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What's going on guys! My name is Wade Tech Daily and we're unboxing in this video. This is the most widely available genre of budget, a series phone here in the United States. It is coming to the big carriers, the prepaid networks and I. It's a little too old a way for example to come out with the a 21s a few weeks ago, which is more of an international phone that is not actually available here in the US. Yet it's a step up, it's a better device than this one and it is sort of weird that Samsung would also release the a 21 and a 21s at the same time. It does fit nicely in the now very big lineup of a series. Samsung has released this year, and I am still excited to check it out. ... so enough talking, let's go ahead and dive in here and see what the new Samsung Galaxy 821 is all about.

If you've seen literally any other phone in the series box unboxed the packaging and set up here with this 821 is basically the same, but I'll go through it anyway. Just so, you can see what all of it brings from the outer shell here. The first thing we see is a small package with Samsung written across the front and inside is actually just some instructions and paperwork and a few languages. Interestingly enough, this documentation seems to be for both the a 21 and the cheaper one, which is a little strange. You'll also notice that we do not get any included clear case with the a 21.

It doesn't get lost, and then of course you get a USB, 2 USB, C charging cable and the standard 15 watt Samsung fast charging wall plug all bundled in one! Let's actually talk about the pricing and availability with the a21 as I said earlier this phone is already available here in the United States on the big networks like Verizon, t-mobile and Sprint and its full retail price looks to be $ 200 nine dollars, but right now there is a bit of a sale going on with the phone actually listing for about a hundred and ninety-nine dollars. The a21 is also available by t-mobile on Metro and should be to Cricut and boost and possibly some other carriers. Sometime soon and eventually, this phone will be available unlocked for somewhere between 180 and 250 dollars.

This is basically the price range I am going to use for this video as I mentioned another second ago. If you've seen most other a series phones then this a21 is probably going to look pretty familiar, but there are a few important things to point out. First up, the a21 is a six-point five inch device and even though it has a larger screen, for example, the a 71s form factor its body and housing is bigger than the bezels that frame the phone just by size. It is the largest of the a series handsets in the lineup and in one sense you can certainly feel that getting a big device with a huge screen like this is a pretty good deal. There's obviously a lot of screen space here to enjoy your content, but this is the kind of phone that doesn't really fit anyone.

If you can it is really difficult to understate just how large of a device this is design-wise, we get a bit of a refreshed look with a hole-punch camera cut out. So while Samsung made some changes to give the phone a more modern look, it doesn't exactly compete with the likes of the 51 or 71 for example and still has that cheaper phone design, but to be honest, it's not horrible and doesn't really affect anything with the phone besides adding some extra millimeters. As far as the housing and material, since this isn't a series device, you have a plastic back that sort of imitates glass, though one can pretty easily tell that it is a cheaper plastic material.

I think it still looks pretty good I just wish that this phone came in a couple of other colors or maybe had that rainbow effect. Some other A-series phones have I know some people like this super simple look, but I miss having a bit of character and colour. One other thing worth noting in this 8:21 is the frame has a matte finish. The rest of the A-series phones have a glossy frame again, it doesn't really matter but I think it adds just to make this phone look a little more basic and boring and maybe a little cheaper compared to the rest of the lineup and if you're curious. Different camera module around back with better lenses that shimmer shiny finish and inside the 21s is the better and more powerful phone.

Obviously, and if you have the opportunity and want to spend a bit more money, you probably should instead get this phone to be entirely honest. When taking a look at everything else on the left side there is the sim and SD card tray. There is a headphone jack USB C charging port and one downward firing speaker on the back. You can see a whole bunch of new camera lenses, which I will go over and just a minute on, and we also get a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. I probably said this a million times already, but I like having the physical rear fingerprint sensor on these more affordable phones - they're cheap to use to include fast, accurate and secure and i personally prefer them over the in-display readers of even some flagship phones.

Its big size is only part of the story and there is actually something really important to talk about here with the a21. The 820 last year had a six inch x four inch super AMOLED display, which is a fantastic display. It was probably the selling point of the last phone and one of the main reasons why so many people recommended it, including myself, I really have no idea why Samsung went backwards with the a21 and offered an IPS LCD display rather than AMOLED like the 820. It is, in my opinion, a bad choice and not even the a21 s has an AMOLED screen - so I don't really get it in general.

It doesn't offer the punchy colors, the high saturation, the extra brightness, the deep blacks AMOLED, which sold me on the A-series phone last year, but especially the 820 and Samsung, with a worse display option with the 821. My only thought with this is probably that they are just trying to differentiate this cheaper a21 from the more expensive 831, a 51 and a 71 phones that all have AMOLED screens but the problem is that they already gave people the better AMOLED screen with the 820 last year and it's just unfair in my opinion to try and resell folks to a different, more expensive phone or charge them more for something they already had. If you have some cheaper device or something like that from another manufacturer, it's okay, but I know a 2009 move with this.

In regards to the out loud listening experience we get just one single speaker down below, which is mostly fine, here's a sample so that you can get an idea what it sounds like [music], it's about what you'd expect it's the same as all the other. Now it's really time for them to simply upgrade the speaker setup and give stereo sound on these phones inside the Twenty One packs an interesting array of specs that are on par with any given budget device but are good enough to compete. You get the mediatek Helio P 35 processor which is a surprising choice. The biggest thing seems to be Samsung's new commitment to go with media tech now rather than their own Exynos chipset which is in my mind in the end actually the right move.

I have found the media processing systems on a number of phones surprisingly good this year in particular. The A31 has piece 65 and it's been great, so I think any bad reputation they could have had in recent years should be reconsidered. This phone does really feel pretty good just flicking through the apps browsing the web playing YouTube videos. Obviously, you will not see any problems, while another gigabyte of RAM might have been nice for around 200 bucks. The big test with this phone I think is going to be performance, and in my initial test here I think things look pretty decent.

I am gonna do a more in-depth test and dedicated gaming video soon to really get a better judge of performance, but I think the 8:21 is going to be good enough to handle most things you might throw at it. Don't be surprised if more and more devices, especially from Samsung in this kind of setup, and try it first hand before critiquing. This year, I was surprised with the performance of mediatek processors and I. The a21 is powered by a pretty substantial 4000 milliamp battery.

This phone was just released from the box but I expect it to have a really solid battery life even with a big screen, you have a low resolution display the more budget-friendly specs and overall, a package that should not draw too much from the battery power paired with that 15 watt fast charger I'm willing to bet this is going to be a good device for all day use and then some, but I will certainly test that out. Finally, let us talk cameras and, like every other series phone thus far.

These lens options are okay, definitely an upgrade over last year with plenty more shooting modes, but you still miss some things: there's no night mode, no slow-mo and compared to the a 21s and most other high-end A-series phones, you are a bit limited in that main lens capability in regards to megapixels, with pro settings, wide-angle macro portraits and a few other things. You certainly have some potential though and like I said last year compared to the 820, you actually do get some worthwhile upgrades. The selfie camera is a 13 megapixel, F, 2.0, aperture camera and the thing about this lens is that Portrait selfies get pretty much over-softened in my initial tests for whatever reason. Those are my initial thoughts and first impressions of the new Samsung Galaxy a 20.

While there are some things about this device that I don't necessarily like primarily, I still think it is going to sell. The year is likely to be that go to budget phone for folks in the US again and I'm interested to see what people have to say about it..

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