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Hey to all the guys today, I do the review Samsung Galaxy A12 model a127f. There has already been the galaxy a12 practically last year of the model a125f. What changes in a nutshell between this a12 and the a12 last year is only the processor, the intact graphics card. It is therefore the China Convention where the manuals and the warranty card are available. This is the phone then this, then the quick charger then charges the battery in which index did so. They were right to put a charger with the quick charge and then the type c cable which is obviously a standard is the pin for the Micro SD, in addition, is obviously missing headphones, but still not a problem. It is well held in the hand for a little slide d.

After saying that the 21, then the smartphone looks more or less very good as a design and also as a quality. Only what changes is the design on which the back does not change for the rest, between 12 to 127, flm, cmd, 127 f. We turn on the device then screen 6 and a half inches in eps and 60 hertz 270 dpa, the process, the exynos 8508, nanometers, Oktagon, 2, gb, graphics, card, Mali, G52, dual memory, 64gb etc. However it is not welfare 2.1 but still it is good expandable up to a terabyte of microsd.

However, the 4 gb of ram ddr 4x camera then 48, megapixel, f, 2.0, with HDR autofocus, 5, megapixel, wide angle, f, 2.2, 2, megapixel of the 2 megapixel bokeh effect flash microphone, the trolley sim, as we have already mentioned, headphone jack dual microphone and type c port high glue on the key off with fingerprint e and volume rocker down e on the front camera of 8, megapixel So you do single-band chapeau route to all, gps in the film chip, bluetooth 5.0 and 4g, and 4g up to 600 megabits oh well 5,000 battery less than 15 watts fast charge and in any case, as said, height dimension.

We go on the unlocking of the phone so already, as you can already see, I recognized the digital system so fair and it is very or lightning fast and snappy in unlocking the device. But obviously, you don't have to click but already by supporting the button, so you already know that the device immediately locks. So I can tell you that the lightning bolts, ps of 60 hertz of dis with the ing vi is very precise. As you can see, then the display can be seen well, even under the sun, but obviously at maximum brightness, the audio is, as you hear them, but in any case it feels more or less strong and with the bass, the audio, if you put it a little more slowly, you hear the bass of the speaker more.

Here we have the phone, then the message book gallery, which we go there after accommodation, which is obviously also the alarm clock, timer, timer calendar here you can still manage many things and then we have the archive that we can obviously manage the SD card, the internal memory and cut from other things, and then we have sun, sun ott. You see that they are all very similar, Microsoft word, but good as it is anyway, I had to calculator here. So we have the average from its original, which is then part of the weather. Channel and I show the settings briefly. After that, we have the settings connected, then the notifications on the screen.

We therefore have the eye protection and night mode and oh well then zoom screen and we have the navigation screen that is currently the gesture. You can still change the icons, the themes wallpapers you can an than buying both from the Galaxy store. Mercedes lock screen so we also have a fingerprint but also a facial one. However, that is not iris and facial and then we have a specialized feature such as the android bus and the movements with gestures. We can then activate it as updates as the android 11 smartphone will arrive with the one way 3.1 Co. We then have the device assistance that we can see the memory battery.

Le monde has storage memory, manage the self protection device everywhere, upright game, the angel, evidently a envelope of for the suns games, a member for promotions, assistance, community, and of course, and quant will show you the wifi speed test immediately. Then you can say that single-band wifi is therefore not dual band. Thus the speed and limited type of wifi you see may have had a maximum of 30 mag in single band in download. Obviously, in two bands it had much more I will show you immediately Internet as how we then go hdblog immediately as it turns and flows in the interior then finds the processor fast enough, maybe on the site of the point more or less. Here it changes or in any case the speed of the connection.

Obviously we have the top news of gods directly on the samsung internet. I will show you the keyboard, because the Night mode is currently activated. So we have the motions then can download also the stickers, the gifs, and the good thing is that we can translate them Write it on Google in english and translates it like hello. Of course, you can also do it by voice what is missing, samsung the bay, so he lacks NFC, but in any case you can pay up manga bisbee on this manner anyways. However, we are online is very fast from april the apps. But it's already okay that I'll show you how the game turns in any way.

I'll show you the curtain first and then the curtain is almost the same things we said: gps, you fabio all protecting or even a night mode, energy saving code scanning Qr, the wifi, router scans nearby Share the Dolby Atmos and obviously you have to activate it only via the headphone jack and then let's see how the c da the game runs very well gen. So for example, there is no mett at this moment for play, store, plus gallery. Let's put this application here in the split screen, the name. Does it mine were able to make 7 October of maximum mockery and about two days of autonomy charge to the company battery to 100 percent. So there is three hours the camera I immediately show the photos I took.

Then this was a very short video, oh well, as you can see the video is good, yes because then there is also the Zoom and of ten for that fact is the photo good in low light. There are the details, but it is certainly a pity that 2 megapixels are, so the photo is perhaps very small, however. Here we can edit as photo editing, we can cut, we can put the effects, we can change brightness and contrast and anything else. Here we can write the big moves that we can draw. This is the wide angle one here we have flash timer so the normal one. Now we can shoot or with the 12 thousand pixels, because it is already standard or 48 megapixels. If we set close, it already focuses, but obviously in the Wind Bulletin for the price range, it is okay.

Obviously close to see we placed close, it is better seen when one normally takes photos, then we have the video mode that I can tell you that runs in full HD maximum. For if we go to make a video, however, we can neither zoom nor go so you have to do double smartphones from mid range onwards. Instead, to the top of the range of samsung also allows you to make the video wide angle that is to manage as you want. The front camera can also be turned to put flash here. Then we have the panorama, the food mode and the Pro in the self.

I have videos and photos and maybe even portrait here, so we have the camera settings, then photos and the hdr is already there automatically, high - efficient video and then in any case there was a goal even the watermark and photos and resolution and quality are fine. Here we also still have dynamic, lock wallpapers that can change backgrounds on any case every 30 seconds or paula, each unlocking the themes that we can still buy both for a fee and the free ditto for the same backgrounds for icons that the rest of that can change.

Reality conclusion the pros that I give to this galaxy at 12, the new galaxy at 12, then, first of all, the unlocking is lightning fast, as you can see, then unlocking then limbo digital world lightning, a good congo display you can see well, but I would have preferred a full HD test. Well hd. Okay as well because he does not want to spend so much and good high slinging. He felt as well as the music in spite of this, but obviously does not come from the stage. He feels a good reception of 4g data and networks to call it is quite good speed, so in the first opening of the applications and very fast in the games. Obviously it is at the beginning slightly slow but there is still it is quite fluid.

Good photos light is summoned that, with the natural light outside, even the videos that the camera loved, however it surprised 4x DDR ram. This is a good thing, so g l, the system is a very fast and a long runtime. Here also the ndi of the battery, specially because the big battery and good network reception, are the good thing of course, the guaranteed updates that every 2 3 months and receives the smartphone. However, the leap there was better than the cons of last year, that instead there are beautiful things. This display resolution goes well, but in any case it is not the single band wifi, at least in my opinion it would have been better a wifi of two bands and then you, then generation but it's okay. So yes, the samsung services of Bisanzio TV Plus goes well.

In the end, we have that of Google which can be much more comfortable in the end and then finally the badiola radio fm obviously lacks a little slide so I suggest you put a cover and the veto. Evidently, like joe you already see, there is a little bit of lining of fingerprints immediately so I suggest you to clean it several times. It's worth me today from a 7 and half vote, because I obviously come from smartphones. If you have information, something has a doubt about what it is then I will reply immediately after leave a like in the video Subscribe to the channel and we'll see you so the next review, thanks to all..

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