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Hello, guys, MB again on Bae cellphone channel Okay, in this video, I just want to make a simple video story with you guys about the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A13. Okay, so from a quadrilateral it tells me the first weakness I really felt on the Samsung Galaxy Aduateen : Sorry to be mentioned BTW, it is raining outside! Okay, the first downside of the Samsung Galaxy Y 12 is the screen, I think that is the screen: it's not uncommon for a cellphone that costs 2 plus an additional, where it still is 720p. The resolution uses a TFT panel from Samsung without looking at the specs. Iphone verification is sometimes like thinking that this HP screen isn't sharp enough.

Ningsih Sasak, when I watch bananas, YouTube for gaming or scrolling The original screen is not sharp, I think it is a weakness on a cellphone that costs more than two million. This is a cellphone, so it is still easy to use the screen. The second thing about this cellphone is that its performance is not optimal. It really feels like it is time to play games. For example, I'm happy with the mobile legends. Now this is for the Samsung Galaxy, a 12v P2 million. The performance is similar to this 1 million HP, This Helio p35 feels less than optimal for playing games that is really fun playing games on HP and it's a serious push like this.

This cellphone seems in my opinion unworthiness where it often feels like a frame dropped and then when there is a war it goes like the saying says. It's really serious, so for those of you who are juicers or want to buy phones with the intention of being used for gaming or gaming users like to play games on cellphones I don't think that this is worth it, buy a sauna gasoline brand cell phone, where I've used, MediaTek, Helio, p70, 80, g9, 585 I. Think it's already worth it to play the game smoothly. It is really smooth, just for the social media, the application opens and closes. Even though this cell phone is not Hi it's too loud, the diarrhea is a little slow, then it's still safe. The third drawback is that it takes a long time to charge, yes.

It takes about an hour to charge, only 35 percent. This includes old, and indeed, if we look at the specifications of the meter, it still does charging at 15 Watts. When we stop at a road or a mosque or a gas station, we start for a while, It's like it doesn't feel good to be nervous. If the Javanese say it's like rushing it is not good, so the test can be said to take a long time, so okay. The fourth Quran is just my opinion,. I also feel that it is quite heavy when it weighs 205 G so for one-handed use. It is enough for 8 more if you like, to add a casing to this cellphone. I'm used to keeping my cell phone 200 grams of Yogurt, I. If you have troubles like that, okay, I've been talking about the drawbacks that make you pessimistic,.

Maybe now I will talk about the advantages, so that you are optimistic, those who really want to fix, buy a Samsung A12 or purchased it,. Sorry, because there are advantages, too, guys, it's not about the drawbacks, then we have to look around. The advantage is also to judge something to be more grateful for the handjoy Okay, The first advantage is in terms of memory, which is really big in my opinion, where HP is 2 million, but a little bit. Those of you who like to collect applications, many photo editing, applications, social media applications here and there, Instagram Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp shopee shopping here and there and Jenny only has one application, lots of shopees.. Bukalapak.

Tokopedia is very strong for collecting techniques and collecting video or photographic data. It's still crazy, it's still rare in other brands, with 2 million HP already got that big memory, nice Samsung. The second advantage is that it is really durable in terms of battery life. If you look at the battery specifications, it is probably the same as the 5000mh cellphones of today, but because here the mix is already epic It's really a 720P layer and then the chipset is power-efficient, which doesn't include a loud bang. The MediaTek Helio p35 is a matching combination in terms of layers and performance which is probably not optimal if in such a way.

Yeah, I've never been out in one day like that so this cellphone is really ready for those of you who like using cell phones full of people lying down or people taking walks there and there or online motorcycle taxis or outdoor workers. This cellphone battery life is really crazy. I forgot when was the last time I charged this cell phone. The battery in my opinion is good, so it lasts a long time, but the battery life is also longer. The third advantage on this cell phone is the complete camera. Maybe it is very difficult to get 2 million cellphones The 50 cameras are completed. GS is still rare in other brands, for example infinix, opo or Vivo is banned. Samsung is a big brand but has provided a complete camera..

macro lens, if you like photos like Bokeh cameras, DSLR cameras, portraits, like that. This can also be used as a camera for Bokeh photos. Okay then this fourth advantage I really feel too and Hi Could, my reason be happy with a Samsung cellphone that you will feel compared to other brands, particularly if it is not from the user interface or interface Yes, from the beginning Samsung knows, It is also not complicated but the main features for the operation on the user are. The interface, this display or this application or setting is really good and remember. There aren't any, okay, now it's time to close and conclude whether this Samsung Galaxy, a 12 is worth a buy a class for a price of 2 million debatch, in my opinion.

If you are a user that uses a cellphone, there is a game or you like to play, it is clear that there are still many A cell phones that has a much better diesel than Shaina brands for camping. The screen has to be good on this cellphone in my opinion. It's finally like a 2 million cell phone and for those of you who are simply people who want a cellphone used for internal use, it's also safe for long term use. There are no ads using a Samsung, cell phone. Wow, I..

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