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Hello guys, David here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy A13. The cellphone that is asked to be discussed by the audience is simply because it is simple. 2 million and the Samsung brand. Cheap ones are always fun.. When I bought it yesterday at Tokopedia, the Galaxy A13 cost 2.699 million for the 6GB RAM variant. There is a 4GB variant which is 2,499. Seeing as how much cheaper is now, you can check the link below, because here there is a Mega Electro sale in Tokopedia which gives big promos for celebrating the month of Ramadan, like a Flash Sale official store. There is Combo Asik Ramadhan, with discounts up to 90%, plus Tokopedia. There are also THR distributions during the month of Ramadan, so stay tuned for exciting deals via the link.

Let's take a look at the box first, if this cellphone is safe from its thickness. It has a charger, which means that when looking from the front of the unit, it looks the same as the Samsung Galaxy A32. We'll then try to see if the feeling is the same or not, because the camera looks like it's been updated, so the dots do not have a box or something. There is a blank Samsung Galaxy A13, There is a description of this SM-A135F and this is the black variant. Apart from this black color,. There are also blue and peach color variants, So please just adjust Samsung. If A is the color pattern again but there is no white if the top is white. Continue here... The 128GB ROM is a special one too and the RAM is 6GB. The highest variant.

If we choose the 4GB RAM, the ROM is both 128, Samsung does not think that 64GB will be. The problem is that the first A12, which cost 2.5 million, also had 128GB of ROM, and judging from the number of views, it is still busy. Hence, a large internal memory is what I want. If a Samsung cellphone is withdrawn, for example, it's a bit expensive, for example, S or A52 series were withdrawn or removed, right? If it also appears that this A33 is still withdrawn, it means that his class is still not as high as it was. You do not know the A53, it's a bit forgetful. Determined by how to open the box.

It's really thin, I don't know whether it is just instruction paper, the SIM ejector should be inside which means there is no casing for Samsung Galaxy A13, Maybe it is cheap there, so the cost is cut and the phone has a bonus too, and fortunately there is a charger that has a speed of 15W, The feature of the cellphone is that it can receive 15W of power. The port is also USB type C, so that the ports are safe and there is another SIM ejector inside. There is a silicon casing, If there are, it will be even more complete because today’s silicon casings seem to need casings all the way, so adding 30 thousand is fine or asking for a bonus from the shop. There is an Infinity-V display, He uses dotted bangs. Then there are 4, solid camera systems.

There is a fingerprint sensor but not on display. The fingerprint sensor is on the power supply. This is one of the 2 million HP, looks smooth huh. It is like the Samsung Galaxy A32, The price is a million more expensive than in the example. But if you look closely, the light reflection is not. It like a plain clean glass, just like it is still there. It feels like there are still traces of something like that, but when you hold it, it is really solid. You won't even notice. It feels like a cell phone that costs more than 2 million. If you knock, it's actually made of plastic, it's a natural thing. Only if you look at the design Samsung is on point. I also like the design of the camera, which looks pretty good at Samsung. No other brand has used a similar camera design.

There is a 50MP main camera,. This is 2MP-2MP which doesn't really matter, and it has an LED flash Ultra-wide in 2022 HP, 2 million is still a little rare, especially for brands. Big ones like Oppo or Vivo. Vivo no longer has a new cellphone. Yes, Oppo is like this, there is no ultrawide on HP at 4 million, while Samsung at 2 million already exist. This doubles as a fingerprint sensor that had a volume button previously. It is left behind a microphone in the SIM tray. The SIM tray has a solid, triple slot so 2 nano SIM cards and a micro SD card are inserted and below is a headphone jack. There is a USB Type, C Port and there are speakers. It feels like a 2 million cellphone that it holds. It does not look cheap at all, but the build quality is good, just like Samsung.

It feels smooth.. You just have to remember that it is made of plastic. Long time no boot?? Yes, he is using Exynos 850... from performance,. You can't really expect to run a lot of heavy applications because he has all the cores. All Cortex A53s don't have fast cores, therefore they have 8 cores. When it comes to speed, don't have high expectations for this cellphone. So this is the earliest appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A13,. If we just turn it on and install a game there is a Mobile Legends application, because if you install a heavy application like Genshin, don't expect this cellphone to run. I've seen a few Exynos 850 benchmarks on this cellphone and it's perfect for playing light. Games such as candy crush, maybe and so on. We will try to test the mobile legends.

I just want to give a little comment on the screen. It's pretty good, even though it is not as bright as the other A series that already use AMOLED, because the A13 uses PLS TFT, yes, The term is like IPS on other cellphones and the refresh rate is 60Hz. The only thing good is that he has already got Full HD resolution and uses Gorilla Glass 5. Unique, yes, Samsung dares to give such a strong screen to a cellphone whose class looks like it is still. '' An entry level from the sound of this I.. '' Can't stand it, so what? *laughs* Right now, you are a magician - right? What is unique about this cellphone compared to the other? A series is that he uses it if I'm not mistaken ; One UI, core, yes, let's see, the software here, yes he uses one UI, which has the core.

Only the version of UI Core is the version. It's UI , which is lighter. If you are making entry-level phones like this, it's not surprising that Samsung uses the Lite version of the operating system. I thought it was a normal One UI, but it turned out to be One UI, Core. From, the speed of opening the app itself, it is a little slower than the usual HP. Because again the Exynos 850 is not that fast in hell. Then, if we open TikTok for example, the play screen is a little long and the white part seems a little slower, but only a little. Usually people with a million and two million phone is used like this, but nowadays 2 million cellphones like Redmi which use Snapdragon 680 are on average faster. So that is one of the weaknesses of this cellphone that must be noted.

The speed is simply normal, not slow for a price like this. Let's try to play the Mobile Legend - game. Speaking of this game, the cellphone doesn't have a gyro. If you are PUBG and you typically use hand movements, then you don't have a sensor at all. Oh, yeah, I also just realized,. When we opened it we just played and beat and we did not get scratched instantly because it was Gorilla. Glass 5, but I did not have the process of removing the screen protector because this cellphone doesn't have screen. You ask, because the glass is already very good. In the long run, I still need to say that Gorilla Glass 5 will still be scratched lightly if it hits sand or something. So add a screen: protector if you really want it to be really smooth for years.

OK, it's big but if you relax, it won't scratch. *Mobile Legend intro * The speakers are standard... The setting is high, refresh rate, it's already active. If the graphics are high, it is just not a high refresh rate movement. Even though the high refresh rate mode has been activated, it can't be as loud as usual. You can again think because there are millions of phones that already use it like the Helio G80 or those who play mobile legend games,. It's just not a Samsung brand and the design is different and the camera is different, thus, this Samsung is strong in other parts. Apart from that performance, the rest of the Samsung A13 has to be remembered... It's pretty from the design, right? The screen is Full HD, so here’s the fingerprint.

Okay, good not long, it can be said that the camera is also complete. There is an ultra-wide, a main camera, and a 50MP camera, which we will try to see what the quality is. Keep taking pictures of this clock, then the Buds Pro. For the price of 2 million it is good because he is sharp, and if you look at the details, you can still get the picture even though I take the photo in a rather bright room. Make this 2 million a good camera. For the Samsung Galaxy A13, it's a final statement. This is an interesting phone for a cheap Samsung. Its performance is not very good, but the rest of can be relied on very much from here. I like the style like HP's series 32 yesterday and the screen is also sharp. The battery is large, the camera is good, and One UI, even though it has the core version.

It is just that it's a bit slow if you use it heavily. Let's just unbox the Samsung Galaxy A13, dislike if you like this video. If you don't like it, and we'll meet again in the next video. Closed caption by @ Is that there is anything less expensive, the A03,.

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