Tpu yourself, possibly assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, see you here friends and in my hand is a cellphone with the SMA 025 model or yes, based on the model. The problem is that FRP here is locked, let's first set up, which cellphone besides making a hard reset had forgotten the Hi pattern and apparently this cellphone is locked in a Google account. The owner also forgot his Google account, and here can see, he still requests for a pattern to set up the cellphone this, but also forgot for the pattern, but there is another alternative with a Google account Hi, who also forgot the account, so here we have to bypass on this cellphone. It looks like it asks again for Google account verification. I have also prepared ingredients for this, friends.

You can download the link below, namely the Samsung FRP Tool, so the function of this tool is that it opens later on the browser link on the handset. The point is to open a browser link, okay, look carefully for the tutorial, and here we have extracted it, and then we double-click on the frp tool, This means that on the Samsung frp tool do not be fussy. Then click hi before friends bypass on this Samsung cellphone, it is good friends, instaglow Samsung USB driver, so the cellphone AC can be detected on the PC, and this tool looks like this already. We have prepared a data, cable or USB connected to the computer, friends, so remember to install the Samsung USB driver first so it is detected now. As we connect the data cable a like this, then Hi.

If it is connected, we can return to the Samsung frp tool earlier and there are three menus or three options. So we select bypass fp. It then says to us that we are okay and the application will read the model from the cell phone there. It can see SMA call 025 and he also reads IMEI and there is a notification of the browser launch event. So we wait a moment if the finish notification does not appear then the cellphone will appear Ice, firmware, yes. It appeared for winter evening wear,. So a browser link is to all, let's click and see like that, Okay, it will open a chrome display like this Now, let's remove the USB first and if it already appears in Chrome like this, we can click to accept and continue.

Now, on the display here we can choose the upper left corner like a picture of a house, just click and go to Google on this Google search. We click Hi Aling, it is Magelangflasher yes, or this blog, on the Magelang blog, flasher, FRP and Ta'Liq for the first page, after opening on the magelangflasher page, there is a frp-google account, so we choose oven, Hi Samsung, Galaxy, store Christmas. Update is clearly complete. When it's finished, the Galaxy Store Display will look like this in the search, menu or search logo.

This is what the galaxy store looks like: like I am looking for it in the search menu ian, the name of the application is hidden settings, It can be seen that the hidden Android sport settings appear, So for the keyword, hidden settings, It's hidden Android, settings, ok click the down arrow. It will automatically download and ask for a Samsung account. Those of you who don't have a Samsung account? Just enter your Samsung account just like me, because I already have one for the Samsung account, so I just have to enter Aceh and the password. This account must be linked to a mobile or Gmail number - yes, friends. The question is we agree to press. My account is connected to a mobile phone number and he asked for the perfect Asy code.

It turned out that it was already there from a Samsung SMS where he sent the OTP code from Hi Samsung earlier friends that he was correct No. It will automatically download the Hi hidden settings application, but let's wait a minute Hi, This is the download process, it's just a little while and there it appears like a triangle logo. Now we just click on the triangle: logo Hey. Then we are directed to the appearance of the hidden setting application and it looks like this Okay, turn off search n above. So we click here, ku ncy device Well. We can change the device lock of this cellphone previously for Hi. This cellphone device lock is a pattern. So we turn it to a pin Hi to bypass frp on this cell phone. Here he asks for a copy of the Sipin, which we have earlier made.

You can see that the previous password was a pattern. It has now changed to a PIN, just one, two, three and four clicks: next hey, okay it can be seen here It has appeared in the account login. He asked for perpika siakun, which we couldn't pass but now we can pass OK - Pass on Samsung account 02 cellphones here. That is changing the password yes or pin Hi. You can just follow the tutorial and apologize if there are, for example, shortcomings in this video, hi, okay. Here we first proceed with the setup until he can enter the main screen and can already see this cellphone. Can you get into the desktop view like this Okay? Don't forget to subscribe to this video, okay?.

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