Samsung Galaxy A32 vs A51 | Which to choose? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello, I think there are a lot of people who are quite confused, including viewers of this channel, who want to buy a Galaxy A5 or a 32. The prices are quite similar between the two, I personally am also curious about the comparison between these two cellphones. First, when we were asked in the mission, sector, I think the 3251 is cute. Ah 3251 there are two varieties, some are like glass or plastic, a I think the restika 51 versus the a32 remains pretty. Maybe because Samsung has brought a minimalist design. This makes the typing a great deal of it very refreshing. It also makes it look unique, but beautiful, but this a51 is a design. The back side is curving. If the a32 is flat, it's tasteful, but overall I think it is still pretty. The A51 feels thinner in terms of dimensions.

It is 0.1 inches big perhaps because the screen bezel of M1 is really thin, so the size can be similar. It's a big 51, especially because the chin is the thinnest in its class, I. If the a51 uses infinity-o or something in the middle, while the a32 uses the iu ii or waterdrop, it looks more modern, it's 51,. But if you start with armbands and then switch to waterdrops, maybe it will at first feel old school, but I think I'll get used to it again in a few days. They both use Super AMOLED to the end with full HD resolution. Like the pink Angel Halo, panel quality is similar between the two. A32 already supports 60Hz refresh, so the screen feels smoother, smoother among cell phones in general, which is still 60. Hertz, including the A51 for software at this time.

The latest Taiwan wife, based on Android level 2, 2. This cellphone has also NFC and has a total of three vector slots. If the A51 uses Exynos 611 and A32 Helio., the g80 tv configuration is a bit different, The helio g80 uses a newer architecture, it is automatically better but only two Korean power. When there are four exynos and the clock is, the speed is higher. What is important is my trail performance when I test open and close applications, particularly the basic speech, application, YouTube, social media and internet browsing is a lot of love, It feels faster, it's 32, but the difference is not much, and some are similar Hi.

It was indeed the performance is better than the Galaxy A5, one that uses Exynos 9610, especially if you play pubg like What, we know that the a51 can play in extreme smooth settings, although not too much when there is a 50 vs. disk, not yet at 60fps, but the tuderm-n is really compared to the a32 which can go up to Ultra or around 40 vs for other games, The difference isn't that big, therefore this A32 is really good for its class also for playing games. They both use a camera set on the back.

If the macro camera and Dave's sensors are similar for more complete features, he's 51, there's a single take feature and then there is super slow motion, if he's 32, there's only regular season and the Pro mode settings are even more complete he's 51, while the A32 is quite limited. When looking at it, it's already trans and it warns that the one that looks better is 51 for detail and sharpness. Surely the Ultrawear 51 configuration also looks superior, but the difference is just a little more Malaysian. Also, the HP for sharpness does not really make a difference. That contrast is quite visible on the cellphone screen. The A51 has a higher contrast to the A321. The white balance is a bit different.

When I took photos of the plants at the afternoon day or the golden hour, It appears that the color of the a51 tends to be a bit full or blue. If friends' pictures are trans, there are sometimes similar,. So it makes the background it a little bit over, but just a little high-height exhaust for low light pictures. if the 32 is a little softer and is the pleasure more filling the moon, hi hi for macho cameras, there seems to be an improvement in the a32 lens. I feel that the point can be a little closer to the subject and the white response is also more precise. The A51 has a resolution of 32 megapixels while the A32 is 20 megapixels. In terms of sharpness and detail I don't really feel much different and what is trending is similar.

Or the yellow for video recording is superior to 51, because it can record up to 4K 30fps resolution if the a32 only stick at full HD 30fps, but both of them have no option 60fps. The main camera can also capture up to full HD 30fps Hey, When this cellphone uses a reaction, yes there is still an object and the speaker is both at the bottom one. You can see on this screen Okay, so I think that these two cellphones are both worth the price, yes, If you are concerned about the minimalist but really cute style you want a smooth screen with good quality and a pretty good performance The main camera quality is pretty good and a bigger battery.

The important thing is that the design already was pansol., Better gaming, performance overall, better camera performance, you can take the a51 poke, thus that was the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A5 and the a32. Until we meet again for another video, Pl ease, hi hi, e-books..

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