Samsung Galaxy A12 Screen Replacement. - Galaxy User Guide

Our technician wears a bracelet without a static device. The model of the phone is SM-A125F aka Samsung Galaxy A12. You can see how you can replace the Samsung Galaxy A12 screen with this video. Remove the slot for the SIM card. With the help of options, remove the back cover. Unscrew the rear cover plug. Unscrew the screws with an electronic screwdriver in the case. Unscrew the screws on the protective plastic of the charging board. Inflate the protective plastic of the charger board. Heat, the sticky corners of the screen with a hot air gun. The temperature of the screen is measured with a thermal thermometer.

We clean the spilled glass pieces on the work bench and table surface. We clean the glass and the sticky pieces left on the phone. Cleaning debris and dirt from the phone is not possible. Mount, the protective plastic of the charging board. Install the screws that adhere the protective plastic to the charging board. Clean the front lens of the camera. We clean the lenses of the rear - camera. Our technical service warranty outlines are attached. Slot Insert the SIM card. Samsung Galaxy A12 screen replacement was successful..

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