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The Samsung Galaxy A21s is an entry-level smartphone with all the basics you could want and a decent camera for the price. There's an HD plus lcd screen a gigantic five thousand milliamp hour battery four cameras, fingerprint scanner, and even nfc and fm radio all starting at 170 euros. The bezels around the screen are decently thin and there is a small punch hole camera in the upper corner, all in all a sleek looking phone there's a headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. The sim tray is on the left side and it has room for two nano sim cards and a micro sd card on the backside. There is a quad camera setup and the fingerprint scanner. It's a tft LCD screen with 720p resolution and 20x9 aspect ratio at 270 pixels per inch.

It is not the sharpest screen around, but that's expected in this price range. We tested 491 nits of max brightness - which is about average, but we've seen a much dimmer battery here - generously sized 5 000 milliamp hour battery - which resulted in exceptional battery life. Charging is a little slow but the endurance numbers make up for it surely. The loudspeaker scored average in our test and in our experience sounds quiet and barely loud [Music]. The a21s aren't ideal for playing games because it's an octa-core chip, but it is possible. The daily performance is okay, but it does start to lag and stutter a little as you load more apps and content.

Even for a budget phone, the phone comes loaded with samsung's ui 2.1 and we must say that samsung was able consistently to match the look and feel of its ui across devices. The interface is easy, customizable and well organized. However, being a budget phone, there is no edge panel or always displayed, but the phone supports Android 10 gestures and universal dark mode is the standard setting a fingerprint with a few swipes and it works consistently and reliably. The camera app is quite standard for samsung and we noticed the only thing that is missing is a proper night mode. Daylight shots from the main camera look good.

Low noise with good sharpness and accurate colors dynamic range is fairly good as well thanks to auto hdr in ultra wide shots, there is still enough detail with great colors dynamic range isn't as good as on the main camera, but it's still around average. Really, we've seen much worse from even more expensive phones so we're happy with this ultra-wide camera. So far the 2 megapixel macro camera has a fixed focus at around 4 centimeters. As long as you manage to get distance just right, shots are detailed enough with accurate colors contrast could be a little better, though the 2 megapixel depth camera helps with portraits and they are. Subject: Separation works very well for its class and the artificial blur looks nice as well.

When shooting with the main camera, low-lit photos look great with enough detail and nice saturation, though noise reduction becomes more aggressive and details get smeared all in all. Remember, there's no proper night mode for the Galaxy A21s. As for the ultra wide camera in low light, the details are mostly gone and it gets worse with less light ; so the low light photos with the ultra wide aren't really usable the punch, hole. The separation is not stellar, but to be honest, it could have been worse. The ultra wide camera video is sharp with colors real life, but the dynamic range isn't as good on this camera.

The Samsung Galaxy A21s is a well-equipped entry-level smartphone, but the fact is that there are so many other smartphones in this sub 200 euro range. Interestingly enough, the samsung galaxy a20 from last year has a amoled screen and a faster processor for the same price, even though it does not have the macro or depth cameras from the new a21s. We would be willing to make so the Galaxy A21s isn't a bad phone. Still, the galaxy a21s gives you great battery life, nice looking hardware and a decent all-round camera, but its sluggish performance leaves us leaning towards alternative in this price range. I'm ricky with gsm Marina and thanks for taking care [music]..

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