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Okay, there so in this video my mic is crooked, but in me testing the galaxy, a 10Es camera and how well that performs to nothing else but themselves, see how well it performs at 1080. Its I believe that any megapixel camera got a look at the specs and relate better to you, but you are on this. So let's get down to the boardwalk and take some pictures to be surprised. Surprise: the camera app is hard to see in Vail like let's work just. Here is what the camera app looks like :? If your photo takes the camera gallery to see if you have panorama pro and you already have the basic. On top of that you got your flash timer resolution, I'm assuming, and then filters, and then have your settings.

When you start to go here yet then video between front and rear 1080p at probably 30 fps. Camera modes change the modes on their shooting method, control the volume key function, so I'm going to turn the volume key to take the photo or video quickly, lawn, shutter sound, and he said : I hate the shutter, sound and camera. So the first thing I want to do is to take my board, put it over here, yeah, because that's what I did for my Pixel didn't fully test the same thing, but we gonna shoot a photo. So double tab opens up the photo mode. Now, you're not gonna be able to see them here so we'll have to test them later on, but I'm taking some side of these shots of everything. Let's apparently didn't take the regular photo so I'll definitely show all these photos later on.

You can't see that so I will have to just get out of it. If you swipe down it should go back whatever the one they do not make sense the way their applications work. Someone left one of these limes bikes out, get a picture from there. Let's find a new location shoot something else put my phone away so I don't drop it. Let's find something else here to shoot, something a little less colorful about my landscape at this point. You gonna want to take pictures of documents.

It looks fine I like it, and the camera is so surprising to me or how to keep the phone is already, but yeah really [Music] [Music] [Music] else and take a photo like this just see what the bird forgets I'm zoomed in a lot, but we'll see what this fuller gets, I guess something like DSLR every time so I discovered just passed the rooms a bit before clear ones too. So I want to see how to terrace with balloons, [Music] [Music] So now, I'm just going to use this front-facing camera and just do a little segment on this, so this is recording with the tear drop water drop dock at 1080p at 30 fps. So far the outdoors looks fine, it is not overly closing. It looks like it is doing a great job.

There is no option to switch to a steady shot in the setting, but it looks like it gets decent jobs on the camera itself. How does this video escape when I'm writing there? We go seems steady issue really be able to find out until we take to the gear [music], but this is all recorded from the 8 any [music] that was a smile mode. You could also get a sense of clean window noise reduction, they will be able to get a sense for that. Let's take some more photos and stuff down here so we learn more of what it does, and again drops work two times only on the rear camera and, as you can see, this is what it looks like here a little bit shaky. It doesn't really do it and you can adjust this with this camera two times it is here.

So now that we have that all out of the way, let us take a look at all of these photos and videos here. So we are gonna make this into a full screen here. As you can see, this is what the photo looked like: un-stamp NAM, 1.0 zoom. So we can easily zoom in on this photo, but as you can see there is a small spot that looks washed out like too bright. The rest of the photo looks washed out there. It sort of goes from the board, which isn't even too bright to the rest of it. Just play it kind of fades its color a bit. It doesn't have accurate colors like the board, it looks fine, that is what I was trying to get and that's what it saw. So what gods, banks just took the photo, as you can see, Zoomed in everything looks just nice. This is something to me for trying to show the windscreen.

I like this shot. On the other hand this still shows that same photo, same blur and everything else except that it fits its blurry two times. Zoom again, don't use it. You have this lime bike, someone just randomly left it I should have moved it over someone just randomly left it, as you can see the greens a little bit too dark of a green. On the other hand, another wide Go to the only ones that showed up brighter than the rest of the color, because I know that the whole bike is some sort of a brighter green. The green on this also fades to a point around that area, where on the bar it says lime key. It fades away, it is really bland and it looks like it's washed away and like 30 by losing color here. On the other hand, beach captures the detail nicely.

You can see that the photo looks good, you can clearly see the waves. You can make everything the same thing again here 2 times, but these waves now blend into the photo and look like they're, just part of the picture being there from it being cropped in. Then have a random photo that I accidentally took surprise and Glee. This gravel looks wittily like it's just digital pixels looks like pixels doesn't even look like it was smoothed out over here. I do not understand that leaving lines in it blurry. This looks like a great camera for that, because of the way this emoji captured the images when you zoom in to the two xoom, it gets a little blurry, but it is not bad.

Horrible, like I am actually fine with this I think it's acceptable for two times room in this one see over here: okay, not a thing. This was pretty decently, up-close focus not a thing, but over here I don't even know if I want to call this bokeh blur whatever. Since you can see here is this background part is going to be blurred, no matter what was behind it. These two poles are behind this fire thing and I don't even know what to think about this image. It doesn't capture this blur and then this one here, just blurry all around the red bill on this image washed away here as you get lower and lower, it gets red, but up top it looks a little pink mixed in with that red yeah.

The not a fan of this camera so far, blurry to time, telephoto zoom, regular zoom looks okay, just a bunch of leaves and greens greens. In this photo everything looks awesome. How did this get washed out like zoomed in and be able to see a little more detail? This is the only thing that gained light and really washed out. Coloratural looks on this almost true to life and when you zoom in you lose the details on top, while the gutter thing is here, you can see the details up here. I was happy to report easy grab button image. Both these shots focused on this balloon how it works for that focused on the balloon, I am happy to report that part and then some indoor shots is just an indoor shot washed out there it gets from being washed out to make blurry I.

This is like worse than the outside right now, I'm not understanding that these indoor shots are crap in this camera. If we take a gander at these two, this one I already insert into the camera into the video. So far, this actually is shaky to a point but it's actually really good spell like stabilization I, like it I think it is still good walking with it I, like this camera part as a whole looks decent for video. As you can see, it's creating some sort of bokeh effect blur effect in the background. I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing, and as you can see, it's trying to compensate for my face. I don't know why face facing cameras are like this, excepting the pixel. It just rinses the screen out, the top of it yes, I agree with you.

This actually looks steady from how you move the camera and you were walking with this camera for a little bit, how you moved the phone - Wow, it actually looks good. There is no motion blur there so motion blur isn't really something with this part of it as I lik. I like that a lot right here because I actually like missiles, really exposed well for this part of the shot. You've already seen this, but the exposure is great I'm not sure what was this sound but ooh. What is that just bad, it came out of only one ear, so I recommend headphones for this segment. It is more than cure will cure what it is not like coming from the right gear button.

'' So if you do not hear it coming out of that right earbud has your headphones and backwards and then the left ear bud into the left ear. [Music] [Music], it seems to be shaky wind, has not been really much of an issue here, and that does feel fine. Stabilization, though, we'll walk the skateboard probably and reveal a lot better. However, stabilization is not bad and could be really improved. [Music] exposures - see this area on the bottom where the skateboard itself is light. The rest of the image looks great here.

Looks great motion, blurring there's a little bit of something in the corners up in how I move, but it looks great like exposed, okay nothing wrong with it, but that is just shaky [Music], but that wind isn't actually getting in the way you can hear my board clacking to the bars here, every little tiny bit. The pieces that make up the sidewalk and it sounds great I can hear the clicking clacking part of this I. It sounds decent really, I can hear the small noise that comes from riding the board on a pebble path II. Type of thing, that's not completely smooth, I was 1000% wrong.

Does this not have continuous autofocus or something that I was not blocking any sound, and apparently the last earphone making all the noise now takes Music'' Why can't we have a continuous autofocus people are gonna, could be that they are gonna, can be shooting other things moving? Why can't we have the continuous autofocus I'm not understanding? Why this is not even built into this, so that as a continuous autofocus it would be able to focus straight on someone's face if they are. Looking like I don't understand. Half of this camera [Music] [Music] has rolling shutter, so the cameras gets stuck on rolling shutter. What I want you to watch is I'm going to go right back here. I want you to watch when I move this camera around I.

Oh no - watch the railings see that the parts are moving side to side and they are not seeing straight with the image as it is moving. This is what rolling shutter is and that's the thing you want to avoid on all cameras, that is possible. This camera is f2 times umma to hit or miss depending on the shot. You can't recommend this if you're going to buy for this camera. I recommend checking out some other cellphones for sure they liked this video. Please rate, subscribe and give it thumbs up and enjoy your rest of the day as always..

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