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Today, you will know 7 reasons why the users continue to use samsung at 12 in the middle of 2022. I also remind you that we are in the anniversary month of Daslor and celebrated together by raffles, a new motorola g31 when we reach 20,000 subscribers. Now, yes, and without giving more laps, let's go the video, we should start with the first ones we have in sight which is the design and dimensions of this phone with 16 about 4 centimeters long, 89 millimeters thick and a weight of 205 grams in its hand. The caseing has a very specific double texture, to which fingerprints do not adhere as easily.

You will have the volume volume and down, and the power button that also fulfills the function of the fingerprint reader personally very comfortable to this position fingerprint reader much more than the samsung that has on its screen. The USB ports types of jacks, but headphone speakers and main microphone are grouped in the lower part of Argentina. It can also be placed a microsd to a terabyte of capacity with wired headphones and a 15 watt charger, which corresponds to the maximum load this equipment supports memory.

This phone is available in two versions of 64 and 128 gb, of which about 23 gigabytes belong to Android 11 operating system and the wang yu white 3.1 customization layer in its trimmed version, also supports expansion of micro sd to up to a terabyte. This results in a very efficient multitasking with the ability to have many green applications. Its screen called infinite resolution, hd plus with 6.5 inches diagonal aspect ratio, 20 or less and technology has a very good rendition of colors and maximum brightness acceptable enough, but have a very good outdoor experience. When considering the range of this equipment you can use forget-me technology and a 9 band equalizer when using headphones.

As it is custom the brand, you can enable the panel as it unfolds from an almost imperceptible tab on one side from which you will access multiple applications and you can select the ones you use the most. In addition to the dark mode options, blue color, filter for night hours, I will leave you a few seconds for some examples of sound images with this Samsung with 12 cameras in this section, Samsung decided to provide this model with four cameras on the back design. We almost traced the black lexicon 22 and that it has a 48-megapixel main sensor with a 5-megapixel triangular 1 macro and another for a forest of 2 megapixels.

Each front is 8 megapixels with which you can capture very good photographs, especially during the day or with good lighting, and it puts interactive filters in a mode but somewhat basic, panoramic mode of Ccoo, picks, macro mode with the lens dedicated to portrait mode with different blur levels, both with combination of the rear sensors, with face detection and autofocus or by software with the front camera. You can also use the ultra-wide mode which changes seamlessly between the sensors, a detail that improves the user experience. The front camera also has a more linear mode for self and group, but with respect to video the fixed focus and without face detection.

A 30 frames per second does not feature Hyperlapse, Slow Motion or optical stabilization or digital connectivity, although it is one of the entry-level models of the Samsung range, usb type c. 3.5 mm jack ports for wireless connection to the 2 or 4 gb wifi network, direct bluetooth, 5.0 nearby for nearby devices, quick access to the 4g lte network. Through a single sim, though in other Latin American countries it is without a doubt marketed by dual The non-removable 5000 milliamp lithium of this Samsung at 12 is a good reason to buy it.

It will give you many hours of active screen and if you need it you can activate one of the two energy saving modes and thus peacefully reach two days of use with a single recharge which will take less than two hours due to the 15 watt charge included in its packaging, Although the power of the Helio p, 35 processor does not stand out for its exceptional performance will positively contribute to the autonomy of this model with a marked orientation toward reproduction.

n of multimedia content, including games in an excessive graphic load price The sum of all these features combined with a moderately accessible price makes the Samsung a 12 an extremely tempting option and that most users who already had a phone will like it of the brand and analyzes changing it for this alternative of 64 or 128 gb. Since a couple of weeks ago it decided to launch the samsung at 03 with 128 gigabytes of internal storage that we will soon have in the channel thanks to taylor people. In conclusion, if you had expected a exceptional performance or an amoled screen from this Samsung, I am sorry to tell you that it is not the indicated option.

If you are looking for a very good quality phone for a child, an elderly person or simply to renew it that perhaps with 16 gigabytes of internal memory left, I tell you that this Samsung is a very good option since it can be considered a midrange phone due to its characteristics in terms of camera, storage, battery and build quality. Again, I want to thank Daslor people for having made this video possible. If you like this video I invite you to like comments and, of course, subscribe. I hope that you are very well and see you in the next bye..

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