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So the team is also good at shooting at the ceiling, The texture is visible and my face is still bright. Hi hydro, I'm going to a treeview party for the Samsung Galaxy A3 cellphone camera. So in this video, we will discuss all the details of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 1 camera, from the feature specification until later. We will flash for photos and videos during the day and night, - So for those of you who want to know the detailed specifications of this info, you can check the description of the mobile box. The price is 4000197 thousand for the 6 giga variant of 128 GB Weiwei Memory. I borrowed the device from Prima Abadi So, Thank You, How are you finally able to make a video test of the Samsung Galaxy A3 cellphone camera.

One adds friends who go to the Jogja Hospital room who want to see a Samsung phone or buy another brand of cellphone? You can stop by Prima Abadi forever on Jalan Gejayan Number 12 Jogjakarta has pressed for development, precisely I will put the link to the address in the description. The person in this room can also serve credit. Okay, now let's go straight to the Samsung Galaxy A3 cellphone, camera discussion. First, we'll begin by discussing the specifications of this cellphone camera. The rear camera has four main ones, 48 megapixel resolution with 250 and the second 800 r with f-22. The third 13 cm camera has 5 detail resolution with 2.4. I've recently learned that the focus is on the Bokeh effect.

The size is from the biggest full FB to SD, oh yes you can also use the standard camera mode and the ultra white camera in the video. The belly mode, where we can adjust the iso white balance and exposure value. There is then a macro, then food, in pure custom, effective and aerosol water, emoji debuts. There are several modes from my level as well, so the Bokeh effect can also be used for the front camera. Also the irritation is wider which can last longer for Lenovo for selfies.

Then selfie photos, in the videos of the front camera whose quality reaches I ST, then front camera on modem or what can be used is only an earson or an arimoji, simply use the features on the Samsung A310 cellphone camera, simple effort, features - the feature, Just testing the Samsung Galaxy Ace 1 mobile camera for video playing during the day and night [Music] hi. We test the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A3 - one for opposite video Let's see the details Okay for the cassava color, sharpness okay, don't make me too good. It goes on like this, so nothing happens to Andros, a resident of Dayango, the pressure of Okay. Even though a stabilizer must have been available at the price of a mobile phone, Pospak.

The video can't immediately be ignited, OK,, let's test the Ultra White OK,, let's record with the Ultra White Samsung A3 camera, one SMS like this Hey, how it is okay if the color is still okay and finally it is still OK, it is, just that the quality is not as good as the main camera, Yes, for details, l and sharpness, but by color it is still good, okay, and because it is wider. The front camera is Usmawati, just call me, I’m clear. When my hand is steady like this Hey, it's pretty wide in America, This trend has occurred many times. [Music] Hey, If Neni is cool it doesn't seem like it is good, It looks as though the texture of the ceiling is visible and my face is still bright.

So let's test the back camera of the Samsung Galaxy A3 one to make video friends at night in full HD resolution today. The results are like this, yes. If my friends see this, it is in a relatively bright place. A3 One is already a full ST solution at night. If it is in a slightly darker place, results are like this. My A3 is a Nur for the price of 4 million Samsung mobile phone is good, but still a good standard camera only Samsung dphones that don't yet have anything special,. There are some features which should be included in the price of Pakistani Samsung phones but don't exist in this cellphone, for example, the Nightmare feature for photos and features, like in the Cave video. During the night or in low-light conditions, our candidates take photos,.

So there is no light, then the stable video feature helps when, for example, we record video while moving or walking it makes the video more stable and hopefully in the future. Samsung will have a software update that can make the camera more it is good again, but from performance of this cellphone is it really good. The cost of playing this game is really good.

I use the Play Mobile legend on the highest graph, there is no problem, the battery is really durable, The screen is also good for playing games and sharing an advantage of this cellphone, Maybe it already exists NFC on this cellphone OK, maybe that's all the info I can share about the Samsung Galaxy A3 mobile camera I hope that the video is useful for friends, especially those of you who want to purchase this cellphone but are still unsure, If you like the video for example, please click Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe. Have not yet subscribed, please don't forget the litification activater. ) You know if, for example, I upload a movie thank you for watching. See you in my next video bye..

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