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This is a review on the Galaxy A10, so this phone is not the best, but it really does work and it if you don't use it for heavy things.

The standard icons can get you and actually use them, but not that you define him, but the phone is pretty good until it comes to calling your friend and putting your phones on the tiny thing that holds it on your bike and trying to take it off to show your friend your bike and being on the street, because my attorney said the good thing is that it isn't shattered throughout this game and it falls for the first time out, but sometimes it falls from the bed, luckily I don't draw it from like the I would have another one and something I don't really like about this phone is that you can barely find cases for it because it's very unknown because oh yeah that's the thing, it's very unknown and I can never find the cases for it and I suppose.

I think- and it has the very small notch glued there and it's a 4g phone. You can not use um a 5g with it and something that you are very cheap yeah. The original price on the original samsung website is 120, but if you buy it, but from metro, PCs, it's 60 dollars and the thing is that they have the network and lookout that you can use.

The network unlock app that it has and you can use it with other careers, for example I use it with T-Mobile, but something about it is that you still get the startup from metro by t-mobile for example, and see this is the 810 e by android obviously see this? I have a t-mobile sim card on it and I use that sim card with data and all that stuff, but it still gets this and it doesn't matter if it's Verizon t-mobile 18 tracfone total wireless. Even though you unlock it, you still get the device startup and camera quantity which is obviously interesting for girls. I only use it to film tick tocks and yes, I have tick tock and it is just one basic and also front camera.

I've literally used it, like I don't know the front camera five times or something I don't even know, but I guess it's also basic and normal. Let me check this very fast to get the game. I think you go into the settings about your phone. It is just my phone number and my humanum and the imei of the phone through software information here. Android version and my camera is running out of battery. For today my camera runs out of battery. Also, be sure to subscribe with the button if you like my content, which is literally like two videos and that's it, unless you like the review and the phone, I recommend you buying it..

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