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Have a wonderful day, friends, Chinese nonsense, South Korean smartphone art we're talking about today on Samsung, namely the a21, it is headed towards the lower middle class. That means that SAMSUNG is competing here with the typical china, brands june dgp bot, black beauty, tel but also Edmund Cerny and I'm curious. So I will later make a small comparison to typical China brands, or I can tell you how it is.

So see the whole thing less times see how the Samsung 21 stacks up against a very typical chinese low budget k - rach can and will beat but first of all the device that was made available by viewer Thomas, who had already had that It right away said that the a42 is exactly that is a bit more expensive, but then it is also a bit that when he has it available to me, provided both devices go back to Thomas, I can link the video again. If we talk about the technical data - and always talk about that first before the device he looks at together - it will be a bit difficult because memory expansion stages - two gb of RAM - are actually the smallest memory expansion level available.

The maximum expansion of memory is then, but six gigabytes of memory can be extended with a micro SD card. In addition to two sim cards, diana can be used so that this is not a computer, so memory expansion by roy-you are absolutely everything working properly with the display. It is an ips panel at 65 inches in size, in a ratio of 20 to 9 with a resolution of 1600 x. If I had brought me back then you would not have looked so good that not as widespread as the mediatex ossis. So why did you categorize with a maximum of 2 ghz coming across that already hears, but I like the results that way we can later on the host since the method is finished, pretty good and includes a victim's core cpu and therefore clocks.

One with a 48 megapixel primary camera with 2 1 holiday countries sounds pretty reasonable, is flanked by an 8, megapixel and wright with 22 blinds. That gives us a maximum of 123 degrees and then with two megapixel micro camera with 2 4 aperture and another 2 megapixel depth camera, also in 24, countries. But others do it too, like angle camera, but this very low-resolution camera they usually don't bring out that low image quality and I then think about two sensors. That also gives me a bit of a bang, I tell myself. We have us bce with directly with me that left and reasonable things connectivity, we can fall back on 34, b g n and acs their bluetooth, nice for nfc, is also a market Also Amazon is nfc so I assume we have a pc version.

5,1000 watts would be charged up to a maximum of 15 watts. There are the colors of black, white, red and blue. I want you exactly what from the golden in the middle, three gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of hard drive space. Of course, In't influence the fact that the device I have now on loan, and this exact version can also be purchased from Amazon and only one with a mitra gigabyte of memory and with 32 GB of memory, and a personal cash of 175 euros and 45 cents to Yahoo. If we Amazon region news, that is on daily. That's exactly why I say it, even if you buy it from Amazon, I think you are currently gaining 130 euros which is still well below the price of the samsung. He exactly said what he thought exynos 850, but I will tell you as it is 60.

First we will be beaten and we have a full HD plus panel with a reasonable brightness and a reasonable display glass. Damn cool tricks there, but somehow I have no idea. Here it says glass and c: lassic frame plastic bag. So a nice plastic bomber I'll tell you the range of delivery that we had breakfast that time you are, you will buy you and that has to be an instruction manual, tears a pity, no case first of all the smartphone and that you have headphones with you. If you go there and a usb cks there a natural number, save key is in the needle and charger with 15 watts. 15 has charge been saved on the spot, so that's fantastic, but pay there. I have no idea how much the device cost foil? You can notice suffering not when he takes us in his hand.

Orgs crossed-out can make the ticket. Is that the camera module exactly with the led flash? The whole thing is nicely rounded off the housing. The display glass feels high quality. Even if it's not a green or dragon trailer glass, it has already made fun of it 25 d, so it has to be deputies towards the edge. It's also quite long relating how it now separates the opponent's here for comparison, yes, so I don't have the right now here. Also a glass back has a fingerprint scanner r. Also the camera module in the top left corner is visible, the display format is a bit different We have the Samsung despite the rest of the battery, you have to say: Yes, I think of a thickness of 8.69 millimeters.

Not of course, just something rounded is interesting for me and so you can see it from above, that is, it gets very, very narrow towards the edge and that makes it really look slimmer. We have a total weight of 192 grams here that’s quite okay, while you get to 185 here, so that we will notice that the hard data are quite comparable, but remember that the budget is here with 100 euros here they have a noble glass back. The shot- and we see it is really a nice colorful display - will ultimately change nothing about the fact that it is an HD+ panel and of course you can see that because the differences between HD+ and HD+, I have absolutely visible from the filler, the plus then to 2. Expansion, so I have to say that Samsung didn't get it great. The display ball ratio, that's comparable.

There are somewhat narrower screens here with the samsung from mine. In pankow we have a drop lodge or a heavier child with a budget and it's so easy that it certainly doesn't pull out the cart out of the dirt scenery. Also with your DRU UF strong us dominated by SAMSUNG, while we also have android 10 on it here. Apart from that, but in that case it is there that means that there has not done anything with days, security and patches; you’re at Samsung on 1 September 2020, but we are at the hips on Oct 2020. Now I don't know why Samsung is hanging around here so long ago, but my software is up to date. I assume that the software support is better than the budget, at least as far as the duration is concerned.

Is on the viewing angle a bit lower than this An ips Panel Club have a nice color, rendering is also great and looks very friendly. At first glance you have to look closely and some users can see the resolution. That's okay, 3 in the price range so that just about slipped behind the criticism here baked a 510 lux maximum brightness that's pretty pretty intense I have to say so, especially for a 100- euro-sized Samsung phone. It has a higher resolution and it's brighter and we're twice as crowded on the memory expansion and what we need the hard drive in so many, afx samsung. What brings back our 100 European cities to the front? If you also order it from Amazon and not as import, let's continue to become a member.

Maybe a big surprise awaits us here, which then samsung from it I say here 184 already in the single core as well as single core who here has pure CPU performance, can certainly not keep up with Samsung against 300 points. On the contrary, the single core is really strong, with the p60 4022 multicore against 1134. The difference isn’t too great anymore, let’s see if it was wet. The pc market was tight, 7400, 6122, ge 5498, so the samsung in terms of performance cannot keep up anymore. This is better or p60 better than the exynos 150 c schott extreme pa opengl, 113,000, 267, ok, wildlife. While we can still manage with the web 2.0 battery life test here, the aftershocks haven't gone yet I'm just not finished with the device then.

Web 2 0 got battery life nonsensical You have the ability and 50% maximum volume runs. When you realize it's already now it's not my job here, but to make the phone bad. So I have to concede fifth from milliampere without envy. That is just ample battery of the device, namely excessively heavy, excessively thick ice still in the frame and than 15 hours or minutes a really good value and even porn more interesting. The average user can make ends meet for about two days, and that's also the read and write testing inspeicherz is now finished here. So here is also what is concerned with the reading, writing speed. Studying most situations, I will turn on the camera who can set live focus this is the pro mode of samsung here.

That's a wide angle, so that a video mode and under more you can find more more more find per mode patrol, was stmicro and eat. There is an extra mode and eat friends to be photographed, so go and let the whole city around when it comes to things. This has I will show you a little about what I do with the Samsu g, and I don’t want to go into detail about each one. From my side I can only say that there are no Co Plaints that are in the price range. So now 180 euros in the price range for this model. Let's take it now, I find the camera that matters really. Ch takes good photos. That means then it recognizes the person and delimits this from the background really reasonable. apa ck ii changes that really well the color rendering I like it.

That it's already intense and it's not completely oversaturated either. Colorfidelity is also really good. The wide angle camera the nike already has distortions at the edge. Then this is slightly radially distorted at the edge. It gives you a very good picture quality easily. You can see it but we don't have a real telephoto device. That means we can't look for it optically, but am I actually very satisfied with the camera? That also applies to fron t. Camera also took reasonable photos. Dynamic range on all photos is also really good, yes, camera, I have to say channel, so they can definitely get along with johnny bertl, and then I will have a video at that where the budget is concerned. It makes no statement, but I would assume that you cannot keep up, I know from 100 euros.

So much was then also a top camera, that's just assuming that you can keep up with 100 euros I'll say the same thing. I expect nothing more than a camera that provides a reasonably reasonable case, but definitely not one who can now keep up with the rich, with a hat or perhaps even with the upper class. Here are karic attitude, resolution on low frame rate medium and the rest when deactivated he was set lower for this too is fluid. Wonderful I think I have got through everything so far and I can get to the conclusion. It's basically the same conclusion with the a42: it's not a bad phone, it's quite good! But if you take closer look at it, you don't notice it so samsung. 480 euros, hd+ resolution: we have the same range with most manufacturers.

Politics loose then, how the brightness was just okay, but he noticed the buttocks here with the participation of notebooks memory, expansion, wonderful 3, gb RAM and 32 gb of memory for 180 euros. That's just a joke that I don't know how long 464 has been standard with Chinese manufacturers in the range of 100 Euros and also from Ossi concerned. I now have this one phone for you, the really Enterprise Area, 100 Euro plans outright. Good data provides the coupé, the c 1 90 nonsense, the gtc 21. I can do that eu ch yes, link again and video description also for budget.

Another ten euros less than the budget and here comes a Samsung with 180 euros and the corner with an HD+ panel, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of hard disk space, just completely new - that speakers aren’t particularly popular today - yes, but samsung doesn’t actually keep a reasonable level on all levels, or it’s a plastic bomber from Hell. It's not even a good idea, aluminum or something like that at your uni party. Even if the selection of materials samsung doesn't let you look but you could actually think, but thinks that for 1000 euros, you can't even get a glass there. It will be sufficient for most cars which again proves what the whole premium spa really is value as added value in practice, but still you can spend just less money somewhere like that.

If it doesn't need to be samsung on it, advantages which we don't want to separate are she says, a good camera and the update service. I don't know exactly if I thought I had said in January or at least Dectem we had some security status already. I'm pretty sure - you dealer - that you just pay for the service update here. You could still go to rescue or fans like you also sell pretty good devices for 180 euros and they obviously beat you for that, because we have a good update service, that you would have to compare everything a little in long-term tests. Thank you, Thomas. Send out the instruments back and until then send your [music]..

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