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Hello, assalamualaikum, hello, guys, see you again at my gaptek friend, this time for a full review of the Samsung Galaxy A12, a Samsung phone that costs only 2.2 million. This is original, I'll prove the camera is really good and was super relieved on 128, GB, 2.2 million Samsung, but ah Monami don't copy me I'm so suspicious. This is a compromise on which side Yes 2.2 million, a Samsung Mobile Phone and the camera photos are good. My guess is that this uses the Samsung isocell GM1 module. Guess I didn't find Azmi from Samsung recently, So it's not a level if you're usually tied to a 1 million cellphone like Redmi 9. If I have h, it's true, so just snap in the default settings, it's guaranteed to be okay, The results aren't like the M3 tree that has to be changed.

If you want better results you must have watched the TV on this M3 channel? It will also not feel inferior when it's presented against good cameras. Other in its class, like the Samsung Galaxy, a 21 or the Redmi Note 9, modom is not like the Redmi Note 9, which we have given night mode there. [Music] Hi, I think the selfie results are not bad, but not special. When we talk about the photos of Galaxy, 12 I think it is very good for the class. The problem is that if the video is a bikini it is unfortunately still rocking. The video recording is not stable, Redmi Note 9 is expensive. Here is an example of the recording taken by Samsung Galaxy A8 and the Redmi Note 9. The resolution is Full HD, 3000 seconds, which is more like this.

If I saw the date Then it is quite suitable for vlogging, but it is stable or not Hey? Those of you who know better I, guess I can't judge it from here tea OK, then HP Samsung, duos 2 million, was given 128 GB with 4 GB RAM +. The point is here: it's complete 3 slot so. If the afternoon type is still IMSI, 5.1, yes, then it is not a faster Ufs. Besides a good camera and stress relief there are a few other things I like about this phone. It can be easy penetrated for two days and two nights for normal use. It's given a face charge even though it's only 15 watts but come on : I charge from 0%, half an hour, I get 25%, one hour, I get 51 percent and if you want it to be full, you have to wait. I want you..

Samsung will also be my preference, if you want to buy class phones. Entry-level because it smokes the lightest and most efficient I happen to be holding the Ichcha 15 film whose chipset is both Helio G35 and ram is also 4GB. In short it is more or less similar to this speedtest comparison. This is just for an overview of the HP Samsung phones. It is also known by Brian for its very long screen. You 'll like this Galaxy 12 because the vibration is not cheap. There are absolutely no complaints from me, even though it is not stereo yet at Indomaret, nothing is lost. You watch the effects at high resolution, there's.

Also an FM radio, even though you have to touch the earphones for the antenna and usually even though it's still OL plastic, but it's not on the market, How about a 2 million Samsung Duos cell phone? It depends on how much you like playing heavy games, not pubg or petrol impact, which is better than this, but I'm not saying that on this Galaxy A8. If I play pubg, you know You can still play it as long as you don't play it too seriously, which is evident in this price class. If you're playing Moba games like mobile legends or just a list of Eden, right here it is safe, so take notes. For gamers, note the second screen resolution of Gracia 12 It is still SD Plus even though the competitors are like Redmi, Note, 9 or Phloem.

I can already give you a Full HD screen at approximately the same price. Maybe the light sensor has been renamed the front camera, but is not accurate because the screen is too dark. So in the end, I simply turn it off or the file, so that it won't be complicated for a cellphone that costs over $2 million, which I think is yes. The actress should have an auto brightness sensor which is more proper than this Hi stock,. Unfortunately, at this price, you can't get a Samsung. You have to have a dry MB stove like the Redmi or a staple of your own, for example, the Samaya but if it has to be from Samsung because it's the same u I really believe in this brand Garcia 12, it is ok. The numbers are relieved and the battery is also very durable.

The quality will not disappoint either, so it depends. Thanks for the comments, I hope the video is useful. Microsoft Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

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