Samsung Galaxy A21 review six months later: My favorite budget phone! - Galaxy User Guide

We all know what is up guys tying here and I am back with a brand new video so before I begin this video as always I want to thank you all so much for watching this one. If you love my content, also make sure you leave a thumbs up for your own and you are subscribed to the channel for more content. In today's video we are gonna be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A21 and this is gonna be my six month review. However, it's not glass and the back actually has a unique feature. So if you shine under sunlight under the right conditions you can actually get this kind of cool beam effect which some people might like. You have a couple of things set up, so you have the quad camera on. You have led flash as well as a fingerprint sensor and a Samsung.

Put the word, the word quad camera on the side. So on the front panel has your front facing camera, which is a hole punch that is cut into the screen of the phone and speaks of the screen. This is a 6.5 inch 720p panel, so it's 1600 by 720p, not the sharpest thing in the world and to be honest, looking at the galaxy 820 is kind of a downgrade. It is quality, I mean it is Samsung ips panel, it is not oled, and 720p is, but it's a large screen and a lot of people like that. If you also look on the side of the phone you'll find that the camera's protruding quite a bit and so this phone will revolve back and forth if you set it on a table or on a flat surface in general. On the bottom of the phone, you have a couple of things, so you have your headphone jack.

You also have a usbc charging port and a speaker located at the bottom. Now the speaker is loud: it's not the loudest thing. I've ever heard it but it is certainly loud for a floor facing speaker on the side. You have your power button as well as your volume up and down, so they are more tactile than the previous generation, which is the galaxy 820. You have an 8, megapixel, f 2.2 ultra wide, and you have a 2 megapixel macro as well as a 2 megapixel depth sensor and the tldr behind the camera is first of all, the camera app is how you would expect from Samsung if you use Samsung devices before simple straight up. Uh pull the camera and turn it on. Snap shoot's in again goes far as photo quality goes.

I do a detailed review link in the description. This camera produces nice shots under great lighting conditions. Now as far as specs go, here is your spec sheet, so you have an Octa core processor, so four cores at 2.3 GHz clocked and the other four at 1.8 GHz clocked. This phone is not really supposed to be a powerhouse or anything crazy like that. It performs like you would expect from these types of specs right, so Samsung also sped up the animation so the phone would seem faster than it actually is - uh multitasking things like that are snappy and are quick, which is nice to see now. The battery will suffer due to this and yes that is as far as specs now go concerning the Galaxy 821.

So first, this phone is when you are coming from the 820 that by now a lot of people are experiencing slowdowns in their devices lagging, and I don't know if samsung devices have a history in that regard. You get a larger display, but it's not as good in quality as the 820 did have a oled screen. Is this phone a worthwhile upgrade right now for about 150 dollars? Then I want to do a comparison between it and the stylo 6. The stylo 6 and the current hottest budget phones are out today and yeah. So with that being said, I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Please leave a thumbs up, and make sure you subscribe to the channel and subsequently, quickly..

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