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Today we have the Samsung Galaxy s, 21 it lies on the table. Look as you can see easily on the right side and this display will be replaced today. Now I would claim that they are really cheap to have, as a result, and the displays are not too expensive. It can be beaten and put it in between the back cover and the frame, you can see it here. You like me a little and drive if you notice that nothing happens at all then the device is simply too cold, then that’s it again on the hot plate, I usually take between 80 and 90 degrees for the hot plate. Again because it was just too cold, and now we will do the same thing again, so the devices are already so warm they almost cannot be used without gloves even. If you don't depress too hard the aspect is over.

Plastic Also I used something like Super Bowl here that loosens the glue and makes it a little easier. The device won't curse. You and put it back on the wooden plate as I said in case it is too cold. You can also take a small plastic tool like me here to form between the gap you have formed, and here you can see that there is an antenna right here at the bottom, so be careful there. You will immediately see that the back cover is completely open because on Friday the adhesive sticks to it, so that it doesn't tear off. This becker has a fingerprint sensor on the back. Of course, you must also make sure you don't have this fingerprint sensor.

The glue is really very stubborn but if you can get the glue off without damaging it, then it even sticks so strong that we can use the same glue from the bag cover, and it is here below it's a bit difficult to see under the camera down there I plugged in the fingerprint sensor- and you have to remove it first. It is like this because I cover it but I pulled it so far and it went down automatically but it's pretty risky because it's easy to give it away, but I actually just wanted to show it. You saw that, so it's the fingerprint sensor that is connected, like you really give it very strongly. We have now removed the cover, and then you take a look at the adhesive here. You can still tell when I press on it with the plastic tools that it is very solid.

So put the back cover on the side and we would look at it the display to open the philips screws. I have one from bhp here h, 0, 06 40 is very good but could also use any other screwdriver that fits into the socket of these screws hosts. The screws were fastened, I’m going to take a closer look here so that you can see, I will always mark the screws that need to be opened on the video. All the yellow-framed screws must now be opened. I will speed things up a bit here with me to do that to not unnecessarily prolong the video after he has loosened all the screws. Usually, you will have to remove the SIM card tray from the device before. This is applied to the small clips supplied as soon as the sim card has been removed.

Can we now remove the actual frame of the display clip? Please use e in plastic tool and this time put in the gap between this frame and the actual display you will notice how the clips loosen up some spots individually, as soon as you enter and walk along it. It may be that you need to put them on a little more often and have to move them until the clip comes loose if it's still quite closely plugged in, but you need nothing more than a plastic tool and a bit of patience to loosen these chips everywhere. These clips, you see it as soon as you notice, it's so nice in it that it is pretty easy and then you can raise the room for requirements. We disconnect the device from the battery switch the skeleton voltage-free this step for every device that begins with the repair before.

Now let us take back the heating plate because the battery and the lower area are located, this storyboard also on which the charging socket is located. You can also work with something sweet, 30 and then carefully draw up with the plastic tool under the component at the front. The ribbon cable was simply pressed firmly like a small Lego building block during video recording here. That's why I initially looked at these connections underneath, but noticed relatively quickly that this is just a connector on the new display. The whole thing was attached, and now I'll loosen it. You can examine it right away.

The component is this flat and cable and loosen the whole thing and do not have to first loosen the connector, you can see that it's like a small building block, simply folded together. You can also carefully take the antenna cable along with you, so you save yourself. The second in the 2 in the second part of the repair, the assembly, these components have now merely some isopropanol on the battery that has to be removed, while the circuit board and the goal were taken down, the display is now able to absorb temperature well as a result, the battery should now detach fairly easily. Now I have resorted to a suffocating tool here to selectively keep the power of the battery as low as possible to also keep it not to bend as the picture now.

The battery cover is now pretty easy, ra us, because heat works wonders in combination with alcohol, so it would be almost impossible to remove the battery from the device without damage, but we need the battery again for the new device, so it is important that we get it out without damage once this removes glue residue. That feels a bit like chewing gum in connection with the alcohol because this opponent really softens. If the glue sticks too much like me, then take a cleaning cloth. Think that a little alcohol and clean the rest with it the new one, then good adhesion again, you can either use a service sticker directly from samsung with the new sticker here,.

Although to be honest, I don't think that there is anything here because the sticker only sits between the display frame and the battery there. Double-sided Love and take me here is the new display in a direct comparison. That means we don't need to transfer anything else, so we can immediately get the new one, put the display on the table, and start with the video assembling the device. If you pay these 34 euros or whatever they charge for a piece of liver, we have 3 m here. Then we give up with me right and left and also bombproof like that step. Remove the protective film first, then dedicate it to continue assembling the device. It is quite easy to obtain because we have left everything together to take the dusty one on the screw.

The circuit board was tightly pressed at this point that was previously marked, and now it would be important before proceeding with the further assembly to put this antenna cable neatly into the joint provided for this purpose. Don't want that not that it will be damaged down here, we can plug in the display ribbon cable like a Lego, building block and upstairs it will be important that we take a closer look at the camera to see if there is a dust puzzle or grain of dust somewhere. Video clip cable also has a ribbon cable below the camera, which was plugged in like a small lego construction site.

In case of doubt, you can just clean it a bit and put it back in because if you forget this step here and after assembling the mini offers that the camera is still full of dust, then you have to put it all in again, and here I will save unnecessary work. Cable, the clip also is small, now it's time to re-climb for the room, the frame is there that we noticed earlier. So once you've handled it since today, the device again the flight and look is the clip actually popped into the display or not, and if you are in doubt, press again there I look at these could also always check to make sure that everything is nice. A few clips then we switch the display and test whether it works at all.

Samsung Galaxy 21 s, it takes a moment and is booted up after a long wait until the samsung logo then disappears and we can get into the device. The touch should there be spots on your display where the touch does not work, then you should immediately complain about the display and not even proceed with the assembly. We have to follow these green lines to get out of this valley again and now, we can continue to repair the device we can now switch off again and now it's about the screws that we removed before which simply screw back into the device in reverse order. I have speeded up the whole thing a bit: I advise simply sticking the screws on a small piece of water after they are unlocked or on a magnet mat so that nothing stays loose.

Now, at the last piece are the same liver and e straight have the fingerprint sensor in our prey plugged. When the Fingerprint sensor is plugged in, you can glue the device back together. I hydrated it to make it glued together, blown my lenses a little clear again to make sure there is no more dust in the garden gimmicks and then it will be twenties put it back on the wooden plate so that the encoder is activated again. If you have used the same encoder and now we can clean the reveal and only use the samsung galaxy 21 again liked the following video..

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