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What is going on all right? This is Kevin here, coming to you with my Samsung Galaxy, a twenty one review. But this video is gonna focus on everything about this phone so you know what you're dumping into you. Also definitely take a look at the links in the video description to see the most up-to-date pricing for the phone, as I'm sure over time. The Samsung Galaxy, a twenty one inch display now in 2020, has a very large 6.5 inches display. That's a really good thing because now more people use their devices to watch video content live on social media and do a lot more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. It is a bit of a downgrade from the a20 from last year, because that phone had AMOLED but again I obviate.

In that specific comparison, video now we're getting a ppi of 270 and a 20 by 9 asked ratio, so a narrow, but tall form factor with the phone and also a seventy nine point: three percent screen - Abadi ratio - so at the bottom of the device we do have a decently large bottom bezel and then all the other bezels around the phone are not necessarily large but not really tiny, so I still like the general design of the phone I also really like So we will get 32 gigabytes internal storage with MicroSD card expansion. Thankfully the phone does support micro SD card expansion and I certainly recommend getting a micro SD card, but I really wish this phone came with 64 gigs.

But all I know is that the union that I have here has 32 gigs and it's not enough but at the same time it's not too little that makes it a deal-breaker. There is no wireless charging for the Samsung Galaxy A 21, but on the back there is a fingerprint sensor so we'll give that one a try right now. In addition to that we're also getting face unlock with the phone so you do have multiple ways beyond the pain code to unlock the device now also on the back of the phone is a quad camera setup. I can then go to macro camera and can take very close-up photographs of different objects. So here is definitely a very well-rounded camera experience. Stay tuned for a little bit later in the video as I will show.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy has a 21 features, 3 gigabytes of RAM and the mediatek helio p35. I would have liked to see 4 gigs of RAM, especially considering the price of this phone and the mediatek helio p35 is pretty average. Now I did a benchmark test with the device and I got an overall score of 1-0 4 4, 3, so for most people out there that will get the job done. It's definitely a dramatic step down from the different Galaxy - phones, but for most people. This device will get the job done for basic social media tasks. Watching video will also be nice and smooth, and then if you want to make phone calls and text messages, then that won't be a problem either, but it's also not exceptionally powerful.

I would definitely recommend sticking with the Samsung Galaxy A 51 instead if you can afford it, as you will get better performance from the processor on this device. The Samsung Galaxy, a twenty one, now comes with a beefy 4000 MW internal battery with 15 watt fast charging compatibility. So in my opinion that's one of the highlights of this phone because Samsung did a nice job of optimizing the software for it to perform and really nicely with the hardware on the device. Another cool thing, too, is that with a UI 2.0 we are getting a lot of bonus features that typically would not find a stock Android and I go over all this in my dedicated tip and tricks video about the device.

This particular variant of the Samsung Galaxy, which I purchased from t-mobile for Metro, now features NFC. Now, in regards to call quality that has been a very good experience here at the phone, no issues to report when it comes to that. So keep this in mind but now that we've gone over the major specifications of the Galaxy A 21, let's take a closer look at the hardware. It has already been discussed a lot about the front panel here, but I am a big fan of having the hole punch for the front camera I personally prefer that over having a bump, I feel like this gives you a more immersive experience and in general I.

The device has a matte plastic band right about the sides of the screen on the left side, with the slot for the microSD card and SIM card on the right side with the power button and the volume buttons on the top. We have the NoiseCanceler microphone and on the base we have the speaker. We have the USB C port for charging and data transfer. We have the microphone and we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack then on the back of the device. We have the camera module, flash fingerprint sensor and Samsung logo I, though, really liked the piano black color on this device. It does pick up a lot of fingerprints and certainly have a look at the link in the video description to see what other colors are offered as I'm sure they will eventually come out with more colors.

The Samsung Galaxy A 21 is an excellent device for going social media. Creating a story with my Samsung Galaxy, a 21 very good microphone quality as well with the phone, which is excellent in camera. Switching to video content here on the phone looks really good, however, keep in mind that because the device does have a 720p display, you are restricted at watching YouTube videos at 720p. You can also crop into if you want a more immersive experience on the phone. They now look good here, I don't mind. Although all the sound comes from the speaker here on the bottom, other devices like the Moto G Power, for example, have audio coming out of both the dedicated speaker and the earpiece.

So in a situation like this, where you're watching video in landscape mode, you get stereo sound, so that would have been something. I would have liked to see the Galaxy a 21 here, but at the same time it is not a dealbreaker. I mean I am glad that the audio does get decently loud on the device in general. The web, so pages load decently, quickly, they're also very smooth to scroll, so overall not too bad. It does have to pick up the pace and pull up the other content, but generally, I don't care about it and this is another benefit of having that 20 by 9 aspect. The ratio display is that you can fit more of a web page or feed in the image here on the phone, especially compared to a device that is maybe a little longer, but wider.

One of the biggest surprises with Samsung Galaxy 821 definitely has to be the photo and video quality. Look pretty good as well, and I'm really impressed also with being able to take nice, clear portrait pictures with the front camera that do an excellent job, knowing exactly where the blur things out. So in general I am really happy about the camera with the Samsung Galaxy 821. So that the A 21 is much cheaper but still able to take really good photos is definitely a very good thing, but let's take a look at some video examples here from the phone what's going on here to everyone. This is Kevin here with a test video from the Samsung Galaxy A 21.

Also, let me know what you think about the microphone quality and whether or not you think this phone would be a good vlogger camera. This is Kevin here bringing you with a 1080p test of the Samsung Galaxy, a 21 using the main camera on the phone. So let me know what you think about the quality from the device, which we do have autofocus in video mode, which is awesome. Also, let me know what you think of the microphone quality on the device, because it can sometimes be hit or miss with these budget phones do a close up of the grass which by the way is kind of cool in the evening right now. Let me know what you think of the quality and here's a 1080p test using the ultra wide angle camera with Samsung Galaxy, a 21, so definitely a bit wider here.

There is no autofocus in this mode, at least for close-up, but that's okay. The first thing is the price that you can get it at, and the second thing is the types of needs that you have for a phone, so that since this phone is coming from a variety of different carriers, they're gonna offer it really good deals. Now, I don't know exactly what those deals will be, but if history repeats themselves they are going to offer the same promotions we saw with the Samsung Galaxy a 20 last year. If you switch to another carrier and if you have a loyal customer and want an upgrade, then sometimes they even offer the phone for $99 or maybe around 150 dollars.

And the point is that most people do not have to pay the MSRP of 250 bucks and if you do, then I don't feel like it's a bad choice either - but I just said that the majority of people out there are paying a fraction of the MSRP for this phone, which makes it even greater value. If you are one of those people who wishes to see this factory for around 250 bucks, then I still think it is a decent choice. They should have given us a better processor in general, but again as most people are going to be paying a fraction of the MSRP for this phone by getting it from a carrier, then this phone does make a much better value for the money.

So in conclusion, I like the phone - if you are a power user, maybe someone who had a flagship phone in the past, then perhaps you might not be too impressed with the Galaxy A21. If you are someone that upgraded to a Galaxy, for example a 10 e, or from an older budget phone, then you'll certainly be very pleased with the galaxy, a 21 and then, of course, if you are someone that really values quality of the camera, you'll also be very pleased with this phone.

So there are certainly a decent number of shortcomings with this phone that I've addressed in this video and go into further detail in my dedicated Pro and Con video, and hopefully they address some of these shortcomings with the 22 next year, but for now I think the 21 is a very solid phone from the company and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all think of it. But let me know what you think Definitely take a look at the link in the video description see the most updated pricing, but my name is Kevin. This is my Samsung Galaxy, a twenty one Review and I will see you in the next video..

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