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The 5.83 HD, + TF T infinity display, together with the teardrop notch on the front, which holds a 5 megapixel front camera [Music] you can see the display edge to edge. The rear has an LED flash with an 8 megapixel main camera, no fingerprint sensor on this model. That would be the Galaxy 820 I just wanted to clarify between the two phones be sure to check out our video as well on that. The top is a noise cancelling, microphone and below. Usually people assume that because it has a port of type C that makes it a quick charger device automatically.

In this case, the body is sleek and gives that nice reflective / plastic appearance, but I'm not a fan of the plastic housing, and that's because this is a dust and a fingerprint I wipe off the dust right before I took this shot and after a few seconds you can see a little bit of dust again, not only that this housing can easily get scratched. It's not too bulky or heavy or anything I haven't heard of complaints yet. The front camera has a facial recognition line once he installed it. Of course you have always two traditional methods for unlocking via pin or pattern lock. Video playback is amazing on this display the colors really shine and stay out of the daylight and outside light.

It's a great racing and car game with storylines. If you haven't played any of these Need for Speed games, then this is pretty good. You don't get this lag that you would feel with older model phones because of the processor on which the Chrome is running. Even the display is pretty vivid with all the colors and cutscenes, the other game I wanted to show. You are an art hero because it has brighter colors with different variations and it shows a well balanced display with no problems. You get your basic camera layout when you open the camera app on this phone. I took some photos which I will post to this side and you can see how well they turned out what i meant in the video recording.

Even with the close-up chefs all-in-all, the Samsung Galaxy 8 Honey is saying that the sin for its competitors is pretty high, but the feature in this pack is word for the price that does not break the wallet. If you liked this video please feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel if you are new here or if you are not already on the next time (see later [Music])..

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