SAMSUNG GALAXY A12 INDONESIA - VERY COOL in contrast to the advantages and disadvantages. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi hi hi hi my seat in the video was previously covered about the specs and the price of Samsung Galaxy As. You know beforehand who do damage to reptiles. So first thing is the design and screen like a modern smartphone. Galaxia 12 brings bankruptcy in my opinion. I really like it because it looks minimalistic and comfortable when viewed from the back. There are four cameras with the box frame and the fingerprint sensor is no longer placed on the back of the body but on one with the power button. The back looks stylish with a glossy terrain : color gradient. There is a ray on the front side. 6.5 IG, IPS panel,. In my opinion, this screen is large enough and is comfortable for playing games or watching videos. On the back of the Galaxy 12 there are four cameras.

And then there is a selfie camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels, of course. This provision is quite sufficient and is worth the price and value of 2 million stores. The three batteries have capacity of 5000 mAh, the Samsung Galaxy A 12 is already in the safe category, or the current state of the art smartphone output is 5000. Mh supports fast 15 watt, fast charging and is obviously very suitable for all day use. All 12 are officially sold in the two cheapest variants with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB Sturridge for 2.5 million units and the highest variant with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Sturridge sells for 2.8 million units.

This smartphone is quite large, allowing the user to hold a lot of files at the same time, which is worth the price of 2 million Hello The lack of the first Samsung Galaxy A12 is a selfie camera at the price of 2 million. Many other smartphones are the selfie camera of the Galaxy 12, which has a resolution of over 8 megapixels, and selfie camera instructors still use bangs. Personally, I think this is a boring design at this point for the latest HP output. But if you like designs like It is a matter of taste The two chipsets used in Galaxy 12 use the MediaTek Helio chipsets.

Please tell me the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy, a 12 Then, in the gadget comment: section, goodbye, bro, resignation, letter See, you in the next video Bye Bye..

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