Samsung Galaxy A12 for Beginners (Learn the Basics in Minutes) - Galaxy User Guide

In this video we will talk about how to use the Samsung Galaxy A12 for Beginners, hey everyone. If you want to stay current on all the new mobile technology and learn, cool tips, tricks and hidden features, please hit the subscribe button down below and tap the bell to turn on email notifications. So it can be loaded every time we post new videos today. We will go over how to use the Samsung galaxy a12 for beginners. We have a lot of cool things to show you that will help you get up to speed on using this phone watch to the very end.

I'm also going to end the video with showing how to set up the fingerprint sensor, so that you can unlock the phone using your finger, so stay tuned until the end and let's jump right in so first and foremost we just go over the buttons of the phone. Now also serves as the fingerprint sensor. It is kind of hard to see in my video here but the power button is located right below the volume, so volume up - and this is the power button here, and so once we have this fingerprint sensor setup. When you take your finger and you touch the power button, it will unlock your phone automatically, so keep tuned. The headphone jack will be located at the end of the video, the bottom of the phone, which is a type c charging port.

If you would like to purchase an additional charger for it, it is a type C connection for power on the left side of the phone. So in the box of your phone you'll have a tool that looks like this - put it into the little hole on the left side of the phone and push it will pop out your SIM tray, and you can put a memory card in here to expand your storage, as well as the sim card for the phone should already be in here, giving you your service. That will wake the phone and then take your finger and just drag it across the screen. You need to do it quickly or it will go back to sleep, take your finger and drag it across the screen like that, and we will not hold the phone here.

We go, it's kind of hard to do it with this angle but just move with the finger on the screen and drag it in and that will take you directly into the phone. Now this button is your best friend when you open one of these little programs or applications '' um. For example, if I wanted to make a call here and in here, I can dial a number and tap the green button to initiate a call. Whenever you tap it it will always bring you back to this main home screen on the left side. You will have what's called your recent apps button.

Now all these little applications come open when you tap on them and you'll be in that particular application or program and when you tap the home button it takes you back to the home screen but that application is still running in the background of the phone. If you want to return to one of those applications that you were using, you tap on the Recent apps button and this brings up a list of all the programs you were previously using so a few minutes ago we went to the phone app so you can see that it's still open. I was also earlier viewing youtube and this is the other application that we opened. So I can tap it now and it will take me back to that program. This is an easy way to just jump back into any program.

You were previously using another cool, uh, or important tip now. It's a good tip to tap the close all button, which will close all those programs, so that they are not running in the background and won't charge your battery faster. If you notice there are things running that you are not using you can tap that button to close them. Let's say I was scrolling down and then this time i said, Hey, I want to go to general management same thing I am in this setting. I can tap this button here and it now takes me back one step.

You take a step back from what you were doing, OK, so moving on to the next thing I want to go over is what is called the notification panel, and so if you put your finger in the top of the screen- and swipe down like this - you will have what's called your notification panel here you will find different shortcut switches which turn on and off certain settings on your phone as well you'll find different notifications from the applications you have installed. If you have a text message, it will be on this list. If someone has sent a new message to you as you download, more applications will find a lot more things in this list because all these applications are communicating directly with you through this message panel.

Now when you get a notification, if you read it and you are done with it, you can just click across it and that's how you get rid of it. So that's how you deal with notifications on the top of the screen. This is a switch for your wi-fi, your sound bluetooth, plane mode, your flashlight. I gonna just give you an example : If I tap it on this once I'm basically gonna turn off wi-fi. Now if you want to connect to your home, wi-fi specifically, you can take your finger and hold down on this button. So let's say you went to a friend's house and wanted to connect to their Wi-Fi network. If I tap on it one time, it put a line over the speaker, and the phone is now in vibration mode.

When I tap it again it is grayed out, which means that the sound is completely turned off and if I tap it again, that will turn the sound back on. You have a shortcut for the dark mode setting which is pretty cool. A tapping on this will change the theme of the phone from light to dark. All your settings will now have a dark background and when you want to turn it off, simply tap there and then it will switch back to the light. When you swipe down once in the upper right corner, you will see a wheel If you are trying to connect to a bluetooth speaker or headphones, you must definitely tap. Once it's lit it will bring up the bluetooth menu and show you all the available bluetooth devices that are around you, and then you'll need to bring your device in.

Put it in Bluetooth pairing mode and then select it on that list, and it will then allow you to connect your phone to your bluetooth device. The play store is now the one-stop shop for games, applications movies, music uh. All of it is found in that section, so we gonna tap that button on the Google Play Store now to do different things for different people. I have to first remember before getting to this main screen. So sign in to your Google or gmail account and if you do not remember a button that says forget password, which you can use to reset the password. If you don't have a Google account, there is a button at the bottom of the screen. This button is to tap and follow these instructions to create your account first and then it will be completed when that is finished.

Take you to this screen which is the Google Play Store now you'll notice at the bottom of the screen, you'll find the various sections so games, apps and tv and books. I did mention earlier that there could be music in here, and that was a mistake. You come to the top of the screen where it says search for apps and games tap in the box and you can either type Ubi with your finger, just like that and then make a search for it and hey. If you see this green button and it does not tell you to install instead, then it has a price. So beware; if you aren't thinking to install something that is a paid application, you might end up paying.

I'm going to tap this green button to install Uber and you'll see that this little green circle is spinning as it first downloads the application and then OK installs it on the phone. You will need to swipe up, and this is where you'll find all the applications on the phone. So there is this page, you can swipe left to find more of your applications, and there is our uber app we just downloaded and we can simply tap it to open it up and start using it. That all your google applications have, so tap here and you'll find your chrome browser, which is what you use to go on the internet, your gmail application, and youtube. Google Maps photos all your other things just like that. Next, I want to show you how to make a phone call and how to send a text message.

You just want to go through some of those other basic details. So we kind of showed this earlier, but I want to show it one more time if you go to the phone app and you simply tap on keypad and then just type the phone number and then tap this green button to start the call, so you will enter the zip code and the phone number green button now and that will start the call, if someone is calling you, you see two buttons at the bottom of your screen. Here you will tap on the blue circle, and this will allow you to start a new message at the top. You'll first enter the phone number that you want to text. So I'm going to enter a number here.

So there's my phone number and then I'll tap in this little white box here and then I can criss-cross this little circle to send the message and that's how you send a text message: Okay. Next I want to quickly go over how to take a picture at the bottom of the screen. This is your camera button, and opening it up will allow you to take pictures um. If you want to switch the back camera, tap here and then we switch it to the rear camera and then tap on this little white button here to take the picture after you take a picture. All right - and the last thing that I promised was that we would go over how to setup the fingerprint sensor. So you can unlock the phone using your thumb or whatever finger you have.

You decide to unlock it so we're going to swipe down from the top of the screen with that setting wheel in the upper right corner from here. We gonna go to the lock screen section and then we need to tap on the screen, lock type so tap there and then we're going to come down to fingerprints. Then, whenever you set up a fingerprint unlock or face unlock, always have a backup code or pattern in case that function stops working. However, you'll still be able to get into the phone. So in this case, I'm going to set up a pin and I'm going to make the pen 0 0 0 0, then hit next and type 0, 0, 0 0. Next will be my backup in the event my fingerprint sensor ever stops.

Now I am working, I pick up the phone and i'm programing my thumb to be the button I use to unlock the phone. Just gonna start to place it on the sensor and try to move it in different ways. It looks like something happened when we set up the fingerprint and we will need to go back and do it a second time. We just go back to the settings to unlock, screen and then go to the screen, lock type we're going to put in our pin and then we are going to take our finger and begin to tap the button so that the phone can learn all our fingerprint and it makes it easy to unlock when it's time, once it is added you can always add more than one fingerprint.

So if you just tap add, you can add various fingers that I'm going to hit done now we're going to lock the phone by tapping the power button, and now if you notice, I don't have to wake up the phone to unlock it. The screen is already off and I can just take my finger and put it on the sensor and it turns off the phone exactly like that. So that is how you set up the fingerprint sensor, so that you can unlock the phone with your fingers. Hope you found this video helpful for everyone. Video and check these out too they'll teach you more cool things that you can do on this phone, take care and, as always, have a good one..

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