it is an essential element.

A technological damage that happened last year is the fingerprint sensor under the screen responds to a little while, and it finally happened, so that's pretty much the principle there is the optical screen sensor, the one that makes light, which should illuminate your fingertip and which allows you to bind rust. Thanks to your fingerprint, you will evidently doubt it and you have the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as we find in particular his galaxy 10 s10, plus you put your finger and he had not read the lierse and an ultrasound system that it has the optical fingerprint sensor here under the screen and it is good there is a technological gain, but there is no gain for the user.

We are keen to take some that are of course related to our expectations, but also to our way of life. It can be fast to see what I have right away and sometimes I think that it's a bit long - I put my finger. It's, not all the time he's a bit bit defiant when he wants. The problem is that he is a bit slow when he wants but just too long to do it again, 1 2 3. Here we start again one, two, three years, almost three seconds for the opening on a fingerprint sensor. The technology is there, it's interesting, it's fairly recent scrambles. It makes a little light, but in terms of maximizing user gains, we are not. At that time, I preferred that we stay on a sensor at the back, even if we actually lose in terms of design.

We don't have a sensor on the back, on the other hand we lose there. We gain a graphic side on the other hand we lose on the practical side and most importantly, I believe in our smartphones and which is practical. That's not successful. I know I’m a bit harsh I am, starting with the annoying point but it’s true that all that is frustrating is because your smartphone is always in your pocket somewhere and hey. For me, I doubled my thumbprint to be sure that he accepts from different angles and after a while there it makes me complain a little 349 euros must not forget it. I would have preferred that samsung stay on a technology was a little earlier or so entirely school.

That puts us a sensor on the edge, as we provide the galaxy s 10e, because it's fast and it is practical, you don't necessarily have a technological guy because we are not sure about the latest technologies, but on the other hand it is in terms of use in which you have the game design. That's really really interesting and it's very practical that it's somewhat the negative point for me of this smartphone. I wanted my because it's a smartphone that is interesting and, let's not forget again, 349 Euro. Now the positive point of this smartphone is its screen. It is really a very good job done on the part of samsung launched an infiniti ue screen because you have this little have there high notch.

We have a 6.4 inch, full HD screen, +, very nice colors, very nice contrasts, samsung on mastery and amoled screen, and that's really cool. You can go to the settings thanks to Owen Wright Selway, which is really really good, and you can already do a lot of stuff. In adaptive cinema, the hand can adjust between hot and cold, but I find that we have contrasts that are not very good. You are not necessarily aware of all this because the video is colorized, so we don't put a doled cinema of course. If you switch to an amoled photo, it is much more saturated. The cinema wheel for me is the mall on which you joe, but I would find it less interesting. Another point that is really interesting is filtering the blue light. That's a point of fact today the screens take on the blue a little.

You activate it and put a very small opacity, because if you put it all the way it is a kind of orange and not very nice, if you deactivate it it pulls everything its blue heel. It definitely has a little more heated up on the yellow, but it's not bad. You can also adjust adaptive brightness and t a lot of parameters. Let's watch it really works very, very well good play to games that will pass from nine rooms to frankly. We have the small notch here but in absolute terms it presents absolutely no problem for viewing multimedia content. In the post, you no longer needed the big chin, but in absolute terms good. We truly are very, very beautiful to know that this word has no meaning of novelty. On the other hand, on August 2 was a little garish.

Here we have a single speaker which has its mids which is quite powerful but good point which is rather interesting below left us on this smartphone here, a small jack. So that is pretty good when you want to keep like me, a good old wired, headphones plug in and listen to yourself directly hop that I want to drop everything. It's essentially the same thing with the headphones that we inspected there a little too medium. More importantly, we have to go back to our good old girl explanations 349. We have Sigi frame m behind that, so works for games like asphalt, 9. There is anyway no problem with running lots of plastoc games.

If you like to play, but if they wanted no troops at best too too too too too powerful, you will be frankly satisfied or satisfy that it really interesting, it's not necessarily a smartphone that supports too much multitasking too many applications open in the background a while ago. Let's not forget a fault more than we will try to try the smartphone at 349 euros. The idea is that this smartphone will not let you go for two days, so I know it will always depend on your uses at that time what you are going to do with it. When you are often on your smartphone a while ago the autonomy, it will drop very quickly if you use it on the other hand, but you can no longer cause me to play on it.

It is not yet enough for my taste, you have to resituate it last point and not the least the triple module here. With that you will be able to take photos between Standard d. You will then be able to do portrait mode and then see photos at the good time that the result was quite interesting I'm taking you with me to the Ile de Ré I, and look it's very nice. That's the fault with the normals there, you arrived big time, so there is a color difference, but what you do is to preserve, perhaps a little too saturated. It is absolutely no problem to have memories to share them on social networks to show these channels that we are not over-saturated with photos.

We are on a quality that frankly correct, but I find that, from this point of view, it just does well that you photograph food as well as landscapes The limitation of this smartphone is in fact a little bit of low light. Low light is too much movement there, I am at the Aquarium of La Rochelle, he's struggling a little bit on the movement. The detail we lose and even the seahorses we spot the concots days in addition to that, I find that the grip is really good. So the next week we are using a smartphone which is not too wide, which is a large enough bed on 16.4 inches. There is now something important that I wanted to say all the time is the 349 euro price. A few months, when you will no longer have 349 Euros, you will not have one bit more expensive than it is interesting.

Is that if you have a budget around 300 euros a little bit more, you can go on this five-year-old galaxy because this galaxy 50 it is interesting for which person is it interesting for you. It is for you, if you want a very nice screen to view multimedia content. This smartphone is made for you if you want a nice screen. If you want good battery life, if you want photos that are successful in broad daylight it will work perfectly - and that's about 300 euros. Frankly, it is a very good choice. Say what you think of it in commenting right here, is 5 years old. So there is a very big gabon in a few days, the cac40, from Samsung and in mexico do it alone, because we exchanged a lot that it's really interesting.

I really like the proposal and the way it [ _ ] me up to renew its entry-level mid-range range. It is a very good price that continues to drop if it works, for you, I put a link at the bottom..

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