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This is the most Wahid Samsung handset at the moment, In my opinion the price starts from two and a half million for the 4 GB RAM variant with 128 GB of internal memory and the price for 6 GB RAM variant with 128 GB internal memory is 2.8 million. Yes, the internal memory is really big and this cell phone is six and a half inches thick. The chipset uses a Helio P35 in size. The battery is fast charging at 5000 mh 15 watts. Then as in my life I will discuss more about the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy A12. During the day and at night, I will test the camera for photos and videos. Thank you to the eternal cream mobile phone shop.

So for friends who want to buy cellphones ne, the first Samsung for those of you who are in your Jogja area, I stopped Prima Abadi because Prima Abadi partners May from Samsung, Grace is at church. No. 12 : I’ll write the link to the address in the description. Let's talk about it from the specifications of the Galaxy A12 cellphone camera Samsung. The rear camera is the main impact with a resolution of 48,000, exciting Then. The second 5 megapixel resolution is an ultra white camera. The third resolution is a macro camera with 2 megapixels. The fourth has a 2 megapixel resolution for the Bokeh or Depok effect camera also. Then the front camera has an 8 megapixel resolution. Let’s now check what tours are on the Samsung Galaxy cellphone camera.

Oh, the first twelve is the focus of the attack from the far left. Let's not put the flu as usual here, yes. The largest is full SD, 30 FPS and for the front camera is the biggest flash at 30 FPS. There is a Pro mode, feature, modem, steering or a panorama, macro photos and food photos. Now let's check the picture on the front camera from the front camera is live focus Okay, then there is a photo now. This can be used for single selfies and white Selvia. The features in the Samsung Galaxy A12 cellphone camera. As long as we intentionally ice this cellphone camera for photos and videos during the day and night, the results are sharp of the Samsung A12 main camera. Clear, color soft denim lens is pretty good. For this big camera photo blur effect.

The fate of the world is smooth, but sometimes it looks a little I'm not very neat, the main camera for photos, the results are not sharp, The main camera, but the colours and teaching techniques are still okay. The Samsung Galaxy A12 is not as clear as the sharp dance of the Samsung Series a. The other one for selfies, the front camera softens the face slightly. Even though I don't blame beauty for this low light feature, the quality is slightly reduced to the child. Blur the separation, so the results are still good. Okay, now let's test together using the rear camera of Samsung Galaxy A12 during the day at UFC resolution like this, for cruelty colors and the list of house pictures. The light is immediately very bright, not the overexposure when the drops are stable.

What is the result? If for example, under Geni Motion, if you want to switch to the Ultra wet camera, you can't, then you have to turn it off first and then switch to Ultra white. I hope that you can do the recording of the day with the back camera of Samsung Galaxy a 12 at Full HD resolution, Okay now. Firstly, let's test the video using the Ultra white camera to the main camera earlier. The mode to the camera can't be. Then you have to turn it off first and then switch to the Ultra-Wasser camera, The results are like this for sharpness and detail of the picture. No, yes, he is reduced. The results are like this: it does not work against my camera ; acne and scars are still good, still good. Ok. Now we test the Samsung A12 front camera during the day, the front camera is good, so sharp.

So my face is clearly visible, is it? Concrete, my hand closes the result like this. This sharpness is very careful, yes the front camera is difficult. The leaf color is good, sharp, etc.! Video recording drops at night, using a Samsung A12, the rear camera, yes, India ultrasound resolution, then brought to the shelves. This quality is sharp and decreases because the light is not enough. The price is 2 million dollars still standard for the Nasir rear camera. Now we test the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, video recording when it's slow, when the front camera is on Hi, I'm still optimistic, yes, it is still visible but it's disturbed by noise. Writing is already quite loud so it's not as clear during the day but is still pretty sharp.

It's still okay, you don't become a part of your boyfriend. The camera is okay, but it is still within the standard quality standards for Samsung cellphone camera. Now we discuss the shortcomings of this cellphone camera.. The first thing I felt was the world effect. Sometimes the results look less tidy. The Samsung Galaxy A 12 macro camera is not as good as the Samsung Series a before if it's for the necessity of everyday activities, such as worrying about maps for entertainment, watching YouTube or netflix and playing this game, It's really good, I can recommend this cellphone for friends who like to play Mobile Legends games, because it's used to play Mobile, Legends and really care for you.

That's info that I can share this time about the quality of the Samsung Galaxy A12 cell phone, camera, I hope the video is useful for friends. If you like it for example please like, comment, share and subscribe for those who haven’t yet, thanks for the video..

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