Samsung Galaxy A32 How hard to reset Removing PIN, Password, Fingerprint pattern No PC - Galaxy User Guide

I will show you how to make hard reset even if your phone has a lock screen pattern password or finger reprint without any further ado. Let's find out this method, it will work to the Samsung Galaxy a32, and I'm not sure it's going to work to the other Samsung phones. If you have already synced one, it requires the same gmail account together with the same password other than that you will be locked to the google activation screen. First of all I want to make sure that you have a wall break and usb c cable as you can see. So we need this in order to do the hard reset and I will explain to you why we need this later in this video. I've seen people actually require the likes of a PC or laptop.

If you have a password or patron like that, as you guys can see, I have pattern right here. Honestly, if I try to turn off the phone, it won't go through. Before we can connect the usb cable, which is simply put my charger on the wall and then connect the usbc to my phone. You have to use the Power key and volume down here right here, so we have to press and hold until the phone restarts but even if the phone is restarted and vibrates in your hands, I want you to keep hold and Power and Volume down. So we have to wait until the samsung Galaxy logo appears and then the phone will close off. Let's go ahead and do it so that the charge is already on the phone so I will go ahead and press the volume down and power key, and I am still holding both keys.

When you see the Samsung Galaxy Logo now you can no longer remove the cable. Once you see the SAMSUNG logo, you have to release the power and hold on the volume up. So we got to this boot menu screen. We need to navigate through the volume up keys so we have to wipe the factory reset data and then I must select with the power key and then it gives me a warning message. If you are sure that you want to do factory reset, you highlight the factory reset and you press the power key to select and you wait a few seconds and then it will take you back to reboot your system. Now use the power key to select and wait about three to four minutes and your phone goes back as on the same day.

You bought the factory reset of the phone and, as I said, if there is a google account, you might need to use the same gmail account and a password to bypass the activation screen, and I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you did thumbs up and subscribe to varietystick for more videos in the future, and I will talk to you in the next video [Music] of the Peace [Music]..

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