Samsung Galaxy A10e Review In 2021 | Still Worth Getting? - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys, it's gara and welcome to the Samsung Galaxy A10E unboxing review. You guys wanted to see it it in its total wireless box, but I'm sure you can also get it in different carriers too. If you want to take a look at this, you can pause the video my equipment is failing me, guys of course perfect. That's what I call content the box may differ depending on what carrier you now get. This is my first attempt to open up the front panel.

I lost the phone out of here that would have been bad okay, so here is the phone itself, I'm going to push it on the side for a minute while I take the stuff out of the box, then we have a good look at what is the quick reference manual, so here? Oh, if you guys, can see that it's pretty tiny, is our little sim card opener. I don't know Sean that you would know more about this, because I have never had a fancy phone with a SIM card opener, because this is my kind of phone. This is the Galaxy luna j3 and I have had this phone for about two to three years. The back button has failed me and the quality is not very great 720p. I needed something as a secondary camera, so this will work well because it should shoot in 1080p 30 frames.

I was an idiot and sean wasted about an hour at walmart. Do your research now this phone is around 99 dollars in store, plus tax, you’re looking at about 105 106 or our charger. I have noticed here that the charger is the uh Personally, I have never owned a phone with this type of charger, but I have seen other people who have it much like sean's uh, Galaxy, S9 plus, and Michael's Galaxy s9. Before we take a look at this phone, I'll go ahead and pop it on the charger. So that way it is charged and you guys can see what the actual phone looks like.

So for my safety, I've already left out the little red book that would come in here, but it would usually have your phone number and some other valuable information that you would probably not want to publicly share. So, that's what our camera would look like in that, it's a rubber product that has a slot for your power button and your volume button for the main pull off here as you can see. Oh, it slid right out. There's our little plastic bit as you can see. There's the lens and light bolt here next to each other and also the Samsung branding there as well. So now we have a clean look at the phone here, I'll give you guys a full 360. front side, back side, top and bottom looking all very great and I'm smudged the screen with my fingerprints.

I have already taken care of this, but you pop that in there- and I just guess you kind of push it right, Sean push it a little bit more. Yeah, it takes a little bit of force. It takes a little bit of force if it feels like it goes. So you can see the little hole there that it goes into and here's your little boy, you can pop him back out, make sure you don't lose him too, and now that we have that slid out we'll go ahead and put my memory into this phone and get this data transferred.

If you want a really simple case and you don't want to spend a lot of money I could have gotten a stronger case but as you can see here, I slipped on there pretty good so we will be back when I get setup on this phone. Looks pretty good here my unsupported sd card that I still need to format you here. Second page you can add pages to that and if you slide down, you get access to all your apps and, of course, you know that we can test it out by checking stuff out. The package is here, very good discord, very clean. Remember always to hold it a little sideways at a time when you are filming all right. This is a test of the new Samsung galaxy a10e - you are right Sean. Yes, it might be a little loud so we are testing audio and video quality.

Let us know in the comments what you personally think about this phone yep. The quality differs between this and one of my other videos of the camera. Look, better change ratio turn the flash on. Of course it didn't select it here, and you can come up here and change the resolution. If I wanted to I could shoot it in 720, but yeah guys. I suppose that does it for this review, if you like it Drop a Like If you want more, hit the subscribe button and the bell and never miss an upload! More videos will come shortly..

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