Samsung Galaxy A10e First Impressions 24 hours later! - Galaxy User Guide

What the down is my friends its RJ here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy a 10 e. Now if you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck is this phone that’s, okay, the a 10 e is a part of Samsung ’s budget smartphone lineup called the A series where their phones range anywhere between 180 and 700 US dollars. It only has 32 gigabytes of storage, it runs Samsung's older Exynos, 7, 88, 4, B processor and here's the kicker. So you are stuck with Android 9 pi, but wait before you tune out and close this video completely. In my opinion the a-10 e is for consumers who are obviously on a budget consumers curious about the Samsung ecosystem but they don't want to spend a grand to get in it and that I personally think that this phone is wait for your children.

If you have kids and are looking for their first smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy 8 would be the way to go. It's not too big to hold in the hands of the kids. It is very narrow and the screen is only five point, eight inches high and you are getting a lot of cell phones for your money. In fact, if you walked up to me on the streets and you hidden this phone and told me to guess exactly how much is based on built quality alone, I would guess anywhere between the $300 to the five hundred dollar range only based on build quality. It charges via USB C - a plus to the front design of this phone - doesn't feel obsolete. There is a tiny chain towards the bottom and there are some bezels around the sides, but nothing too drastic.

There is also a tear drop on the back to not house the five megapixel front facing camera. I haven't had a chance to test the camera fully but took a few shots and they look pretty decent [Music]. If you guys want to watch the full review on the Samsung Galaxy 810, II I will drop it later this week so make sure you guys are subscribed and have the bail notification. In fact, half the flagships we have today, 2019 uses Samsung OLED panels, so on the Samsung Galaxy 810 II I did not expect the display to be crap. Be surprised to learn that this phone can unlock via facial recognition at $179. It does take a full second to unlock the device, but I am not really complaining about that, because based purely on price alone.

A facial recognition is nice to have battery life on this device should theoretically be really good based on the fact that it has a 3000 milliamp hours battery, and it also has Samsung AMOLED panel which doesn't drain much battery in my previous testing. I had this device for about 24 hours so I have not really had a chance to try it properly out. I'll probably push it to the limits with some graphic, intense games and I want to test the battery life full. I'll provide you guys with the full breakdown on the screen on time that I get with this phone with the graph and like I do with all my reviews. If it's your first time on the channel, make sure you guys are subscribed and have the bail notice.

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