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Welcome back to everyone, let's go ahead and discuss all other than the Samsung Galaxy A50 and see how this phone holds in 2021.. Now if you want to pick up this phone and some other phones that I recommend this year, links will be down in the description and you can get it from there and help support the channel. I love that phone a lot and if you are not familiar with samsung galaxy a lot of devices are pretty much just know their budget models. Now they do a couple of things here and there for sure, but I think for a package and for a phone that you can literally go to walmart or Best Buy to buy for a relatively cheap price. For example, for the 850 the Galaxy S10 came out that same year.

It was a much better device, you know, and was way more expensive, but now it's depreciated quite a bit. We know that the links will be down below, like I stated, but the front of the Galaxy 850 has a 6.4 inch display and it's a 1080p panel and I think for sure that you know it's a great panel for the price that you're paying at that time and it's a really decent looking panel, there's not too much bezel on it for a budget phone. You have the Infinity Display or whatever they call it and the Front - Camera. I don't know a little bit more plasticky on the front. Of course you know that it's a glass screen, but I don't know it just seems like it's not as premium looking at that time as something like a Galaxy S10 but still a pretty good panel for the price tag.

You know it's a plastic back, but it definitely doesn't feel as plasticky, in my opinion, as something like a Samsung Galaxy S21 with a frosted plastic back. But I think this one doesn't really feel that bad for the price tag, and you probably are putting a case into it too. So it's really not a crazy big deal but I definitely do not think it really looks that bad. You have a micro-SD card slot on this thing and you do have this kind of triple camera setup and I say kind of and I'll get into that in a second but I think for the body of this phone and the feel in the hand it is really not that bad of a feeling or performing phone when it comes down to just looks and visual aspect. It was like the flagship of the year and this is kind of the same realm as long as you are.

I think a budge is fine, so for sure the body of this phone, the feeling of this phone and everything in my books gets thumbs up from him today, so hitting up to the cameras They make really good cameras, but they always put the water down versions on these devices and I feel like in the next couple of years. They gonna probably start shifting it a little bit around, but with this device I am glad it has an ultrawide sensor and I am glad it has a depth sensor.

The depth sensor is not extremely useful to be completely honest for a lot of people but you can only do 1080p videos at 30 frames per second, no 1080p at 60, no 4k videos - and maybe that's a deal breaker for a lot of people with the visual way this phone looks and the way it looks on the back and multiple camera setups. But I will tell you not knowing that you have a good camera on the back or front, for that matter. It looks okay, but the video aspect is one of those things I can't get over and maybe it is a deal breaker for a lot of people.

If you don't really use your cameras that much I think it's okay, but it may be a dealbreaker for some people if you are just doing like Google, hangouts and stuff like that, but I think you know if you want a better camera, I would highly recommend going to something like the galaxy s10 or one of those type of phones, you're probably going to get a much better experience from those devices than you know about this device for sure. It got upgraded to Android 10.0, and I'm unsure if it got one Ui 3, and I think that's one of the bigger problems with this type of device. I think it probably will be as far as I can tell from some articles I have read- and I think that's as I mentioned earlier- one of the bigger problems with this type of device.

They got one ui 2.5, which I'm happy with or apparently the a50 did actually get on ui3 but my specific model just didn't get it and I think that's great. You know I think that is awesome, but a ui 3 is already going to be pretty soon obsolete, and unfortunately this device isn't going to last much longer than that and, as I've already mentioned, that's kind of sad I think for devices that support things. Like you know more, software support is great, but I'm also unsure of rooting and custom rom capability behind this device.

It's kind of another area where this phone could have been improved, but samsung is never going to unlock the boot loaders once again, so we are pretty much screwed up and we're pretty much locked in in terms of that aspect, but I think at the end of the day, as I always mentioned, I always say. I mean, this phone can last you for the entire day and then some- and that is a pretty big asset for it as I have mentioned earlier. One little thing that I have to mention is that there is no reverse wireless charging, which is okay, but there is no wireless charging too, and that is a pretty big deal when you have a smartphone like that, you want it to last as long as possible.

You want it to be as future proof as possible, and unfortunately this device does not have any reverse or wireless charging kind of annoying. So, in terms of that, it just makes it pretty much there, which is now off with the performance. This device has the Exynos 9610 chipset with four gigabytes of ram on the base models and then six guys of RAM on the top models and, as I mentioned before, this device is pretty good with that type of ram you know.

I think on this kind of device you know budget it's a pretty good amount of ram and I think one of the bigger differences, as I mentioned before, is that the experience on this type of device really wasn't that smooth even for the price tag I think a device like the Pixel 2 or the original pixel will give you a much better, smoother experience in my opinion than this device and those devices came out years before this one so kind of like an interesting little problem. If you plan on doing some super intensive type of tasks on your Galaxy 50, especially in 2021 now, the main problem isn't even the ram management portion, which is typically the main problem for a lot older phones.

This one is just the speed of which apps are open and even for your know game play and all that kind of stuff. If you plan on doing a bunch of Super intensive games or something like that or Super intensive video editing, you are going to experience some problems and I think that's going to be the bigger problem than even Ram management.

If you get the baseball of this device, you expect some sort of glitchiness and some sort of rams crashing in the background and stuff, that's going to be the bigger problem for a lot of people in terms of management portion, but I think in terms of just a day to day task you' In terms of that, that pretty much covers it up now pretty much summing up this entire video and to answer the question: is the Samsung Galaxy A50 worth it in 2021? I think the samsung Galaxy 850 is still a fairly decent phone. I think that it actually still has some attributes that are strong, but I don't necessarily think that it is the best phone for the price tag and I mean by that I mean the Galaxy 50 kind of makes things messes in some areas.

You obviously know that Triple camera setup on their back which looks nice, but it isn't actually a good camera setup. You know, and that's one of the bigger problems I said you're getting an ultrawide sensor, which is great, but you kind of know you're getting a lackluster experience because you can't do 4k on the front or back but also the overall photos. So if you are someone who plans to do a lot of photos on their phones you are probably going to have some problems with them. On top of that, the software is pretty much already out of date because Android 12 came out in terms of the developer beta, so that you will have some issues there, but not everything is bad.

You have a microSD card slot on this phone with a very big battery and as I mentioned, you have a visually good looking phone, but as I mentioned before, a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 will give you a much better experience than this. So the choice is yours, as I mentioned above, but I would probably suggest picking up those phones over this one in my opinion, so that pretty much covers it up I mentioned. If you want to pick up these phones, the links will be down in the description to which you can get them from and help support the channel at the same time hit the like button. Also, if you guys can hit that again check out the other links down in the description as well..

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