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This is kevin from smartphone review pro and this is the Samsung Galaxy A10e. Despite that, it is still offered by a variety of different carriers, and I think you can still buy the unlocked phone factory online. Now this specific variant of the phone is the metro-tower model of t-mobile. It is still very ideal for watching content, whether that is videos or going on social media. With this phone we get 19 and a half by nine aspect ratio, we get a water drop notch at the top and the screen to body ratio with this phone is 81.4 percent. Now we get a 5 megapixel front-facing camera internally, with the phone we get 32 gigabytes of internal storage with Microsd card expansion.

There's no wireless charging with the a10e and also no fingerprint sensor - unlike many other phones from the A series - but we do get face unlock with this device. Now with this device we have two gigabytes of ram and we have the Samsung Exynos 7884 CPU. Now, I ran a benchmark with the phone, and I got a single core score of 212 and a multicore score of 529. So surely nothing too fantastic there, but this device is kind of a lower end, a series smartphone anyway, so really you shouldn't expect too much with it. Now that that being said, even though the specifications of this phone are not too great it is still usable.

Navigating around the phone is not a problem at all and if you are looking for a device for casual social media, also for occasional video viewing but mostly for calls and text messages, then the a10e will definitely get the job done for you. So you may want to get a bit of a higher end or even look into an older S-series phone by Samsung. Currently video recording with this device is maxed at 1080p and we get a 3 000 milliamp hour internal battery. So the battery capacity is not necessarily that large, especially compared to the other, series devices.

Unfortunately however, I recently received the security patch for Dec 1st 2020 so it is disappointing that it hasn't yet got Android 10, and really at this point I would say that they should skip it and go to Android 11, but I don't really know what to expect as far as updates with this device go. Due to it not having a whole lot of memory and too powerful a processor, so really for the purposes that you would eventually get this phone anyway, you are not missing out on anything and again I am grateful that we at least get the most up-to-date security patch because that is probably the most important thing when it comes to updates. We then have the option to zoom in a little bit further, but it does still use the main camera on the device, there is also a pro mode.

Unfortunately, as far as the video quality and the photo quality go really, it is pretty impressive when you think that this is a lower end, a series phone so you are gonna at least be able to take pictures and videos that are usable but if you do want more advanced features like portrait mode or even a macro camera you are gonna have to go with a different device to get those features. This is the t-mobile Variante by Metro and I do apologize for not being in the best condition. You can see metro by t-mobile but we'll open this up and look, whoops it all is just falling out. In two different languages we have also two quick reference guides. We have a USB-C cable for charging and data transfer.

We have a usb wall adapter for charging and a sim card removal tool. Despite being a low-end series device, it still feels nice and high quality certainly does not feel cheap of course now the materials are not necessarily the highest end out there, as the phone is made completely from plastic. Besides the display is glass, but again everything feels nice and solid here and really no issues when it comes to that now, taking a look at the front panel we do have that water drop notch up top now the successor of this phone, the a11 has a hole punch located to the upper left. Instead of a water drop, which is pretty interesting, I am curious which form factor prefers to have.

But again, let me know if you prefer a hole, punch, or a notch, or a pop-up front-facing camera. Now when we look at the left side of the device, we simply have the slot for microsd card and sim card, then on the right side of the phone. We have the port Usbc for charging and data transfer. One of the major differences between the a10 and the a10e is that with the a10e we have the usbc port, while the regular a10 has micro usb on the bottom and then a look at the back side of the device, not much. We have just the camera module, which includes a camera and a flash, and then we have the Samsung logo and then the back of the phone is also a bit reflective and does pick up scratches fairly easily, but that is to be expected for a device like this one.

Videos here now look good again due to the display being pretty decent. Unfortunately, videos do max out at 720p but again things look perfectly fine. But if you want a more immersive experience, you can definitely do that now, one downside, but this is pretty consistent with most a series. The important thing about phones is that audio comes only from the main speaker, so on some other devices like moto g power for example, you get audio coming not only from the main speaker but also from the earpiece, so that makes it great if you are streaming video content or listening to music, because it makes things more immersive. The actual speaker itself is nice and loud. In conclusion, is the Samsung Galaxy a10e worth buying in 2021.

Well, one thing is for sure: there's definitely a lot of competition out there, both from Samsung with their other phones and from other brands. I know that moto g power can be purchased factory unlocked for a very affordable price and I would certainly recommend it. Pretty much everything this phone does but also gives you other features related to the cameras. I don't think that getting this phone would be a mistake by any means, but just like I said there are so many other options out there I'm not sure in any situation if I would put this phone on top of my list, mainly because it is missing quite a few features that are important to me.

The face unlock really does work decently well, but I really wish that they would have given us a fingerprint sensor, as that is really my preferred way of putting phones and then just having one camera on the back and no portrait mode, and definitely not having an ultra wide angle. A somewhat more immersive experience does take away from the camera with this phone again. This phone would certainly be a good option, but since there are a bunch of different devices that are pretty much the same price and that give you way more features and probably better performance, it is difficult to recommend the Samsung galaxy a10e in 2021. But again, I want to clarify if you really want to get this phone for some reason and I don't think it is really a big mistake.

Overall I think this is a good device, but things are competitive now more than ever before, but I hope you've enjoyed this video about the Samsung Galaxy a10e..

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